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Tropical Bridal Bouquet and Matching Silk Flower Arrangements

Whether you are traveling for a destination wedding or live in Florida like this bride, tropical silk wedding flowers bring the color and brightness to any summer wedding.

For this silk bridal bouquet I used a variety of very tropical flowers (and a few more common) in a modified cascade style bouquet. Not sure what that even is? Maybe that’s because I made that term up 😄. If you like the look of a looser, draping bouquet but aren’t a fan of the tight teardrop shape of a traditional cascading bouquet, then the modified cascade is where it’s at! Greenery and more linear flowers help give the draping and branching effect along with space between flowers so you can admire each one.

This bouquet includes King Protea, pincushion Protea, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Heliconia along with grasses, Monstera and other tropical foliage. This baby was large and in charge and also breathtaking. That’s a lot to ask of one bouquet, but she pulled it off!

For the bridesmaid bouquet, I pared it back and utilized the Peonies, Protea, Calla Lilies and Heliconia along with grasses and mini Monstera. And since it was still quite snowy when I put these bouquets together, they got their first and only taste of winter for this outdoor photo shoot before they traveled to Florida for their debut.

We kept the boutonnieres simple with a yellow and pink Phalaenopsis Orchid, greens and a few grass loops for the groom. A bit of ribbon that matched the bouquets and we were all done!

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If you have a tropical themed or maybe you are headed someplace tropical for your wedding, consider the benefits of silk flowers! This bride helped in the design process, knew exactly what flowers she’d be getting and saw photos of her flower mid-creation. If that appeals to you, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a quote!

Destination Wedding with Coral Silk Flowers

Silk wedding flowers are an absolutely fantastic option for destination weddings. Take a look at this completed order for a bouquet featuring coral Roses and ivory Calla Lilies.

If you are looking for topnotch quality, look no further than Fresh Touch flowers. Not only do they look extremely realistic, but they feel like real flowers! I finished off the bouquet with classic Antique White satin ribbon with coral satin ribbon criss-crossed over the top. Charming!

If you have an upcoming destination wedding and you’d like to choose your flowers ahead of time, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a free quote!

Scottish Destination Wedding Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Ryan contacted me hoping to have his wife’s bouquet recreated for their early October anniversary. They were married in Scotland and the venue had used its own garden to create her beautiful bridal bouquet. She was unable to bring it back to the states with her because of those pesky air travel regulations and was understandably disappointed. So Ryan set out to surprise her with a silk recreation. Her original bouquet included ivory Roses, Scottish Thistle, Veronica, Baby’s breath, Freesia, Fern, and some small blue berries. It was a stunner!

How romantic is this?! This bouquet was such a beauty and I loved getting to remake a piece of their special day.

If your destination wedding meant you had to leave your bouquet behind, contact me today to find out what it would take to have it a silk bridal bouquet recreation made for you or your bride.

Lily Silk Wedding Bouquet Recreation

Jordan emailed me photos of his wife’s beautiful wedding bouquet. He mentioned that he didn’t think it was the most wide variety of flowers, so we worked especially hard to get all those other details just right. Lilies, Alstroemeria and Roses were the only flowers in the bouquet, but a tropical mix of greenery and that amazing bow shaped it up into an awesome bouquet recreation!

Here is that beautiful, tropical beauty of a bouquet! Photos from: Edoo Photography

Erin’s work exceeded my expectations. My wife’s bouquet wasn’t as intricate as some I’ve seen so I was worried that a recreation might not have the “character” of the original, but Erin was able to match so much of the small details that it came out looking just like the real thing. Erin’s turnaround time was great, as was her communication throughout the process. I’m very happy with how it all turned out, as is my wife.
— Jordan | Texas

Recreations are a great way to give a thoughtful gift to someone you love. I can help with that!

Destination Wedding Bridal Bouquet Recreation

I've gotten a number of requests for destination wedding bridal bouquet recreations in silk flowers. Perhaps it's because those flowers tend to be even more short-lived as many couples are hopping on a plane just a few days after their ceremony. With no way to save and fly home with a delicate bouquet, it feels like a lost opportunity to have that piece of those amazing experiences preserved. That's where a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers can save the day!

Kevin contacted me and I could see from the pictures he sent that the beautiful sand and surf combined with amazing Lilies and Orchids beautifully detailed a destination wedding. Here's the recreation:  

And you can see the original in these stunning photos courtesy of Candace Jeanne Photography.


If you loved your bouquet but couldn't bring it home, a destination wedding bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers is a great way to bring a little bit of paradise into your home. Contact me today for a free quote.

Destination Wedding Silk Flower Bouquet- Cruise Ship Edition

Well it's still winter here, but I hear that in other parts of the world it's actually pretty warm. Hard to imagine right? Maybe not if you are a Floridian, but fellow Northerners feel my pain.

Well let me give you a little something to inspire you for spring, summer or your next cruise!  LaPriece contacted me over email, then her fiance' contacted me via phone, then we all got on the phone together and had a fun chat about silk flowers for their upcoming cruise ship destination wedding.

LaPriece knew she didn't want a traditional white or ivory bouquet, she was all about adding color, texture and a more modern take on greenery. She had some concerns about how to get the bouquet on the ship in one piece. I told her about some of my other destination wedding couples and methods we've used in the past for transporting flowers and keeping them in tact.

After exchanging a few emails full of inspiration pictures, I came up with an original design for their big day. Take a look at this bright and happy bouquet and matching groom's boutonniere.

SO many beautiful flowers and colors! Ranunculus, Roses, Hydrangea, Snowball bush, Peonies, Queen Anne's Lace, Fern, Freesia and ivory ribbon to tie it all together.

Happily, I have the silk bouquet of my dreams. Thanks to LOVE IS BLOOMING. They worked with me to create a beautiful bouquet. That might actually outstage my fabulous dress. That’s an awesome problem to have. Erin sent plenty of pictures. Had a lot of great ideas and insights. Gave me good advice about packing and shipping. And was always available for my questions. True artistry, many thanks to LOVE IS BLOOMING!
— LaPriece | Minnesota

Have questions about how a cruise ship wedding or destination wedding would work with silk wedding flowers, send me an email today and let's talk!

Thanks again to LaPriece for a chance to look forward to sunnier skies and warmer days ahead!

A mauve Rose, burgundy Ranunculus, and a touch of Queen Anne's lace and fern make for an awesome groom's boutonniere.

Wedding Flowers for Destination Weddings

In the 11 years that I've been in the silk flowers business, I've done a number of destination weddings. And silk flowers are perfect for this scenario.

Often times the resorts offer packages with generic bouquets that you can't be sure of until you get there. By using custom silk wedding flowers for destination weddings, you know exactly what you're going to get.

Kristin was the cousin I mentioned in this destination wedding post who referred her cousin Stephanie to me to create her ultra realistic rose and calla lily wedding flowers.

Well, now it's Kristin's turn!

Kristin wanted bright and beautiful flowers in fuchsia lime green tones for her destination wedding that's coming up. She really liked the look of another destination wedding that I created flowers for, so we used some of those same style elements to create her look. Take a look!

The destination wedding bridal bouquet includes Lime Orchids, Pink Calla Lilies, Pink Hydrangea, and deep pink Orchids.

Destination wedding corsages

We kept the boutonnieres simple and added some bling to the bridal bouquet. A girl's gotta shine!

Destination wedding bouquet bling

The bridesmaid bouquets featured oh-so-tropical lime green Orchids and pink Calla Lilies and we tied them off with lime satin ribbon. A stunning combination!

Destination Wedding Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Toss Bouquet

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but the benefits of silk flowers are not something to overlook! Kristin was able to be a part of the design process, getting the look she wanted, with the confidence that it was going to be exactly what she ordered! Now in traveling to her wedding paradise, she has no worries about having beautiful flowers to accent her big day.

Have a destination wedding planned but want to explore your options for flowers? Fill out the Free Bride's Checklist today to see what we can do for you!

Destination Wedding Flowers | Coral & Silver Wedding Colors - The Wedding!

When I was working on yesterday's post, I snuck a peek at my email and was delighted to find a nice little note from Whitney and some pictures from her wedding. I love when that happens!

The Bridesmaid Flowers:


The Dapper Dudes:

Whitney with her girls:

The all important marriage license signing!

Beautiful bride Whitney!

"Everything went great! Thank you, my flowers were perfect!"

Again, thank you Whitney for choosing Love is Blooming for your wedding flowers.  I enjoyed working with you on the design process and finding the perfect flowers for your beautiful destination wedding

A big, hearty thank you to Tati Biermas for these beautiful images!

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Destination Wedding: Silk Wedding Flowers for Mexico and Back

As you read yesterday, Jayme had her Mexico destination wedding back in May and had the experience of traveling with not only her dress, but also her beautiful silk wedding flowers. It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me!  This is often a destination brides #1 concern when planning to include silk flowers for their wedding.  So take a look at these babies fresh off the plane and tell me that they don't look fabulous!


So here's how I typically do it - I rent a time machine, I set the clock for... just kidding.

I've done it two different ways, both with great outcomes. The first is to recruit some trustworthy friends and/or relatives you'll be flying with to pack them either in their carry on luggage or I've even packed them in large gift bags. The second way is I have the bride bring her carry on suitcase and we pack them when she comes to pick them up. This is often the best option because, more than anything, the flowers are packed exactly how they'll fly and it gives my brides peace of mind.

Jayme's resort package included the bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere and you can see the lovely clutch calla bouquets that her maids carried down the aisle. She wasn't exactly sure what her bouquet was going to look like, but she wanted to make sure she had some bling on it. So she purchased a section of rhinestone wrap to add to the handle the morning of the wedding.

Barefoot is so romantic!

Back in Minnesota, Jayme and her new husband hosted a reception for those family and friends who weren't able to be a part of the Mexico ceremony.  As she thought more about it, she decided she really wanted to have a bouquet for her Minnesota reception that was similar to her Mexico bouquet.  She called me up again and we got back to designing.

Her simple handtied bouquet was made up of ivory Calla Lilies.  We wanted this bouquet to mimic her Mexico bouquet in another small way, so we added the rhinestone wrap and called it done.  Charming right?

Jayme was a friend of Carly's and had heard how she used silk wedding flowers for her destination wedding.

And here's what Carly had to say about the process of working with me. Thanks again to Jayme (who was such a gorgeous bride!) for trusting me with bringing your ideas to life for your wedding and reception.  Congrats on your new marriage!

Bridal Review: Destination Wedding & Silk Flowers

Local bride Jayme says:

Erin did an amazing job designing my wedding flower bouquets! I had a Mexico destination wedding and reception and a reception in our home town as well. The silk flowers traveled great and still look amazing after our double wedding festivities! Erin was always quick to respond to all my emails and was very quick in designing my bouquets, even when I made decisions last minute:) She was so friendly and had great ideas that tied in with our wedding theme and colors. I would recommend Erin to anybody and everybody!!! Thank you so much Erin for all your help with our wedding!!

Thanks to Jayme for trusting me with one piece of your long distance celebration.

Tomorrow I'll be featuring Jayme's wedding day photographs to see how all our designing and planning translated into her destination wedding and hometown reception arrangements.

Fall in New York: The Big Day

The beautiful and handsome bridal party.

Are these girls adorable or what?

What an awesome backdrop. And such a gorgeous smile, Meta!

Though Meta lives outside of the Twin Cities she knew that silk flowers would be the perfect option for her destination wedding. If you are planning one yourself, fill out a bridal checklist for a free quote!

Destination: Paradise

Getting pictures from brides is a lot like Christmas morning--I see the delivery in my inbox and squeal a little bit before tearing into the e-mail. Each picture is a gift that I cherish! After spending time with a bride, whether in person or via e-mail, I love to see their big event come to fruition. And the fact that I created the flowers for such an occasion is an honor.

So without further rambling on my part, I present Carly's destination wedding. Featuring the bride and groom and their gorgeous florals.

Tomorrow's post will feature the bridal party and another fun touch Carly added to complete their perfect paradise wedding.

All photos from Geneoh Photography

Real Wedding: Sarah (Part 2)

Sarah's evening beach wedding needed to reflect the slightly more formal setting. Instead of doing tons of bright colors, her red and white scheme needed to still say "bridal" while also acknowledging they weren't standing in a church.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Toss Bouquet

The clean designs and crisp black and white satin ribbon gave the flowers the formal feel, but the bright red combined with the white kept it appropriate for the coastal nuptials. Thanks to Sarah for letting me create these beautiful and unique flowers for a wedding in the tropics.

Real Wedding: Sarah (Part 1)

Local Bride Sarah came to me with a shorter time frame for her destination wedding. Her original inspiration was a solid red bouquet of Anemones. We explored a few options including poppies and roses, but what really caught her eye was something completely different! At our consultation I showed her the ever-popular fresh touch white Calla Lilies and some gorgeous fresh touch Orchids in a bright red. It threw her for a loop but she loved the combination. We started working with the flowers to come up with the perfect designs.

Check out the personal flowers!

Groom's Boutonniere: White Calla, red Orchids, ivory satin ribbon

Groomsmen Bouts: White Calla, red Orchid, black satin ribbon

Corsages: White Callas, red Orchids, black satin ribbon and bow.

Check back in the next few days to see her beautiful bouquets. An elegant combination of bridal white and south-of-the-border red.

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A Ceremony in Paradise!

Iman contacted me in July to help her come up with some romantic designs for her destination wedding. She loved Pomanders and had some very specific colors she was working with. To help find the perfect flowers, Iman came up with the brilliant idea of heading to her local home improvement store to pick out the correct shade of paint swatches. She dropped those in the mail and within a few days, I had exactly what I needed.

The pale green hydrangea we chose was a perfect match and the Amethyst satin ribbon was the shiny version of color perfection. We worked together to figure out the perfect proportions of pomanders and the right ribbon length.

In addition to the pomanders, Iman wanted to bejewel the gazebo altar with jewels and orchids. We found the perfect way to combine the two to give it just a bit of sparkle and a whole lot of awesome. The result was a subtle embellishment to an already breathtaking locale. So feast your eyes on these beautiful photos from Iman's big day.

Isn't she beautiful? Thanks again Iman for giving me the creative reigns to add a little bit of flower lovin' to your amazing ceremony.

To find out what other destination brides have to say about working with me, head on over to my recommendations and read for yourself.