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Minneapolis Silk Wedding Flower Review

If you follow awesome brides, like Ying, you may remember her gorgeous light blue, blush and ivory silk wedding flowers, just sent me some shots and a great review! Her silk bridal bouquet and silk bridesmaids bouquets added so much to her wedding and wedding photos.

Take a look at these gorgeous photos by Sarah Pollio Photography — if you are looking for a great local photographer, check her out!

I knew I wanted silk flowers for my wedding bouquet. I found Erin and she made my vision a reality. I told Erin what I wanted, sent her some photos I found for inspiration, and she made that happen. She is so talented and so wonderful to work with. I am beyond pleased with my bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Thank you Erin for the amazing work and details you put into this!!!
— Ying | Minnesota

Thanks to Ying for allowing me to be a part of her special day and for the sweet words about her experience. If you are looking for a great alternative to fresh flowers in our sometimes harsh Minnesota climate, contact me today for a free quote!

Tropical Bridal Bouquet and Matching Silk Flower Arrangements

Whether you are traveling for a destination wedding or live in Florida like this bride, tropical silk wedding flowers bring the color and brightness to any summer wedding.

For this silk bridal bouquet I used a variety of very tropical flowers (and a few more common) in a modified cascade style bouquet. Not sure what that even is? Maybe that’s because I made that term up 😄. If you like the look of a looser, draping bouquet but aren’t a fan of the tight teardrop shape of a traditional cascading bouquet, then the modified cascade is where it’s at! Greenery and more linear flowers help give the draping and branching effect along with space between flowers so you can admire each one.

This bouquet includes King Protea, pincushion Protea, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Heliconia along with grasses, Monstera and other tropical foliage. This baby was large and in charge and also breathtaking. That’s a lot to ask of one bouquet, but she pulled it off!

For the bridesmaid bouquet, I pared it back and utilized the Peonies, Protea, Calla Lilies and Heliconia along with grasses and mini Monstera. And since it was still quite snowy when I put these bouquets together, they got their first and only taste of winter for this outdoor photo shoot before they traveled to Florida for their debut.

We kept the boutonnieres simple with a yellow and pink Phalaenopsis Orchid, greens and a few grass loops for the groom. A bit of ribbon that matched the bouquets and we were all done!

For more examples of tropical flowers and destination weddings:

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Or you can search my blog for more examples of tropical silk flowers and destination wedding flowers.

If you have a tropical themed or maybe you are headed someplace tropical for your wedding, consider the benefits of silk flowers! This bride helped in the design process, knew exactly what flowers she’d be getting and saw photos of her flower mid-creation. If that appeals to you, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a quote!

Raspberry and Blush Silk Wedding Flowers

Janelle’s dreamy color scheme was so fun to work with! With a wine/raspberry as her main color and blush and rosegold accents, I felt like I had endless possibilities of what to include in her silk wedding flower bouquets.

What we settled on was Dahlia, Roses, Mums, and Peonies with some burgundy Lamb’s Ear and Seeded Eucalyptus. The bridal bouquet also included raspberry Amaranthus for a dramatic edge.

The bridesmaid bouquets were a perfect complement to the bridal bouquet.

Here’s a quick peak at some of the boutonnieres and corsages to coordinate with the bouquets.

I can’t help it, here’s one more of the bridal and bridesmaid bouquet. I’m kind of in love with this modified cascade, it’s modern and eye catching without being too over the top.

Looking for a modern twist on a classic style, silk flowers offer you the ability to see it before your big day. So no surprises when it’s too late to change anything! We can tweak it until it‘s just right without risking the beauty of the flowers. If that sounds like a dream come true, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist for a quote and to get started on your custom designs.

Blush Silk Wedding Flowers

Despite Pantone having chosen Ultra Violet as the color of the year, I've gotten more requests for blush pink flowers this year than anything else! Here's one of those beautiful weddings!

The bridal bouquet was a combination of blush Peonies, ivory Roses and ivory fresh touch Calla Lilies. It was soft, feminine, elegant and everything you want in a bridal bouquet!

With the bridesmaid bouquets, we did an "opposites" effect. It's a fairly popular option to make the bridal bouquet stand out from the bridesmaids. We used ivory Peonies and blush Roses. No Calla Lilies were included because that was a special flower just for the bride and groom.

When you are using Calla Lilies and Roses, boutonnieres and corsages are fairly easy to design. They are timeless flowers that look great on their own or with a little accent color or flowers.

If you are incorporating blush in your bouquets, take a look at some other silk wedding flowers that incorporated this bridal classic. Then send in your Free Bride's Checklist to get the design process started!

Mauve and Blush Silk Wedding Flowers

It might be obvious that what I do is fun, but every once in a while it's a little...extra. When I get a bride who gives me some freedom to come up with something special, it's a fun challenge for me. Liz is one of those brides. Her sister Katherine had the same adventurous spirit when it came to her wedding flowers. Sounds like a fun family to be a part of!

So when Liz contacted me to do her silk wedding flowers too, I was excited because she gave me a color palette of mauve and blush pink and mentioned she wanted a variety of greenery.  Here's what I came up with:

This stunning, cascading bouquet has blush Peonies, light and dark mauve fresh touch Roses, ivory Roses, Baby's breath, mauve Thistle, Seeded Eucalyptus and Dusty Miller. I tied it off with a beautiful mauve satin ribbon to finish the look. The textures are so interesting and the color combo is just gorgeous!

The bridesmaid bouquets had some of the same flowers as the bridal, but a different shape. They also had the blush Peonies, ivory Roses, dark mauve Roses, Baby's Breath, Seeded Eucalyptus and Dusty Miller. It still had lots of fun texture and color, but the bridal bouquet had those few extra elements to set it apart. I wrapped the bridesmaid and toss bouquets in a blush pink satin ribbon for an elegant touch.

One of the bridesmaid bouquets with the cute little toss bouquet. The toss included ivory Roses, a single dark mauve Rose, Seeded Eucalyptus and that beautiful mauve satin ribbon.

The boutonnieres and corsages used mauve and ivory roses with various greenery and smaller accent flowers to bring in more of the colors. If you want to see more weddings that incorporated mauve, check out these blog posts!

If you have a general idea but are looking for ways to jazz up a basic plan, I'm the one you need to talk to! Whether it's bringing more color to your flowers, adding unique textures or finding ways to set apart your wedding flowers, I've got ideas. Contact me to get started!

Ivory and White Silk Wedding Flower Bouquets with Greenery

You can't go wrong with ivory and white flowers in your silk wedding flower bouquets. Toss in some greenery and you've got a versatile design that could do any season and still look great.

Peonies, Roses, Baby's Breath and Ficus leaves are the perfect combination for classic wedding flowers.

The bridesmaid bouquets were smaller versions of the bridal. These looser hand tied style bouquets are a little less formal style and great for any wedding venue.

Deanna made this order completely on behalf of her daughter. It was a seamless process from design, to creation, to finish! She was able to relay our ideas to her daughter who gave some feedback before the official thumbs up on her designs. We tied everything off with a slightly shimmery gold ribbon for her August wedding. 

Whether you know exactly what you want, or maybe you are ordering on behalf of someone else, silk wedding flowers are a great option because you get a say in how it all comes together. Custom silk wedding flowers are great for so many reasons and the best part is that Deanna will have these flowers in hand, weeks before her daughter walks down the aisle. She knows what they look like and there are no flower surprises on such a big day. If you are considering silk flowers for your wedding, request a free quote today!

Wedding Bouquet Bling in Silk Flowers- Part 2

So last week I showed you a beautiful cascading silk wedding bouquet with 3 types of bling. This week we are going to Supersize It! This is the point where Oprah comes out and says, "YOU get a broach, and YOU get a broach, and YOUUUUUUU get a broach!!!!"  Take a look and you'll see what I'm talking about;)

This beautiful silk flower bridal bouquet is simply stunning. With hot pink and blush Peonies, ivory roses, and magenta Tulips it has all the summer wedding vibes the bride was looking for. She also requested some broaches tucked in there. Five medium broaches and 6 small broaches added a ton of shine in the bouquet. And if that wasn't enough, we added on that beautiful bejeweled sleeve to cover up the stems.

Here's a peek at one of the bridesmaid bouquets with the bridal. You can see I added in some small rhinestones into the bridesmaids bouquets. It gives them a little somethin' somethin' without taking anything away from the bridal bouquet.

Bridesmaid Bouquet: Ivory Roses, hot pink and blush Peonies, ivory Phalaenopsis Orchids, Greenery.

Maybe you've got an even more creative way to include some shiny things into your flowers but don't know how to pull it off. I'm your gal! Drop me a line and let's see how we can make it happen!

Review of Silk Wedding Flowers

You might remember Katherine's gorgeous cream, ivory and white silk wedding flowers from last month. Here's the fun part...the big reveal! Take a look at these lovely images that Katherine sent me this week, provided by the very talented Traci Krzyzanowski Photography. Check out her website to see more of her work.


The bridesmaid dresses are a great compliment to such a classic color palette. Aren't they all so beautiful! Katherine's off the shoulder look is both on trend and timeless-she's gorgeous!

I was so pleased with how they turned out and now mine are decorating the house in a vase. It was also great to have each of my bridesmaids keep their bouquets as a keepsake. Thanks again for the great work!
— Katherine | Illinois

If you hope to have some happy smiles on your big day, just like Katherine and her bridesmaids, contact me for a free quote!

Spring Bridal Bouquet in Silk Flowers- Loose Style Bouquets

Last week I was in major production mode, which means I'm cranking out flowers (count is at 3 weddings and 3 recreations) like it's my job! Because, well, it is my job:) I'm loving the variety of colors, textures, and styles!  In the last week and a half, I've done blushes, purples, blues, whites, and cascading, round and loose style garden bouquets. And all were done in high quality silk wedding flowers.

This set of silk wedding bouquets are some of my favorites for spring! It's for a local May wedding which is only a few weeks off, but I was able to get some pictures of them outside before it snowed again (and again!). I was feeling inspired to share them with you as we all sit here waiting for real spring to show up.

The bridal bouquet is a mix of peonies, dahlias, roses, lavender, baby's breath, lamb's ear and eucalyptus, dried gomphrena, and some berries. Perfect for a late spring soiree! 

The bride initially order a bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere. But her family jumped in and were ready to help her round out her flowers with a couple of matching silk bridesmaid bouquets along with boutonnieres and corsages for the groomsmen, parents and grandparents. We kept things light and airy for the bridesmaids: lavender and baby's breath with some lamb's ear. The perfect compliment to her bridal bouquet!

Groom's boutonniere, Groomsman's boutonniere, Mother's corsage.

Maybe this snow has you excited about your upcoming winter wedding. Whatever the season, silk wedding flowers are always a great option! Fill out the Free Bride's Checklist today to start the conversation about how to bring your floral vision to life!

Cream, Ivory and White Wedding Flowers

The combination of cream, ivory and white wedding flowers is a much less common choice these days. Just a few years ago, many brides were opting for bold and bright colors. More recently the blush tones are in high demand. So when I get a bride who wants a more traditional color palette, I get excited about the chance to put a new spin on a timeless look.

That's what we did for Katherine's flowers. She sent me some inspiration pictures of cream, ivory and white flowers with some greens and we got started designing!  Take a look at Katherine's lush, garden inspired bouquets in cream, ivory and white flowers.

Here's the bridal bouquet: Roses, Hydrangea, Peonies, Ranunculus, Greens with silver ribbon

For the bridesmaid bouquet, we just paired back the size of the bouquet and didn't include quite as much greenery.

The cute little toss bouquet.

A mother's pin on corsage, a pink Rose boutonniere for the groom to honor his late mother and an ivory rose boutonniere for the rest of the guys.

If you are considering a more traditional color palette for your silk wedding flowers, contact me today to see how we can make a unique design for your wedding day.

Silk Wedding Flowers in White

Sometimes you just need a gorgeous white wedding to stare at. So often it's all about the color, so when you come across that classic and elegant white wedding with silk wedding flowers in white, you just have to admire it for a while. So, here you go and you're welcome:

White Roses and Baby's Breath, softened up with Lamb's Ear and Ivory Ribbon

Bridesmaid and Toss bouquets tied off with blush pink ribbon.

Groom's boutonniere (left) and groomsmen (right)

If you have a white wedding in mind, fill out the Free Bride's Checklist to get a quote!

Realistic Roses for a Beautiful Custom Silk Bouquet

Many brides have hesitations when it comes to the idea of using anything but fresh flowers.

If it's not in your budget to spend a fortune on arrangements for your wedding, then realistic roses and custom silk wedding flowers might be the answer for you.

Bride Kristin had ordered flowers for her May destination wedding through me.  She mentioned to her cousin, Stephanie, that she had custom silk wedding flowers and it piqued Stephanie's interest.  I met with both brides and got to show Kristin the flowers I had already picked up for her arrangements.  

Stephanie and I talked through her ideas and played around with some stems I had on hand. She showed me pictures of bouquets and flowers she liked and we worked on some design ideas together.  Stephanie's must have's included realistic fresh touch flowers for her entire bouquet and LOTS of bling. Her classic color scheme of red and white suited the flowers she chose and the final products are stunning.

Bridal Bouquet of Fresh Touch Red Roses and Calla Lilies with rhinestone sprays, bouquet jewel and rhinestone wrap on the stems.

Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid Bouquet of white Calla Lilies with rhinestone wrap on the stems.

Toss Bouquet of white Calla Lilies and preserved Baby's Breath with rhinestone wrap on the stems.

These flowers are show stoppers, and the best part is that Stephanie got the flowers of her dreams with all the bling she could ask for and for a fraction of what fresh flowers would have cost her. 

Now when that spotlight hits Stephanie as she walks down the aisle (did I mention she was going to be lit by only a spotlight?) Stephanie and her bling-y bouquet will both be shining.

If you are interested in finding out how realistic silk wedding flowers compare to your fresh flower quote, fill out the free bridal checklist today.  Thanks again to Stephanie (and Kristin for the referral) for allowing me to create your beautiful flowers.

Ordering Custom Wedding Flowers on a Short Timeline

Bridal bouquet of purple Calla Lilies, pink Garden Roses, cream pink Hydrangea, Greenery and Pearl accents.

Bridal bouquet of purple Calla Lilies, pink Garden Roses, cream pink Hydrangea, Greenery and Pearl accents.

There are times when my deadlines are a bit shorter than is typical.  Bride Anisha contacted me on May 13 requesting custom silk wedding flowers for her May 28 American Wedding and May 30 Indian Ceremony. Needless to say, I jumped into action with her pink and purple color scheme to design beautiful bouquets (including a red bouquet to match her Sari bridal gown), boutonnieres and corsages, for the fast approaching big day(s)!

If you find yourself in this type of situation, there are a few things to remember:

  • Be open to new ideas.  I may need to present some new flower ideas in order to achieve the look you want. Meaning, you may not get that rare orchid you've been dreaming of since 6th grade if you wait until there's just a few weeks to go. But then again you might since silk flowers come in a wide variety of species and colors year round! 
  • Be up front about what you like. It's very helpful to all of your vendors to know what you're thinking. We may not be able to fulfill all your requests, but if we spend valuable time deciphering what you'd like, we'll be in a bigger pinch than we were before with your timeline.
  • It's never too early to get the conversation started. Not knowing what you want is not a problem, that's what I'm here for!  My goal is to help you discover your likes/dislikes and create custom wedding flowers to match your personality, style and theme. And I will say it again, it's never too early to talk with vendors about ideas, the more time we have the more room for creativity!

Keeping that in mind, let's go back to Anisha's flowers.  I was up front with Anisha about our time frame, I gave her ideas to choose from that I could work with and she made fast and clear decisions.  Her vision of garden bouquets with a variety of flowers came to life beautifully!

If you are feeling the time crunch and think custom silk wedding flowers might be the solution, contact me today to get the conversation started.

Bling Accessories for Wedding Flowers

Add a beaded garland for a cascading accent.

Add a beaded garland for a cascading accent.


Each season new trends show up on the wedding scene, but there is one trend that's hung around for a while now.  Bridal bouquet bling has the universal appeal of added elegance and can bring your wedding flowers to the next level. 

However, as have all the trends, even bling has taken on new looks:

There are the commonly thought of sparkly rhinestones, pearls, and gems you can add in any number of ways to the handle or flowers of your bouquets and corsages.  But new materials are making an appearance on wedding flowers in interesting new ways.  Pheasant and peacock feathers can add a bit of whimsy and dramatic colors to any bouquet, corsage or boutonniere.  The more recently popular rustic or shabby chic style has opened up even more options.

Burlap has climbed the charts of style as a way brides can customize their wedding flowers for a more organic appeal.  Wrapping the handle of your bouquets with burlap or lace covered burlap is a beautiful option since it is a material that looks great in most settings, especially barn, garden, outdoor, or casual weddings.

Concerned about burlap being too bulky on boutonnieres?  Opt for twine or a raffia wrap for a matching look that's suitable for the more masculine arrangements in your wedding. 

Including a framed picture of a loved one somewhere on your bouquet is a meaningful way to honor someone important in your life.  Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these small frames can fit in between blooms or can be tied on the handle with a matching ribbon.

Broaches are another item that bring some class and shine and can even add sentimental value.  Whether as a focal point of the bouquet or as a dazzling accent, you get high impact with minimal effort:

When designing your custom silk wedding flowers, embellishments can add that unexpected element to your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages that complete any look.  Have an idea you didn't see here or have a Pinterest board full of ideas? Send us the link through the Free Bride's Checklist and we'll get in touch with you to start on your designs.

Get creative with what materials you include in your silk wedding flower bouquet: pheasant feathers, satin ribbon, and twine with metal keys.

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 1

As more brides are braving the idea of a destination wedding, they are also beginning to think more outside the box on some of those "all inclusive" packages of destination wedding flowers.  One of the most common concerns of my destination clients is that they weren't given much choice, if any, when it came to their wedding flowers.  If you are anything like me, then perhaps you too would want to know exactly what you are paying for.

That's where I come in!  I met with Kali to talk about her destination wedding and her vision for her flowers.  She definitely wanted a mix of bright colors and flowers that had a tropical vibe.  Her number one request was that the bouquets included a Stargazer Lily, her favorite flower.  So with a feel for her style and a whole list of possibilities I set out to design the perfect flowers for Kali.

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Stargazer Lily, Rose buds, Orchids (green and purple), Mums:


Cascading Bridal Bouquet:  Stargazer Lilies, Orchids (green, white and purple), Rose buds, Mums:

Does that baby make you want a frosty beverage and a beach chair in the sand or what?!  Check back to see how we did the boutonnieres and corsages, including a cute starfish detail.

Lesson learned | Placing value on a florist with great customer service

Rebekah and I had an initial consultation last spring, and as is sometimes the case, she decided to go with a different florist for her wedding flowers.  Her budget was tight and she was looking for ways to stretch her dollar even further.  I totally get that – in this economy everyone's budget is tight.  No hard feelings and no judgement from me!

So I was surprised to hear back from her just a few weeks before her wedding date.  Things had not panned out and the florist she had chosen didn't turn out to be a good fit.  Rebekah had specified that she wanted "a little greenery" and the bridal bouquet ended up being mostly greenery with literally only 5 flowers....5 FLOWERS!  After talking through some things we came up with a plan B and I got to work to make it happen before it was her wedding day.  Her colors were pink and blue with Stargazer Lilies, blue Roses, ivory Calla Lilies, and Stephanotis in her cascading bridal bouquet.

Toss Bouquet:

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Jr. Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Bridal Bouquet:

We added a nice contrasting detail to the handles of all the bouquets and did a criss-cross wrap using ivory ribbon over either blue or green satin ribbon.  The bridesmaids were alternating blue and green ribbon so the ivory criss-cross gave a cohesive look as all the girls stood together.

So here's your lesson for the day: not all silk flowers are equal.  Here at Love Is Blooming I strive to bring the most beautiful, most realistic, and highest quality flowers to each bride's arrangements, no matter what her budget.  One of the most advantageous reasons to choose silk is that I can show you exact examples of flowers that will be in your arrangements so you can touch and see exactly what you'll be ordering.  If you find yourself in a budgetary pinch, opt for simpler corsages and boutonnieres in favor of getting the main bouquets that are as close to your vision as possible.

If someone promises you the world for a price that seems to good to be true, it probably is.  And this goes for any vendor you are looking to hire for your wedding, look at their past work and see for yourself.  Save yourself the time and disappointment and go for as custom as you can afford.  Ok, off my soapbox I go and back to work.

Malibu Sunset | Blue & Orange Wedding Flowers

Does that title make anyone else think about your 90's era Barbie dolls?  WHATever! (said with a valley girl accent)

Kristi and I met for her consultation and she reminded me that we had met waaaaaaaay back in January of 2010 at the Maple Grove Bridal Expo.  Her future mother-in-law had been the one to organize the whole shebang and had kept my contact info. Kinda gave me the warm fuzzies.

Kristi's had a unique situation for her orange, Malibu blue, and ivory wedding.  She really wanted a fresh flower bouquet for herself but wanted to use the more budget-friendly silks for everything else.  Though this is a less conventional route, it's not at all a problem!

When it came to the actual flowers, she wasn't picky about the type, but really wanted to find flowers in the Malibu color. I searched through my many resources and found these pretty, full-petal daisies in the perfect shade. The roses were a shade of orange that wasn't too harsh and really complemented the Malibu flowers. We tossed in some Stephanotis for a hint of ivory and finished the bouquets up with silver satin ribbon.  Beautiful!

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Toss Bouquet:

The boutonnieres and corsage matched in color, but we chose a different flower for the father's and mother's just to set them apart a little bit.

Groomsmen boutonniere & Ring bearer's bout:

Father's bout & Mother's corsage

Thanks again to Kristi for choosing me after all this time – glad to know my work was memorable!

Destination Wedding: Silk Wedding Flowers for Mexico and Back

As you read yesterday, Jayme had her Mexico destination wedding back in May and had the experience of traveling with not only her dress, but also her beautiful silk wedding flowers. It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me!  This is often a destination brides #1 concern when planning to include silk flowers for their wedding.  So take a look at these babies fresh off the plane and tell me that they don't look fabulous!


So here's how I typically do it - I rent a time machine, I set the clock for... just kidding.

I've done it two different ways, both with great outcomes. The first is to recruit some trustworthy friends and/or relatives you'll be flying with to pack them either in their carry on luggage or I've even packed them in large gift bags. The second way is I have the bride bring her carry on suitcase and we pack them when she comes to pick them up. This is often the best option because, more than anything, the flowers are packed exactly how they'll fly and it gives my brides peace of mind.

Jayme's resort package included the bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere and you can see the lovely clutch calla bouquets that her maids carried down the aisle. She wasn't exactly sure what her bouquet was going to look like, but she wanted to make sure she had some bling on it. So she purchased a section of rhinestone wrap to add to the handle the morning of the wedding.

Barefoot is so romantic!

Back in Minnesota, Jayme and her new husband hosted a reception for those family and friends who weren't able to be a part of the Mexico ceremony.  As she thought more about it, she decided she really wanted to have a bouquet for her Minnesota reception that was similar to her Mexico bouquet.  She called me up again and we got back to designing.

Her simple handtied bouquet was made up of ivory Calla Lilies.  We wanted this bouquet to mimic her Mexico bouquet in another small way, so we added the rhinestone wrap and called it done.  Charming right?

Jayme was a friend of Carly's and had heard how she used silk wedding flowers for her destination wedding.

And here's what Carly had to say about the process of working with me. Thanks again to Jayme (who was such a gorgeous bride!) for trusting me with bringing your ideas to life for your wedding and reception.  Congrats on your new marriage!

Emily and Steve - Summer Silk Wedding Flowers Part 3

Emily and Steve's big wedding day was held at the beautiful and historic Cedarhurst Mansion in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Now a July wedding in Minnesota could mean any number of things, but for this happy couple it meant it was going to be HOT!

Sure enough, July 9th was one of the hottest days of summer. It felt like we were somewhere in the south with the big veranda and large open windows of the Mansion's ball room. What's that you say? No, "open windows" was not a typo. If you've put two and two together yet you've come to realize that Cedarhurst is not air conditioned.

This could spell disaster for a traditional florist.

So here's where I came into play.

Emily's flowers took a beating between being carried behind the barn, set down for pictures, squashed between hugs, and the boiling hot air. And I'm proud to say that they looked exactly the same when the clock struck midnight as they did for pictures in the early afternoon.

 Take a looky look at photographer Brianna Colleen's beautiful work.

Emily's honorary arrangement doubled as ceremony and reception decor. We also used the silk wedding bouquets as reception decor for the head table-just add vases!

Emily's beautiful silk wedding bouquet.

Like what you see? Check out Brianna's blog post about Emily and Steve's wedding--she did an amazing job capturing the beauty and spirit of the day.

Remember I said Emily had a few things to say about working with me? You can check back tomorrow to hear it in her own words.

Emily & Steve - Summer Silk Wedding Flowers Part 1

Local bride Emily and I have known each other for several years, so when she asked me to meet with her about silk wedding flowers, I was so excited! She had already done some work gathering pictures from magazines and online and had some great ideas for her flowers. We talked through her style, colors, and favorites flowers. I showed her the beautiful fresh touch Callas, Roses, Peonies, and Ranunculus that lots of my brides are raving about. She chose a soft pink and white color palette which was perfect for her July wedding.

The bouquets were done in a round, hand-tied bouquets style and had some fresh-from-the-garden elements that really added a lot. Emily wanted some wedding bouquet bling, but in a unique way that enhanced the romantic setting of her ceremony and reception. Take a look at what we came up with:

Callas, Roses, Peonies, Lily of the Valley, and Ranunculus

We added a clear beaded cascading element that hung down the front of her bouquet. It was tasteful and elegant but also a glamorous choice to add a little shine to her bouquet.

Ranunculus, Callas, and Lily of the Valley

The 'Maids were wearing black so we complimented their dresses with black satin ribbon on the stems. We also added some rhinestones into the bouquets to add a little sparkle.

Emily and Steve's wedding had some more inspiring arrangements that you can check out later this week.