Blush and Ivory Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Emily’s bridal bouquet was beautiful, interesting and so romantic! Roses, Orchids, Freesia, Mums and Ruscus made this elegant bouquet so soft looking and very, well, bridal! Take a look at this amazing bouquet!

Thank you so much Erin! I absolutely love my bouquet and I’m so glad I was able to find you and your services!

I had my original bouquet on display at my house but of course after a while, since it was dried, it definitely did not look nearly as pretty as it did on my wedding day and was starting to make me feel sad. I’m so happy with how the one you recreated for me turned out - it’s as beautiful as the original from my wedding and makes me so happy to see it everyday!
— Emily | Illinois
image1 (2).jpeg

Here’s the original gorgeous bouquet, captured beautifully by: Wright Photographs.

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Regency and Lilac Purple Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 2

Earlier this week, I showed you some closeups of Pam’s regency and lilac purple silk wedding flowers. I was excited to see that Pam shared some photos of her wedding with me, taken by her friend. Here’s a quick refresher of what the bouquets looked like:

And here are the photos of Pam’s big day:


Isn’t her dress amazing?


Pam knew the weather here in Minnesota is not to be trusted, so she had this amazing cape to throw on her shoulders. It looks magical!

If regency purple is on your radar and you are looking for ways to work it into your flowers, fill out the Free Brides’s Checklist for a quote and let’s get started!

Regency and Lilac Purple Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 1

Pam called me with some ideas about she wanted for her wedding flowers. Her wedding dress was regency purple and she wanted to accent with that color in her bouquets, but was worried about it not being a close enough match. I sent her over to my blog to look at some bouquets I had previously made and she fell in love with this cascading bouquet that actually had a lighter shade of purple. This lighter shade was a great match to what her bridesmaids would be wearing, so I decided to design the bouquets from an “opposites” approach. Basically, the bride is wearing regency purple, but carrying white and lilac while the bridesmaids are wearing lilac and carrying white and darker purple flowers. That way we didn’t have to have exact matches, the purples would stand out against the dresses and both colors would be included. Take a look at what we came up with!

Orchids, Calla Lilies, lilac Blossoms, Baby’s Breath

Bridesmaid Bouquet: Hydrangea, Waxflower. Toss Bouquet: Hydrangea, Waxflower, Baby’s Breath.

Here’s a look at the bouquets all together to see the contrast between the purples. They look lovely together!

Here’s a shot of a couple of their boutonnieres and corsages. She chose to have the regency purple in the groom’s boutonniere and switched it to the baby’s breath for the other boutonnieres. The only corsage was an attendant’s wristlet that featured each of the types of flowers.

If you are wearing a dress that is a non-traditional color and you want to incorporate that into your bouquets, contact me today to find out how we can work it all in without getting too saturated by it. Check back later this week to see some photos from Pam’s wedding!

Green and White Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

This silk bridal bouquet recreation was such a vibrant breath of color and loveliness in the middle of a dark and rainy fall. John’s wife had a beautiful bouquet of Hydrangea, Orchids, Calla Lilies and Queen Anne’s Lace, tied off with crisp white ribbon. Take a look!

These flowers were the perfect gift for our anniversary! They turned out amazing! They are beautiful and will be around forever to remind us of our special day.
Thanks Erin!
— John | Texas
Photo provided by the couple.

Photo provided by the couple.

Here’s a side-by-side of the original and the recreation. What do you think?

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Destination Wedding Bridal Bouquet Recreation

I've gotten a number of requests for destination wedding bridal bouquet recreations in silk flowers. Perhaps it's because those flowers tend to be even more short-lived as many couples are hopping on a plane just a few days after their ceremony. With no way to save and fly home with a delicate bouquet, it feels like a lost opportunity to have that piece of those amazing experiences preserved. That's where a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers can save the day!

Kevin contacted me and I could see from the pictures he sent that the beautiful sand and surf combined with amazing Lilies and Orchids beautifully detailed a destination wedding. Here's the recreation:  

And you can see the original in these stunning photos courtesy of Candace Jeanne Photography.


If you loved your bouquet but couldn't bring it home, a destination wedding bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers is a great way to bring a little bit of paradise into your home. Contact me today for a free quote.

Tropical Wedding Reception Back Home

Hearing back from my clients is always such a treat. Take a look at these beautiful photos and read about Caitlyn's story here.

Hey Erin,

It’s been a little while, but I just wanted to let you know that your bouquet was a total hit at my Hawaiian-themed reception back in November. None of the guests had any clue that it wasn’t real, and everyone was amazed with your quality of work (including myself)!

The bouquet is proudly displayed on my mantle now, and it brings me so much happiness every time I look at it. Thank you for bringing that tropical piece of my wedding back to life for me. You’re awesome!
— Caitlyn | Arizona

Photos provided by Caitlyn:)

Contact me to find out if a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers would work for you!

Peacock Feathers in Wedding Bouquets

More and more I'm seeing unique elements making their appearance in wedding flowers.  Whether it's feathers, jewels, pearls, paper flowers, buttons, fabric, twigs, wire, fruit, jewelry, or whatever, it can make a bouquet visually interesting and one-of-a-kind.  One of the most popular embellishments making the rounds in the wedding world, are peacock feathers. The vibrant colors, whimsical shape, and soft edges make a great addition to any themed wedding.

 In Meghan's case, the feathers fit in perfectly with her color scheme: green, purple, and blue.  Not only that but a family member's close friend raised peacocks and gave Meghan a whole pile of feathers to use.  (Did you know you have to wash them first?  Something to consider if you were planning on hunting down a peacock farmer to beg feathers from.)

At our initial consultation I was able to show her some beautiful Hydrangeas in green and purple, Cornflowers in blue, and Orchids in green.  They were all perfect matches but we still had a few pieces missing from the puzzle.  She liked the look of the eggplant callas so I went to work tracking down the perfect stems and it was a great fit for the overall look and feel of the bouquets.  We wrapped the bridesmaids' bouquets in a beautiful blue satin ribbon and called it finished.  So pretty!


Meghan's bouquet was a little bit more elaborate--more feathers, more flowers, more glamor!  We added in some ivory callas to bring that bridal touch to the arrangement as well as a rhinestone wrap on the stem to make it really stand out.

The cutesy little toss bouquet was small enough that I decided to use some of the more linear shaped feathers so they didn't overwhelm it in all its adorableness.

Feathers aren't always easy to work with, but the final look is amazing!  Check back to see how we incorporated the peacock feathers in the boutonnieres in a manly, yet cohesive way.

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 2

Sometimes coming up with coordinating boutonnieres and corsages can be a little tricky when your theme flower is just too dang big.  Such was the case for some of Kali's flowers.  But that didn't mean no one could wear a boutonniere or corsage.  We simply took a look at the bouquets and choose smaller flowers that were equally as tropical and equally as beautiful.

Groom's Boutonniere: white Orchid, small pink Orchids:


 Groomsmen Boutonnieres: green Orchid, single pink Orchid:

Fathers' Boutonnieres: single green Orchid:

Kali's teal accent color was based off a Starfish pin she had bought for each of the mothers and grandmothers.  She wanted to incorporate them in their wrist corsages as a keepsake from the wedding.  Sweet, right?

Grandmothers' Corsages: green Orchids, pink Orchids.

Mothers' Corsages: green Orchid, pink Orchid, purple Orchid

They were just lovely and thoughtful to boot.  Thanks again Kali for trusting me to create the perfect beach wedding flowers from my studio here in Minnesota.

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 1

As more brides are braving the idea of a destination wedding, they are also beginning to think more outside the box on some of those "all inclusive" packages of destination wedding flowers.  One of the most common concerns of my destination clients is that they weren't given much choice, if any, when it came to their wedding flowers.  If you are anything like me, then perhaps you too would want to know exactly what you are paying for.

That's where I come in!  I met with Kali to talk about her destination wedding and her vision for her flowers.  She definitely wanted a mix of bright colors and flowers that had a tropical vibe.  Her number one request was that the bouquets included a Stargazer Lily, her favorite flower.  So with a feel for her style and a whole list of possibilities I set out to design the perfect flowers for Kali.

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Stargazer Lily, Rose buds, Orchids (green and purple), Mums:


Cascading Bridal Bouquet:  Stargazer Lilies, Orchids (green, white and purple), Rose buds, Mums:

Does that baby make you want a frosty beverage and a beach chair in the sand or what?!  Check back to see how we did the boutonnieres and corsages, including a cute starfish detail.

Peonies & Orchids Bridal Bouquet: Bouquet Replica

While we are on the Peony and Orchid train, let's take a look at this sweet little duo I put together for local bride, April.

April got in touch with me last spring about doing a bridal bouquet and boutonniere for her May 2013 wedding.  She had a picture she sent me and knew exactly what she wanted.  I was able to replicate her vision and this is what we came up with!


The bridal bouquet consisted of white/blush pink peonies, magenta peonies, and white and softer pink orchids.  I tied it off with the ever classy white satin ribbon and used the same ribbon on the groom's boutonniere which was a single orchid.

Like the look of peonies and orchids together?  Check out Peonies and Orchids Bouquet  and this other Orchids Wedding Bouquet to see another take on this vibrant combination.

Thanks April for choosing me to make your dream design come to life!

Ice Blue Winter Wedding | Bouquet Embellishments

Like I mentioned in the last post, winter weddings are magical!  There are lots of directions you can take it, red and green, silver and white, red and gold, etc.  But this wedding was white, ice blue, and shiny!  We found a few other ways to make this wedding stand out in a non-snow flaky, evergreen, ornament kind of way.  And the moms were on board too.  In fact they were not a fan of the traditional mother's corsages so we did small clutch bouquets and wrapped the handles in rhinestones for a wow factor.  They even chose different flowers (Calla Lilies) from what was included in the bridal party arrangements.  I loved it and so did they!


The bridesmaid bouquets were a pared down version of the bridal bouquet--peonies and orchids, but no roses.  I added in the ice blue rhinestones and we further dressed up the handles with the ice blue ribbon and a band of rhinestones at the top and bottom.  Charming, right?

Another adorable touch to this wedding were the flower girl pomanders. These small ball of roses were the perfect size for the mini maids and we used the ice blue ribbon and rhinestones to have them match the bridal party.  Adorable!

This wedding was nothing short of beautiful!  Whether it was the moms willing to go out of the box, the bride's willingness to try something new for the flower girls, or using bling to get that touch of color, it came together in a wonderful winter way.

Thanks again Melissa for trusting me to work in those special touches of color and make your flowers unique and lovely!

Ice Blue Winter Wedding | Peonies & Orchids

Here in Minnesota, we got a beautiful snowy weekend.  It was picture perfect and great for building snowmen!  I thought it would be fitting to showcase a wedding of all white flowers, to match the beautiful snow outside my window!

Late this past summer I had a consultation with bride Melissa, her mother, and her mother-in-law.  We came up with some lovely designs, despite the warm temps, for her December wedding.  Her color was ice blue and she wanted to incorporate the color in her arrangements in some form or another.  When you have a unique color that is not easily found in nature, then you have to get creative in trying to figure out how to include it in the arrangements.  Once again, we turn to the ever dazzling, ever popular, and ever awesome bling!

I found some beautiful ice blue rhinestone clusters to spread throughout the bouquets and they were perfect for getting that hint of color without going overboard.  The bridal bouquet was a beautiful white creation with peonies, roses, and orchids.  We added on a family heirloom broach and encircled it with a soft ring of Dusty Miller.  It was stunning!  But you can see for yourself...


The toss bouquet: 3 peony buds and dusty miller:

Check back tomorrow to see more of how we dressed up this wedding to reflect this magical time of year!

Rustic Beauty- Succulents in Wedding Flowers

I've been itching to do a wedding with a significant amount of succulents and I finally got my wish.  When local bride Katy contacted me, she told me that she really wanted to include succulents for her up north wedding.  I was more than happy to oblige!  We did a variety of succulents for the different boutonnieres and then really went all out for her teardrop cascading bridal bouquet.


Cascading Bridal Bouquet: Peonies, Succulents, Orchids, Seedum, Fern Curls, Millet, Dusty Miller.  Chocolate satin ribbon with twine detail.

A big thank you to Katy for allowing me to create with abandon.  And a huge hug to my big brother Jon of 3104 Studios who shot these artsy fartsy images for me.  Gorgeous right?!

Red, White & Yellow Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

One of the best parts about working for myself is that I have the easy choice of putting the interest of my brides first.  I spend a lot of time talking, designing, and meeting with my brides and we get to know each other over several months and sometimes years.

Jessica contacted me in 2008 and through a series of events her wedding was postponed.  I was delighted to hear back from her when her life was in a place where they were back on the wedding planning train and I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of it.  I designed, contracted, and  purchased all the flowers for her big day.  I received a sad email a few weeks later that due to a medical emergency her wedding was being called off.  I was heartbroken for her but wished her well.

A short time later, she emailed me back saying that this marriage was a priority and they were going to be doing a small backyard wedding with friends and family.  We worked together to adjust her designs and instead of doing big and over the top, they were having one attendant each.  I was more than happy to work with her to make her dreams a reality.


The beautiful bridal bouquet: red Orchids, yellow and ivory Callas (yep- they're fresh touch silk wedding flowers!)

The bridesmaid bouquet - so classy!

The bouts for the guys:

Jessica, if you read this, I wish you happiness and health in this exciting new phase of your life.  Thank you for coming back and sticking with me - blessings!

Bridal Arm Silk Wedding Bouquet with Yellow Calla Lillies: Choosing a Unique Design

There is a certain thrill of having a deadline and I especially work well under pressure.  But how about when that deadline is a mere 2 weeks away and you are starting from scratch.  As they say in Cool Runnings,"No problem, mahn!"

Serina called me on a Thursday evening and wanted to get together to talk about flowers.  I did my usual, "How many bridesmaids?  What are your colors? Yadda, yadda, yadda."  I was already starting to get a few ideas when I threw out the all important, "And what's your wedding date?"  Good thing she couldn't see my jaw hit my desktop when she told me it was July 14th.  As in, 16 days away.

Our appointment was really a great way to nail down exact details of what she wanted.  Her 7 bridesmaids will carry yellow and white callas with sheer yellow ribbon.  And the groomsmen boutonnieres will be a yellow calla with yellow ribbon.  Very classy and chic.

Silk Callas Wedding Bouquet
Silk Callas Wedding Bouquet
Silk Wedding Bouquet
Silk Wedding Bouquet

When we got to the design of her bouquet, Serina emphasized that she was looking for something unique.  At this point she had been leaning towards a cascade bouquet so I started to introduce the idea of a modified cascade bouquet.  I like to reinvent the wheel, remember

What we came up with is a hybrid bouquet that has the fluid draping elements of the cascade bouquet combined with the long stemmed look of the arm bouquet.  And of course we really upped the ante by doing a rhinestone wrap along the entire length of the handle.

Bridal Arm Bouquet
Bridal Arm Bouquet

Bridal Arm Bouquet. Phalenopsis Orchids, Yellow Callas, Ivory Callas

The groom's boutonniere was a good match with its own rhinestone band.

When I finished these beautifies I felt a little bit like hitting that little clock thingy at a chess match and yelling, "Checkmate!"  There's something fun about a challenge and this certainly was one.  Thanks Serina for keeping me on my toes!

Winter Perfection--Red & White Silk Wedding Flowers

Here in my neck of the woods, we just got our first major snowfall. Pretty crazy considering it came at the tail end of February--usually we are already up to our elbows in snow. This put me in the mood to showcase some beautiful pictures sent over from Michelle at Maida Photography of a wedding in a classic color scheme for winter. And since winter is almost over, I thought I'd better get on it!
Like I mentioned in this post, I've had lots of different color palettes, so doing a read and white one didn't feel like the same old, same old. And as you can see below the red wedding flowers really pop even against red dresses!
Bride Katie contacted me and set up a consultation back in August for her January 21st wedding. She liked the looks of Beth & Bryan's wedding flowers as well as Amanda's silk wedding flowers. So we designed a hybrid of the two styles and came up with these beautiful arrangements.

Katie carried red Roses, red Orchids, white Orchids, and Boxwood in her bouquet. Her girls carried solid red bouquets with both Roses and Orchids and finished off with a halo of Boxwood.

The happy couple!

Katie and her 'maids.

Thanks again to Katie for the opportunity to design such classy arrangements. And a great big thanks to Michelle Maida for sharing these beautiful pictures of my designer silk wedding flowers. If you are looking for a great photographer, head on over to her website and check her out.
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Ruth & Michael- More Bouquets

Here's a look at how we used Ruth and Michael's color scheme and chosen flowers to set apart the other bouquets but still keep with the overall look and feel of their wedding.

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Deep purple Hydrangea, white Orchids, magenta Orchids

Toss Bouquet: Magenta Hydrangea and white Orchids
These hand tied bouquets were perfect for spring but still reflected the jewel-tones that Ruth and Michael had chosen.

Next up: Bouts and Corsages

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Ruth & Michael--May 2011

Last year, my dear friend Ruth introduced me to her charming fiance' Michael and asked me to create some custom flowers for their May 2011 wedding. I was delighted and honored to be a part of their happy day and so we got to work searching for the perfect styles and designs.

Michael and Ruth's main colors were Jade and Sangria and she also wanted to incorporate a deep purple and also magenta. I really felt that orchids were the way to go with their saturated colors and beautiful shape. But the deep purple threw us for a loop. Ruth happened across some deep purple hydrangea at a local Michigan craft store that she thought would be perfect. So she picked up enough for the bridesmaids bouquets and to use in the bouts and corsages.

Ruth wanted a more traditional style, a cascading bouquet, without it looking old fashioned or over the top. We decided to forgo the hydrangea in her bouquet to give a sleek, modern look focusing on white, magenta, and lavender Orchids. Her bouquet turned out so beautifully!

Ruth also asked me to be her day-of coordinator, which was a blast! I loved being able to serve her and help their day go off without a hitch. As such, I was flattered to be invited to be photographed with the happy couple. (Feel free to ignore my newly pregnant pallor and hasn't-seen-much-sun complexion).

A huge thanks to Lindsay of Off the Wahl Photography for sending me these beautiful shots to use. You can check out her website or search for her on facebook if you are looking for a great photographer in Southwest Michigan.

Check back later for more up close pictures of Ruth and Michael's arrangements.
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New Bride Welcome!

It's been a while since I've done a shout out to my newest brides. So I thought I'd take a minute and say welcome to Julie, Briana and Katie. All 3 gals are January 2012 brides with their own unique styles and color schemes.

  • Julie's deep purple and ivory flowers will incorporate Roses, Hydrangea, Button Mums, and Stephanotis.
  • Briana's choice is all about the Peonies in vibrant magenta and white and Ranuculus in crisp white for the bouts and corsages.
  • Katie's deep red Roses will be accented with red Orchids and lush Boxwood.

I'm looking forward to bringing you sneak peeks of their gorgeous arrangements once they are all finished up -- but for now, I better get back to work!
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Real Wedding: Sarah (Part 2)

Sarah's evening beach wedding needed to reflect the slightly more formal setting. Instead of doing tons of bright colors, her red and white scheme needed to still say "bridal" while also acknowledging they weren't standing in a church.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Toss Bouquet

The clean designs and crisp black and white satin ribbon gave the flowers the formal feel, but the bright red combined with the white kept it appropriate for the coastal nuptials. Thanks to Sarah for letting me create these beautiful and unique flowers for a wedding in the tropics.