Raspberry and Blush Silk Wedding Flowers

Janelle’s dreamy color scheme was so fun to work with! With a wine/raspberry as her main color and blush and rosegold accents, I felt like I had endless possibilities of what to include in her silk wedding flower bouquets.

What we settled on was Dahlia, Roses, Mums, and Peonies with some burgundy Lamb’s Ear and Seeded Eucalyptus. The bridal bouquet also included raspberry Amaranthus for a dramatic edge.

The bridesmaid bouquets were a perfect complement to the bridal bouquet.

Here’s a quick peak at some of the boutonnieres and corsages to coordinate with the bouquets.

I can’t help it, here’s one more of the bridal and bridesmaid bouquet. I’m kind of in love with this modified cascade, it’s modern and eye catching without being too over the top.

Looking for a modern twist on a classic style, silk flowers offer you the ability to see it before your big day. So no surprises when it’s too late to change anything! We can tweak it until it‘s just right without risking the beauty of the flowers. If that sounds like a dream come true, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist for a quote and to get started on your custom designs.

Fall Wedding Bouquet, Boutonniere and Cake Topper Recreation in Silk Flowers

Technically it’s still fall here in Minnesota. But I’m currently looking at snow on the ground and my kids have already made numerous sets of snow angels in the last week. So I’m bringing us back for a hot second to that little glorious bit of fall we had before the white stuff started. Maybe where you are it’s still all red and gold and pretty. This post is a little bit fall and a whole lot of pretty.

Clare contacted me a few months ago to recreate a couple special arrangements for her one year anniversary. She sent over a photo of the original wedding bouquet and boutonniere as well as a photo of her wedding cake. Clare wanted a recreation in silk flowers of just a small cluster of flowers made to match the bouquet and boutonniere to use for their anniversary. With pictures in hand, I got to work.

Here is our lovely couple on their wedding day. You can see the beautiful variety of fall flowers in the bouquet and how that was mirrored in the groom’s boutonniere. There were Sunflowers, Hypericum Berries, orange and red Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus, and fall foliage.

Photo provided by:  Paul Nash Photography

Photo provided by: Paul Nash Photography

...words cannot express how beautiful they are!! They are even prettier in person if that was possible! I love how you even captured how the sunflower in the center was a little squished in there!! They look exactly like my real ones!! Thank you so so so much!!
— Clare | Conneticut

We added burlap to both arrangements for that perfect rustic touch.

Thanks to Clare for allowing me to help recreate such a special day for you! If you are interested in having a bouquet, boutonniere, or any other arrangement from a special day, contact me today!

Blush Silk Wedding Flowers

Despite Pantone having chosen Ultra Violet as the color of the year, I've gotten more requests for blush pink flowers this year than anything else! Here's one of those beautiful weddings!

The bridal bouquet was a combination of blush Peonies, ivory Roses and ivory fresh touch Calla Lilies. It was soft, feminine, elegant and everything you want in a bridal bouquet!

With the bridesmaid bouquets, we did an "opposites" effect. It's a fairly popular option to make the bridal bouquet stand out from the bridesmaids. We used ivory Peonies and blush Roses. No Calla Lilies were included because that was a special flower just for the bride and groom.

When you are using Calla Lilies and Roses, boutonnieres and corsages are fairly easy to design. They are timeless flowers that look great on their own or with a little accent color or flowers.

If you are incorporating blush in your bouquets, take a look at some other silk wedding flowers that incorporated this bridal classic. Then send in your Free Bride's Checklist to get the design process started!

Coral and Red Wedding Bouquets

Tracy contacted me for her mid-May backyard wedding just a couple of months ago. At the time I was imagining lovely spring weather for my own backyard. But it's hard to imagine seeing grass, let alone having a wedding outside since we had 22 INCHES of snow last week (whatever, I'm over it). Luckily, I was just finishing up her flowers and these bright and fresh colors brought a lot of joy to my time spent on the inside; 2 days of a blizzard and then a day off of school makes it feel a little confined! Take a look at Tracy's backyard beauties!

The bridal bouquet is a mix of red, coral and ivory Peonies and Ranunculus. Because this backyard wedding is in California, I chose a brighter shade for her greens to give it a fresh West Coast vibe. 

When I started to come up with designs for Tracy, she gave me this helpful insight into what she was envisioning for her flowers:

My preferred color palette is shades of red with maybe some coral accents. Long story short, my father is Latino but my mother is Chinese and she raised me on her own. Red is the traditional Chinese wedding color, and I wanted to have red flowers as a nod to my mom, since overall my wedding is going to be more American styled.

The Matron of Honor bouquet matches the bridal bouquet with the red, coral and ivory Peonies and Ranunculus. Same greens and same red ribbon make for a great set!

Groom's boutonniere, Groomsman boutonniere, Mother's Corsage, Sister's Wristlet

I don't typically include a photo like this in my blog posts, but I thought it might be a good idea to show you how your flowers will come if you order boutonnieres and corsages. Each personal flower is labeled and pinned, so all you have to do is recruit a trustworthy friend or family member to hand out to the recipients.

Whether you are planning a big backyard wedding or maybe just a handful of special friends and family are celebrating you, custom silk wedding flowers are a great option. You get to be a part of the design process, receive pictures of your flowers in progress and see that you're getting exactly what you dreamed of. Thanks again to Tracy for allowing me to be a part of your big day!

If you are looking for more ideas for on unique color palettes check out this article about Your Go-To Color Palettes' For a Perfect Wedding.

Spring Bridal Bouquet in Silk Flowers- Loose Style Bouquets

Last week I was in major production mode, which means I'm cranking out flowers (count is at 3 weddings and 3 recreations) like it's my job! Because, well, it is my job:) I'm loving the variety of colors, textures, and styles!  In the last week and a half, I've done blushes, purples, blues, whites, and cascading, round and loose style garden bouquets. And all were done in high quality silk wedding flowers.

This set of silk wedding bouquets are some of my favorites for spring! It's for a local May wedding which is only a few weeks off, but I was able to get some pictures of them outside before it snowed again (and again!). I was feeling inspired to share them with you as we all sit here waiting for real spring to show up.

The bridal bouquet is a mix of peonies, dahlias, roses, lavender, baby's breath, lamb's ear and eucalyptus, dried gomphrena, and some berries. Perfect for a late spring soiree! 

The bride initially order a bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere. But her family jumped in and were ready to help her round out her flowers with a couple of matching silk bridesmaid bouquets along with boutonnieres and corsages for the groomsmen, parents and grandparents. We kept things light and airy for the bridesmaids: lavender and baby's breath with some lamb's ear. The perfect compliment to her bridal bouquet!

Groom's boutonniere, Groomsman's boutonniere, Mother's corsage.

Maybe this snow has you excited about your upcoming winter wedding. Whatever the season, silk wedding flowers are always a great option! Fill out the Free Bride's Checklist today to start the conversation about how to bring your floral vision to life!

Cream, Ivory and White Wedding Flowers

The combination of cream, ivory and white wedding flowers is a much less common choice these days. Just a few years ago, many brides were opting for bold and bright colors. More recently the blush tones are in high demand. So when I get a bride who wants a more traditional color palette, I get excited about the chance to put a new spin on a timeless look.

That's what we did for Katherine's flowers. She sent me some inspiration pictures of cream, ivory and white flowers with some greens and we got started designing!  Take a look at Katherine's lush, garden inspired bouquets in cream, ivory and white flowers.

Here's the bridal bouquet: Roses, Hydrangea, Peonies, Ranunculus, Greens with silver ribbon

For the bridesmaid bouquet, we just paired back the size of the bouquet and didn't include quite as much greenery.

The cute little toss bouquet.

A mother's pin on corsage, a pink Rose boutonniere for the groom to honor his late mother and an ivory rose boutonniere for the rest of the guys.

If you are considering a more traditional color palette for your silk wedding flowers, contact me today to see how we can make a unique design for your wedding day.

Navy, Blush and Gold Minneapolis Wedding Bouquets

This year has been one of inspiring color combinations, unique textures and classic designs. I want to show you one today that was a romantic navy, blush pink and gold wedding.

Leanna sent me a slew of pictures earlier in the year to show me her inspiration for her wedding flowers. The navy components were striking, the blush pinks were soft and the gold was a beautiful accent to bring it all together. She wanted the bridal bouquet to be set apart from the bridesmaids, but still have a cohesive look with all the arrangements.

Ivory Roses, Blueberries and Blue Thistle

The bridesmaids carried another collection of flowers that incorporated texture and charm.

Blush Pink Roses and Hydrangea, White Astilbe and White Freesia

The boutonnieres and corsages were a variety of styles and colors, all coordinating with each other but staying within the realm of Leanna's scheme. The Blue Thistle made everything pop!

Centerpieces were also a great option for Leanna's wedding - coordinating with the rest of her flowers and more affordable than fresh arrangement. She was able to customize two different styles of centerpieces for the vases she had already purchased.

If you thought floral centerpieces were out of range for your upcoming wedding, you're not alone. Most fresh flower centerpieces are! Don't sacrifice your budget for your vision! Contact me,  a Minneapolis silk florist, to find out how we can bring that dream to life.

Using Broaches in a Bridal Bouquet

Before I talk about this beautiful broach bouquet, I need to reminisce about summer. See, it's a chilly -4 degrees this morning in Minneapolis and since the sun is shining, it made me think back to this past summer.  Remember summer, those glorious days of not having body parts freeze upon exposure?  Anyways, this summer was especially busy for me as we were in the process of moving out of our house and getting ready to move into our new one.  But weddings keep happening despite anyone's major life events.  That's the beauty of this job, I can work without effecting my family and you still get your flowers ahead of time.  Ok, back to this summer....

The finished bouquet.

Jill contacted me on behalf of her friend Jaime who was the bride-to-be.  Jill had a picture of a Calla Lilly cascading style bouquet with multiple broaches in it that the bride liked.  I asked a little more about bride Jaime and basically learned that she was suuuuuper laid back and didn't really care a whole lot about the flowers, hence Jill ordering on her behalf.  I also learned that some friends and family were providing broaches to be included in her bouquet--what a sweet idea.  So Jill dropped off the broaches and I got to work recreating the look that worked Jaime's budget. When I got the bouquet- I noticed a few were colored broaches.  I asked about it and Jaime apparently didn't care at all--cool as a cucumber!  So I incorporated those without Jaime batting an eye. I used Fresh Touch Silk Calla Lilies, my most popular seller.

Jaime only had one real request and that was that we used burlap to wrap the stems on her bouquet.  Pretty simple request to fulfill!

Burlap adds a nice touch to the handle of any bouquet.

Naturally, I suggested that a matching Groom's Boutonniere would be a good touch which was something Jaime hadn't even thought about.  She loved the idea of having something for her man, so I put together a simple, yet classy matching boutonniere.  Jaime didn't love the burlap alone on the groom's bout so I added a layer of shimmery, sheer white ribbon to give it a little shine.  With all that glam in Jaime's bouquet, we couldn't leave the groom's boutonniere looking too plain!

Did I mention that all of this took place in about a month's time?  Jill and I communicated almost entirely over e-mail, including pictures of the bouquet in progress, and we were able to collaborate on a beautiful wedding bouquet for her friend in a short time frame.  That's the beauty of silk flowers!  You (or your friend as was the case) get a voice in seeing your vision for your custom wedding flowers come to life whether you have a year or a month.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in hearing more about, take a minute to fill out the Free Bride's Checklist for a quick quote and to start the conversation.  Stay warm!

Rustic Bridal Bouquets for Spring or Fall

Bride Jess contacted me looking for a custom rustic wedding flower design that included white Ranunculus and complementary flowers in wine and peach. I knew right away that peach Peonies mixed with some wine colored Hypericum berries would be a great fit for her spring wedding. A little Dusty Miller finished off the bouquets and was a unique addition to the boutonnieres and corsages.  Her northwoods wedding was incorporating lots of rustic elements, so we decide that needed to be mirrored in her custom silk wedding flowers as well. The rustic details we choose, including jute twine and birch bark wrap, added interest to her arrangements.  Take a look!

When everything was finished up, the standard white backdrop photographers to send Jess just didn't seem to do these beautiful bouquets justice.  Since I finished them in November, I had a great setting in my backyard to capture the wonderful colors and textures of her flowers.

Groom, Groomsmen and Ring Bearer Boutonniere

Mother & Grandmother pin on corsages

Mother & Grandmother pin on corsages

Here's a closer look at the birch bark wrap.  It's artificial so you aren't literally holding onto tree bark, but it's realistic enough to make people think you are!

...We love everything you put together for us! I love the flowers, colors and textures and everything is just the right size. I think it’s great that you labeled each thing so it will be as easy as possible on the big day! They are absolutely perfect.
— Jess G.- Minnesota

Because my photographer never took a shot like this when I got married...

If you are interested in learning more about having wedding flowers custom designed just for you, fill out the Bride's Checklist to request a free quote.

Bling Accessories for Wedding Flowers

Add a beaded garland for a cascading accent.

Add a beaded garland for a cascading accent.


Each season new trends show up on the wedding scene, but there is one trend that's hung around for a while now.  Bridal bouquet bling has the universal appeal of added elegance and can bring your wedding flowers to the next level. 

However, as have all the trends, even bling has taken on new looks:

There are the commonly thought of sparkly rhinestones, pearls, and gems you can add in any number of ways to the handle or flowers of your bouquets and corsages.  But new materials are making an appearance on wedding flowers in interesting new ways.  Pheasant and peacock feathers can add a bit of whimsy and dramatic colors to any bouquet, corsage or boutonniere.  The more recently popular rustic or shabby chic style has opened up even more options.

Burlap has climbed the charts of style as a way brides can customize their wedding flowers for a more organic appeal.  Wrapping the handle of your bouquets with burlap or lace covered burlap is a beautiful option since it is a material that looks great in most settings, especially barn, garden, outdoor, or casual weddings.

Concerned about burlap being too bulky on boutonnieres?  Opt for twine or a raffia wrap for a matching look that's suitable for the more masculine arrangements in your wedding. 

Including a framed picture of a loved one somewhere on your bouquet is a meaningful way to honor someone important in your life.  Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these small frames can fit in between blooms or can be tied on the handle with a matching ribbon.

Broaches are another item that bring some class and shine and can even add sentimental value.  Whether as a focal point of the bouquet or as a dazzling accent, you get high impact with minimal effort:

When designing your custom silk wedding flowers, embellishments can add that unexpected element to your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages that complete any look.  Have an idea you didn't see here or have a Pinterest board full of ideas? Send us the link through the Free Bride's Checklist and we'll get in touch with you to start on your designs.

Get creative with what materials you include in your silk wedding flower bouquet: pheasant feathers, satin ribbon, and twine with metal keys.

Peacock Feathers in Boutonnieres

The guys needed to get in on the peacock feather action, but we didn't want to hear any complaints of said guys having to wear a frou-frou feather.

Groom's Boutonniere: ivory Calla Lily, peacock feathers, black satin ribbon

Groomsmen Bouts: purple Calla Lily, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Fathers' Bouts: green Orchid, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Grandfathers' Bouts: ivory Hydrangea cluster, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Meghan had a couple hosts/hostesses that she wanted to have a flower but not necessarily match the bridal party.  We went with classic white Roses and they fit in perfectly with everything else.

Last but not least, we've got corsages and making them work with feathers.  Check back for more!

Fall Silk Wedding Flowers | Jewel Tones

Spring Planning for Fall Flowers

Ok, so Spring has officially sprung. But, maybe you just got engaged and are looking into planning your wedding for fall.  If so, then this post is for you!

Ellie worked with me to design her fall silk wedding flowers just a week and half before their laid back, up North nuptials. She wasn't picky, liked a vintage vibe, and really hoped to incorporate her favorite flower, the Magnolia. Oh, and her other big request was that she really wanted twigs. Like really, really wanted twigs.

Take a look at what we came up with for her bouquet:


Bridal Bouquet: orange Dahlias, purple Roses, cream Magnolia, green Hydrangea, burgundy mini Zinnias, fall leaves, and twigs.

Bridesmaid Bouquet: orange Dahlias, purple Roses, green Hydrangea, burgundy mini Zinnias, fall leaves, and twigs.

These boutonnieres were some of my favorites.  We incorporated rustic looking Succulents with the mini Zinnias, and a fall leaf instead of the traditional greenery.  I also added a Magnolia bud into the groom's boutonniere.

The mothers' corsages had a purple Rose, a bit of green Hydrangea, a burgundy mini Zinnia, and fall leaves.  All the arrangements were finished off with twine on the stems, a detail that fit into the rustic and organic feel they were going for.  Thanks again to Justin and Ellie for letting me be a part of your big day!

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 2

Sometimes coming up with coordinating boutonnieres and corsages can be a little tricky when your theme flower is just too dang big.  Such was the case for some of Kali's flowers.  But that didn't mean no one could wear a boutonniere or corsage.  We simply took a look at the bouquets and choose smaller flowers that were equally as tropical and equally as beautiful.

Groom's Boutonniere: white Orchid, small pink Orchids:


 Groomsmen Boutonnieres: green Orchid, single pink Orchid:

Fathers' Boutonnieres: single green Orchid:

Kali's teal accent color was based off a Starfish pin she had bought for each of the mothers and grandmothers.  She wanted to incorporate them in their wrist corsages as a keepsake from the wedding.  Sweet, right?

Grandmothers' Corsages: green Orchids, pink Orchids.

Mothers' Corsages: green Orchid, pink Orchid, purple Orchid

They were just lovely and thoughtful to boot.  Thanks again Kali for trusting me to create the perfect beach wedding flowers from my studio here in Minnesota.

Peonies & Orchids Bridal Bouquet: Bouquet Replica

While we are on the Peony and Orchid train, let's take a look at this sweet little duo I put together for local bride, April.

April got in touch with me last spring about doing a bridal bouquet and boutonniere for her May 2013 wedding.  She had a picture she sent me and knew exactly what she wanted.  I was able to replicate her vision and this is what we came up with!


The bridal bouquet consisted of white/blush pink peonies, magenta peonies, and white and softer pink orchids.  I tied it off with the ever classy white satin ribbon and used the same ribbon on the groom's boutonniere which was a single orchid.

Like the look of peonies and orchids together?  Check out Peonies and Orchids Bouquet  and this other Orchids Wedding Bouquet to see another take on this vibrant combination.

Thanks April for choosing me to make your dream design come to life!

Malibu Sunset | Blue & Orange Wedding Flowers

Does that title make anyone else think about your 90's era Barbie dolls?  WHATever! (said with a valley girl accent)

Kristi and I met for her consultation and she reminded me that we had met waaaaaaaay back in January of 2010 at the Maple Grove Bridal Expo.  Her future mother-in-law had been the one to organize the whole shebang and had kept my contact info. Kinda gave me the warm fuzzies.

Kristi's had a unique situation for her orange, Malibu blue, and ivory wedding.  She really wanted a fresh flower bouquet for herself but wanted to use the more budget-friendly silks for everything else.  Though this is a less conventional route, it's not at all a problem!

When it came to the actual flowers, she wasn't picky about the type, but really wanted to find flowers in the Malibu color. I searched through my many resources and found these pretty, full-petal daisies in the perfect shade. The roses were a shade of orange that wasn't too harsh and really complemented the Malibu flowers. We tossed in some Stephanotis for a hint of ivory and finished the bouquets up with silver satin ribbon.  Beautiful!

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Toss Bouquet:

The boutonnieres and corsage matched in color, but we chose a different flower for the father's and mother's just to set them apart a little bit.

Groomsmen boutonniere & Ring bearer's bout:

Father's bout & Mother's corsage

Thanks again to Kristi for choosing me after all this time – glad to know my work was memorable!

Destination Wedding Flowers | Coral & Silver Wedding Colors - The Wedding!

When I was working on yesterday's post, I snuck a peek at my email and was delighted to find a nice little note from Whitney and some pictures from her wedding. I love when that happens!

The Bridesmaid Flowers:


The Dapper Dudes:

Whitney with her girls:

The all important marriage license signing!

Beautiful bride Whitney!

"Everything went great! Thank you, my flowers were perfect!"

Again, thank you Whitney for choosing Love is Blooming for your wedding flowers.  I enjoyed working with you on the design process and finding the perfect flowers for your beautiful destination wedding

A big, hearty thank you to Tati Biermas for these beautiful images!

Wondering what some others have to say about using Love Is Blooming for their destination wedding flowers?  Check out these stories:

Coral & Silver Destination Wedding Flowers

I think it's only fitting that my next post is about those beauties you see up above here.  A fresh and pretty coral and silver destination wedding with Calla Lilies and Peach Blossoms - love it!

I met with Whitney and her step mom to come up with designs for her destination wedding flowers.

She wasn't really sure what she wanted but she knew her girls were wearing vibrant coral dresses and wanted to somehow bring that into the arrangements.  When we met, I showed her sample stems of the ever popular fresh touch Calla Lily and she was sold.  She loved that they looked fantastic and even felt real.  She still wanted to bring in the coral color so I found Peach Blossoms and spread them throughout the bouquets for a delicate and feminine look.  Add on some silver satin ribbon, a small band of rhinestone wrap and they turned out to be elegant but fun bouquets for a beach wedding.


Whitney chose the same style for all the boutonnieres, a single calla, a few peach blossoms, and satin silver ribbon.  However, she wanted her dad's bout to stand out from the rest, so we added a small section of rhinestone wrap and it was instantly dressed up.  Manly but awesome, right?

Likewise, we did the corsages the same, but that little touch of rhinestones on her mother's corsage made a huge difference.

So if you are looking for a way to set apart certain arrangements, don't feel limited to changing flowers. 

Bling is a great way to say "hey, look at me, look at me!"  Keep that in mind when designing your wedding flowers.

Check back tomorrow to see some photographs from Whitney's big day!

Daisy Wedding Flowers | Sunset Color Scheme with Daisies

Sunset colors are hot right now so I wanted to share a recent wedding incorporating them and the classic summer daisy wedding flower, the Gerbera Daisy.


These beautiful orange and magenta Daisies are perfect for an outdoor wedding, a sunset wedding, or even a church wedding.  You can't go wrong with Daisies!

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets:


Mother's corsage:

Grandmother's corsage

Thanks to Melissa for bringing this fun and summery design to my studio!  Best wishes on your wedding day!

Red, White & Yellow Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

One of the best parts about working for myself is that I have the easy choice of putting the interest of my brides first.  I spend a lot of time talking, designing, and meeting with my brides and we get to know each other over several months and sometimes years.

Jessica contacted me in 2008 and through a series of events her wedding was postponed.  I was delighted to hear back from her when her life was in a place where they were back on the wedding planning train and I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of it.  I designed, contracted, and  purchased all the flowers for her big day.  I received a sad email a few weeks later that due to a medical emergency her wedding was being called off.  I was heartbroken for her but wished her well.

A short time later, she emailed me back saying that this marriage was a priority and they were going to be doing a small backyard wedding with friends and family.  We worked together to adjust her designs and instead of doing big and over the top, they were having one attendant each.  I was more than happy to work with her to make her dreams a reality.


The beautiful bridal bouquet: red Orchids, yellow and ivory Callas (yep- they're fresh touch silk wedding flowers!)

The bridesmaid bouquet - so classy!

The bouts for the guys:

Jessica, if you read this, I wish you happiness and health in this exciting new phase of your life.  Thank you for coming back and sticking with me - blessings!

Bling Is The Thing: Part 2 | Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

Heather had done quite a bit of research in deciding what she wanted her wedding flowers to look like.  But unlike most brides, she also put a lot of thought into the boutonnieres and corsages.  She sent me pictures of some amazing details she wanted to incorporate and then she put me up to the task of tailoring them to her flowers, colors and needs.

The groom's boutonniere: Lavender Sweet Pea, white Freesia, feathers, greens, green decorative wire:

Her brother's boutonniere:

The dad's boutonnieres:

The mom's and grandma's wristlet corsages on pearl beaded bracelets: Hydrangea, Freesia, ribbon, rhinestones:

Attendant's corsage: Freesia, Hydrangea, rhinestones:

Heather did a great job of choosing designs that were thoughtful, beautiful, and carried the theme throughout the arrangements.  Her love of bling was used tastefully and uniquely--two very important things in wedding flowers.  Thanks Heather for trusting me to bring your vision to life and I wish you all the best!