Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation Stunner

I love all the silk bridal bouquet recreations that I get to make, but there are a few that are always just so darn amazing. When Anthony sent over some photos of his wife’s bouquet, I knew this was going to be one those hall-of-famers for me.

With its Peonies, Ranunculus, Anemone, multiple types of Roses, Thistle, Fern, Lamb’s Ear, and Smilax in such an interesting shape I couldn’t wait to get started on this one. Take a look!

Seriously…so amazing! I wish I could have kept it!

The bouquet was beautiful and spot on! You have a great eye and the bouquet is such a great recreation of the real thing. We have it in a vase on our breakfast table and love seeing it every day. It’s such a great reminder of our wedding day.
— Anthony | Texas

Photos by Lauren Larsen

Bouquet by The Southern Table


If it’s big, or complicated, or small and simple, your bridal bouquet recreation could be a reality! Contact me today to find out what it would take to have a masterpiece made from just a couple of photographs!

Unique Cascading Bridal Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers

Bridal bouquet recreations in silk flowers are always a fun adventure for me. When I receive an email requesting a quote, it’s interesting to see what shows up in the photographs I’m sent. This awesome bouquet for Shane’s wife is a unique cascading bridal bouquet that featured some beautiful colors, textures and lots of Seeded Eucalyptus. You can see from the photos that the flowers were unwrapped on the handle and since I couldn’t really replicate the water containers either, I knew we’d have to make a change. Here’s a look at the recreation and the original.


Photo provided by: Shane

Hi Erin,
I received the bouquet today. It is magnificent!!

Perfect timing, too, as our anniversary is this Wednesday (and it’s killing me to keep it a secret now that it’s here).

My wife decided to start celebrating early by surprising me with a gift on the weekend, and she mentioned that she has another gift for Wednesday. She was teasing me that she was going to “win” this anniversary. :)

Of course her gifts are great, but she has no idea what she is up against here...she is going to be stunned by this bouquet!

Thanks so much for the amazing work and terrific service!
— Shane | Ohio

The beautiful bouquet had a mix of white Hydrangea, yellow Rose buds, lavender Roses, peach/pink Roses with tons of seeded Eucalyptus. We couldn’t quite tell what the original ribbon was, so I gave Shane a couple of suggestions that would maintain the original style and complement the flowers and he picked what he thought would look good on the bouquet. Here’s a close up of the bow detail.

If you are looking for a custom bouquet recreation in silk flowers, send me a couple of photos and let’s get started!

Rustic Barn Wedding Flowers with a Glam Twist

Tracy wanted her fall wedding to full of rustic barn accents and glamour, but not the usual glitz and bling. When she emailed me this spring about her wedding flowers, she painted a very vivid picture of their theme. I'll let her tell it in her own words. 

" Just to give you a feel for the wedding, it will be in a renovated barn. But the theme is old time gangster meeting his sweetheart at a hideout because things were too hot back in the city."

Do you not just love that?! With that story in mind, we worked to find flowers that went with that theme, incorporated her colors, and followed the style of some inspiration photos she sent me. Here's what we came up with:

The Bridal Bouquet


Tracy will be carrying a teardrop bouquet with burgundy Lilies, purple Roses, purple and lavender Hydrangea, orange Button Mums, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

The Bridesmaid Bouquets

Her three bridesmaids will carry a bouquet with matching flowers but in a loose round style bouquet with a single featured Lily. She had a couple of other arrangements she ordered that I crafted with the same flowers and that tie it all together.


The Wedding Cake

Not exactly a Pinterest-worthy setup, but shows off the beautiful cascade of flowers that will be added to their wedding cake.

Not exactly a Pinterest-worthy setup, but shows off the beautiful cascade of flowers that will be added to their wedding cake.

And the flower girls...


Tracy's two flower girls are going to be wearing these adorable floral head pieces, modeled by my daughter. Apparently her Vikings jersey was a good match for modeling these pieces--girl loves watching football with her daddy;)

So what's your theme? Thriller inspired costumes, Disney fairy-tale ballroom, or maybe just a "hey, we love each other wedding"! Whatever your theme, there are silk wedding flowers to match. Send in your Free Bride's Checklist today to see what it will take to bring your vision to life.

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Ombre Silk Bridal Bouquet in yellow and orange Roses, orange orchids and Tulips, and red Hydrangea.

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I'm pretty excited to be offering a completely new service for brides near and far, my very own Etsy shop! This is a great option for brides (or anyone) who is looking for that one-of-a-kind silk wedding flowers bouquet or accent for an upcoming event.

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Looking for something a little different, fill out the bride's checklist with your specifics and get a quote for your event.  Also, if you are interested in matching items for your designer bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere, contact me to find out what's available. 

Peacock Feathers in Corsages

Making the ladies feel special is job #1 when creating corsages.  We also needed them to match their male counterparts, but look feminine and pretty.

Grandmothers' Corsage: ivory Hydrangea cluster, Peacock feather, Royal Blue satin ribbon and bow

Mothers' Corsages: We wanted to kick things up a notch for the mamas. Meghan chose wrist corsages with a pretty and delicate clear beaded bracelet so they would have a keepsake from the wedding. I surrounded a single green Orchid with a bunch of ivory Hydrangea and tucked a Peacock feather and some rhinestones into the arrangement.  I love how they turned out.  Matchy matchy, but still beautiful!

This wrist corsage was for one of the hostesses and matched with the always elegant white roses and black satin ribbon.  You can't get much more classic than that!

Whether you are considering adding Peacock feathers or any unusually shaped embellishment into your wedding flowers, don't think "it won't look right."  Just give me a call or fill out my bridal checklist and I'll tell you exactly how it can be done!

Thanks again to Meghan for working with me on such beautiful flowers!

Peacock Feathers in Boutonnieres

The guys needed to get in on the peacock feather action, but we didn't want to hear any complaints of said guys having to wear a frou-frou feather.

Groom's Boutonniere: ivory Calla Lily, peacock feathers, black satin ribbon

Groomsmen Bouts: purple Calla Lily, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Fathers' Bouts: green Orchid, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Grandfathers' Bouts: ivory Hydrangea cluster, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Meghan had a couple hosts/hostesses that she wanted to have a flower but not necessarily match the bridal party.  We went with classic white Roses and they fit in perfectly with everything else.

Last but not least, we've got corsages and making them work with feathers.  Check back for more!

Malibu Sunset | Blue & Orange Wedding Flowers

Does that title make anyone else think about your 90's era Barbie dolls?  WHATever! (said with a valley girl accent)

Kristi and I met for her consultation and she reminded me that we had met waaaaaaaay back in January of 2010 at the Maple Grove Bridal Expo.  Her future mother-in-law had been the one to organize the whole shebang and had kept my contact info. Kinda gave me the warm fuzzies.

Kristi's had a unique situation for her orange, Malibu blue, and ivory wedding.  She really wanted a fresh flower bouquet for herself but wanted to use the more budget-friendly silks for everything else.  Though this is a less conventional route, it's not at all a problem!

When it came to the actual flowers, she wasn't picky about the type, but really wanted to find flowers in the Malibu color. I searched through my many resources and found these pretty, full-petal daisies in the perfect shade. The roses were a shade of orange that wasn't too harsh and really complemented the Malibu flowers. We tossed in some Stephanotis for a hint of ivory and finished the bouquets up with silver satin ribbon.  Beautiful!

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Toss Bouquet:

The boutonnieres and corsage matched in color, but we chose a different flower for the father's and mother's just to set them apart a little bit.

Groomsmen boutonniere & Ring bearer's bout:

Father's bout & Mother's corsage

Thanks again to Kristi for choosing me after all this time – glad to know my work was memorable!

New Bride Welcome!

It's been a while since I've done a shout out to my newest brides. So I thought I'd take a minute and say welcome to Julie, Briana and Katie. All 3 gals are January 2012 brides with their own unique styles and color schemes.

  • Julie's deep purple and ivory flowers will incorporate Roses, Hydrangea, Button Mums, and Stephanotis.
  • Briana's choice is all about the Peonies in vibrant magenta and white and Ranuculus in crisp white for the bouts and corsages.
  • Katie's deep red Roses will be accented with red Orchids and lush Boxwood.

I'm looking forward to bringing you sneak peeks of their gorgeous arrangements once they are all finished up -- but for now, I better get back to work!
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Bold and Beautiful silk wedding flowers: Part 4

These bouquets were so fun to make! Because of the variety of flowers, shapes, textures, and colors, these little beauties were so interesting to the eye and sassy too. While I tried to make all the bridesmaids bouquets similar, they aren't cookie cutter--they are handmade after all. That amounted to each bouquet having a little bit of its' own personality.

At about 7" in diameter, the girls have a nice sized bouquet featuring Nikki's chosen flowers wrapped with a matching sheer purple ribbon. Cute!

Bridal Bouquet:

Nikki wanted her bouquet to stand out from the crowd, so to speak, so we added in some ivory open roses to give it that hint of "bridal-ness." The orchids we used were a different variety than we used in her other arrangements, but their scale offered a bigger impact while allowing us to use fewer in the bouquet.

Ivory ribbon wrapped down the stem gave it the finishing touch.

Nikki wasn't sure what flowers she wanted when she came to me, and we had to do a little hunting to find the perfect tangerine colored flowers. But our persistence paid off as we discovered some beautiful orchids to match her colorful and unique arrangements.

Thanks, Nikki, for working with me to create such beautiful flowers. I wish you the best of luck in finishing up the last of your planning and details and also many blessings in your new marriage!

Bride Meet & Greet Week | Natasha's Fabulous Flowers

Bridal Bouquet: Natasha wanted one of her chosen flowers to only show up in her bouquet and the groom's bout, as opposed to the whole bridal party. The purple anemones fit the bill, so they made their special appearance scattered throughout her bouquet and as the main flower in the groom's boutonniere.

The bridesmaid bouquets had her other two main flowers-white roses and lime button mums. The bouquets were slightly smaller than the bridal bouquet and by eliminating the purple, they took on a look of their own. Both types of bouquets were given a touch of rustic charm by adding raffia around the stems instead of a more traditional ribbon.

The bouts were matching to the bridal party. The groom's showcased the Anemone with just a hint of the limey Button Mum while the groomsmen had the classic white rose with the button mum. A little satin ribbon finished off the look for the guys.

I loved the bright, cheery feel of these flowers and had a great time creating Natasha's look. Congrats to the happy couple!

An Elegant Twist on the Classic Red

When people think of the perfect classic wedding flowers, roses frequently comes to mind. Because it's numero uno, I love it when brides go out of their way to make such a classic style more unique.

 Such was the case with bride Megan. She wanted the rich look of solid red roses in a handtied bouquet, but wanted her design to stand out from the norm. We accomplished that by not trimming the stems as much and giving it the look of a long-stem bouquet. While a lot of the styles right now dictate short and mostly exposed stems, Megan wanted the elegance that length communicated to her. So with that in mind, together, we designed a beautiful modernization of a classic wedding bouquet.

The Bridal Bouquet:

The Bridesmaid Bouquets:

The set:

Ivory satin ribbon finished off the look that was created using open garden roses mixed with smaller buds. Thanks Megan for bringing a new twist to a timeless look!

Real Wedding: Derick + Laura

I had the pleasure of working with local couple Laura & Derick on their October aisle-walk. We met together several times to talk about their design ideas and work through each phase together.

Laura originally sent me this picture to work from, and together we tweaked the design until it was perfect for them. The combination of gold callas, red roses, and purple irises makes for a vibrant and beautiful arrangement. Laura and Derick decided that they wanted the gold callas to only be in her bouquet and his boutonniere -- a special flower just for them. And since it was more of an accent color, we limited how much went into the bouquet.The rest of the arrangements were a variation on the bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere.

Their wedding and reception took place at The Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota which is located on Lake Kingsley. The beautiful waterfront location made for some great photo moments.

The ladies look gorgeous and those girls are too cute!

Thanks again Laura and Derick for bringing me into your special day. You two were so great to work with and I wish you many exciting adventures in your new marriage!

Hot Trend: Duchess Rose Composite Flower

Composite flowers are being revived as a hot new trend! A Duchess Rose is a composite flower made up of the petals of 2 or more roses. I recently created this beautiful Duchess Rose for Yvette in Illinois. She is celebrating her anniversary and giving herself the wedding she never really had. Not wanting to carry a big bouquet, but wanting to set herself apart, she searched online and found the composite flower to be a perfect solution. I used 5 designer "Fresh Touch" pink garden roses to get just the right fullness. Yvette could have chosen an exposed or ribbon-wrapped stems for a handle, but she opted for a classy bouquet holder. The "Twist" style had clean lines and an antiqued gold finish, which will complement but not distract from her fancier gold dress.

For brides who want something unique, simple, and stylish, a composite flower might be just the ticket.
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