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Silk Wedding Flowers in Wisteria and Ivory

Besides burgundy and blush, the other hot color that I’ve seen a lot this year is purple! Whether it’s a light lavender, a royal purple or something in between, it seems that purple is a timeless color accent for a wedding in any season.

If you’re not sure about finding an exact match in purples, you can go the route we did with Alli’s bridal bouquet and wedding flowers. Her bridesmaid dress color was Wisteria and she got a little panicked walking around a craft store comparing her swatch to the other purples. I found a variety of silk wedding flowers in a variety of purples and softened everything up with some greens and baby’s breath and it was a perfect match! Her bouquets consisted of Roses, Ranunculus, mini Tulips, Lavender, Baby’s Breath, Lamb’s Ear, and Seeded Eucalyptus.

The bridal bouquet—a modified cascade style.

A Jr. Bridesmaid bouquet.

For the boutonnieres and corsages we kept is simple with the lavender Roses as the main flower and then accented with some of the smaller filler flowers from the bouquets.

Alli had also ordered centerpieces for half of the tables that would be at her reception. I made custom, matching arrangements that would slip right into the vases that she had purchased at a local store. Isn’t that vase amazing?

Alli was so fun to work with and I loved the fact that she kept thinking of more arrangements she wanted to add. After she picked up her first round of flowers, she decided a few more things would finish up their wedding decor. For the other half of their reception tables, Alli had gold lanterns that she was putting on top of a mirror. She sent me the measurements and wanted some greens and bit of purple to add to the overall look.


I suggested the same idea was used for Janelle’s centerpieces (scroll to the bottom of this post). I experimented with how many sprigs of Seeded Eucalyptus would go around a 6 inch square vase and gave her a few options for the amount of purple. I trimmed and prepped all the flowers and bundled them up for her. This was a great cost-saving idea because Alli still got matching flowers and greens but without the cost of custom arrangements.

This toss bouquet was also a later addition. Same flowers found throughout the other bouquets. Cute, right?

Lastly, she had recently been to a wedding where they had simple aisle arrangements. I was able to come up with a similar design and added a simple ribbon loop with tails for an elegant way to hang them from the chairs.


A huge thanks to Alli for trusting me with her wedding flower designs! If you are looking for custom wedding flowers in silk in Minneapolis (or beyond!), fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist for a quote and to get started on the design process with me!

Regency and Lilac Purple Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 2

Earlier this week, I showed you some closeups of Pam’s regency and lilac purple silk wedding flowers. I was excited to see that Pam shared some photos of her wedding with me, taken by her friend. Here’s a quick refresher of what the bouquets looked like:

And here are the photos of Pam’s big day:


Isn’t her dress amazing?


Pam knew the weather here in Minnesota is not to be trusted, so she had this amazing cape to throw on her shoulders. It looks magical!

If regency purple is on your radar and you are looking for ways to work it into your flowers, fill out the Free Brides’s Checklist for a quote and let’s get started!

Dark Purple Silk Wedding Flowers

Winett contacted me several months ago for her May 2019 wedding. We had lots of time to work on ideas, but she was eager to get it figured it out and check it off the list. So even though I’m writing this in November, her silk wedding flowers have been finished for about a week-Christmas is coming early for Winett!

As you may know, or maybe you don’t, purple is one of the hardest colors to work with. It can border on being pink, or red, or blue. So one of my approaches is to use a variety of shades for both an interesting and non-clashy look.

Winett knew she wanted to incorporate orchids, specifically Dendrobiums, so I hunted until I found the perfect ones. I then made some suggestions to include other orchids, Calla Lilies, Anemone, Sweet Pea and another type of Lily. Winett loves her flowers and so do I!

Bridal bouquet in cascading style and bridesmaids in handtied style.

Winett kept her flowers simple and instead of giving boutonnieres and corsages out, she kept to her main girls: the bridesmaids and the flower girls. Below you can see a bouquet and pomander for her flower girls. We kept the same color scheme but switched up some of the flowers.

Have a tricky color scheme you are working with? Silk flowers offer a wide variety of colors and types and all year round too! That’s just one of the many benefits of ordering custom silk wedding flowers. Fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today to get a quote for your unique and custom silk wedding flowers.

Anniversary around the holidays: The Gift of Bouquet Recreation

I've got a December birthday, thankfully for me it's early enough in the month that I get birthday presents separate from my Christmas presents. My daughter isn't quite as lucky. Her December 19th birthday means extended family celebrations are a mish-mash of holiday and birthday gift giving. At 6, she doesn't mind so much yet. But as her mom, I still have to plan ahead to make some distinction between her birthday and Christmas. If you have an anniversary around a major holiday, you too might be feeling the squeeze of gift giving. How do you make your anniversary gift separate but meaningful?

Jared must have been thinking the same thing because when he contacted me before Christmas, for his January anniversary, he was really planning ahead! He sent me some wedding pictures, we talked through the flowers and I got to work.

As I looked through the photos and talked with Jared about the bouquet itself, more questions came up. Jared was awesome about giving quick feedback and even asked his wife's Grandma what she remembered. He found me a more close up photo which helped even more and I was able to determine that in between the cream roses were purple Delphinium and individual blue silk flowers.

The bouquet itself also had some nice details we wanted to be sure to include. The sprays of pearls were just like the original bouquet. There was also a criss-cross sheer ribbon detail on the handle of the bouquet, over the top of the white satin ribbon. Because of the stems I was working with, I wasn't able to leave as much ribbon showing on the bottom of the handle. Sometimes I have to work with the constraints of the products. But I always work to maintain the overall look of the original floral design. Jared noticed the ribbon detail wasn't quite exact but understood and ultimately approved of the final product.

Here's the original for comparison:


Jared's awesome photographer Lauren provided these images. Check out her website www.laurensphotographs.com or give her a call: 740-859-3028. Thanks Lauren for the images!

The bouquet turned out beautiful, my wife thought they were so accurate that she asked if I had the original florist make them. Very impressive work for just a few details and pictures. Also the whole process was really quick and I felt involved throughout the whole process from design to finish. Would recommend highly.
— Jared | Pennsylvania

If you're curious what it would take to have a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers contact me today to get a jump start on your gift giving planning!

Flower Backdrops For Minneapolis Wedding Ceremonies

This past fall I got an email from Katy, who I created these flowers for. She put me in touch with her sister, Ali, who was now planning her own wedding. Ali already had her flowers figured out but had her heart set on a couple of flower backdrops for an altar arrangement during her wedding ceremony and a secondary site during the reception. As we discussed and planned over email, Ali was able to send me a few inspiration photos to give me some ideas of what she liked.  Her colors were pastel shades of pink and purple with white and greenery. Ali also sent me photos of the set up at the church they would be getting married in and exact measurements to make sure we filled the space. Take a look at our unique and rustic flower backdrops for her ceremony!


Standing at 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, this beauty is going to make quite the statement. I used a  variety of flowers and greens to make the backdrop both interesting and delicate. It also made it challenging to find a place open enough to photograph this sizable altar arrangement. And in case you were wondering, yes, those are chopsticks wedging the branch into my barn door track. A girl's gotta do...


Here's the smaller 4' x 4' flower backdrop incorporating similar flowers, greens and stick topper to make a cohesive look without being the big guy's mini-me.


If you've been looking for a special and unique element for an altar arrangement, photo booth backdrop or party decor, a flower backdrop might be just the thing! Contact me today to get a quote!

Ordering Custom Wedding Flowers on a Short Timeline

Bridal bouquet of purple Calla Lilies, pink Garden Roses, cream pink Hydrangea, Greenery and Pearl accents.

Bridal bouquet of purple Calla Lilies, pink Garden Roses, cream pink Hydrangea, Greenery and Pearl accents.

There are times when my deadlines are a bit shorter than is typical.  Bride Anisha contacted me on May 13 requesting custom silk wedding flowers for her May 28 American Wedding and May 30 Indian Ceremony. Needless to say, I jumped into action with her pink and purple color scheme to design beautiful bouquets (including a red bouquet to match her Sari bridal gown), boutonnieres and corsages, for the fast approaching big day(s)!

If you find yourself in this type of situation, there are a few things to remember:

  • Be open to new ideas.  I may need to present some new flower ideas in order to achieve the look you want. Meaning, you may not get that rare orchid you've been dreaming of since 6th grade if you wait until there's just a few weeks to go. But then again you might since silk flowers come in a wide variety of species and colors year round! 
  • Be up front about what you like. It's very helpful to all of your vendors to know what you're thinking. We may not be able to fulfill all your requests, but if we spend valuable time deciphering what you'd like, we'll be in a bigger pinch than we were before with your timeline.
  • It's never too early to get the conversation started. Not knowing what you want is not a problem, that's what I'm here for!  My goal is to help you discover your likes/dislikes and create custom wedding flowers to match your personality, style and theme. And I will say it again, it's never too early to talk with vendors about ideas, the more time we have the more room for creativity!

Keeping that in mind, let's go back to Anisha's flowers.  I was up front with Anisha about our time frame, I gave her ideas to choose from that I could work with and she made fast and clear decisions.  Her vision of garden bouquets with a variety of flowers came to life beautifully!

If you are feeling the time crunch and think custom silk wedding flowers might be the solution, contact me today to get the conversation started.

Peacock Feathers in Boutonnieres

The guys needed to get in on the peacock feather action, but we didn't want to hear any complaints of said guys having to wear a frou-frou feather.

Groom's Boutonniere: ivory Calla Lily, peacock feathers, black satin ribbon

Groomsmen Bouts: purple Calla Lily, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Fathers' Bouts: green Orchid, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Grandfathers' Bouts: ivory Hydrangea cluster, Peacock feather, satin ribbon

Meghan had a couple hosts/hostesses that she wanted to have a flower but not necessarily match the bridal party.  We went with classic white Roses and they fit in perfectly with everything else.

Last but not least, we've got corsages and making them work with feathers.  Check back for more!

Peacock Feathers in Wedding Bouquets

More and more I'm seeing unique elements making their appearance in wedding flowers.  Whether it's feathers, jewels, pearls, paper flowers, buttons, fabric, twigs, wire, fruit, jewelry, or whatever, it can make a bouquet visually interesting and one-of-a-kind.  One of the most popular embellishments making the rounds in the wedding world, are peacock feathers. The vibrant colors, whimsical shape, and soft edges make a great addition to any themed wedding.

 In Meghan's case, the feathers fit in perfectly with her color scheme: green, purple, and blue.  Not only that but a family member's close friend raised peacocks and gave Meghan a whole pile of feathers to use.  (Did you know you have to wash them first?  Something to consider if you were planning on hunting down a peacock farmer to beg feathers from.)

At our initial consultation I was able to show her some beautiful Hydrangeas in green and purple, Cornflowers in blue, and Orchids in green.  They were all perfect matches but we still had a few pieces missing from the puzzle.  She liked the look of the eggplant callas so I went to work tracking down the perfect stems and it was a great fit for the overall look and feel of the bouquets.  We wrapped the bridesmaids' bouquets in a beautiful blue satin ribbon and called it finished.  So pretty!


Meghan's bouquet was a little bit more elaborate--more feathers, more flowers, more glamor!  We added in some ivory callas to bring that bridal touch to the arrangement as well as a rhinestone wrap on the stem to make it really stand out.

The cutesy little toss bouquet was small enough that I decided to use some of the more linear shaped feathers so they didn't overwhelm it in all its adorableness.

Feathers aren't always easy to work with, but the final look is amazing!  Check back to see how we incorporated the peacock feathers in the boutonnieres in a manly, yet cohesive way.

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 2

Sometimes coming up with coordinating boutonnieres and corsages can be a little tricky when your theme flower is just too dang big.  Such was the case for some of Kali's flowers.  But that didn't mean no one could wear a boutonniere or corsage.  We simply took a look at the bouquets and choose smaller flowers that were equally as tropical and equally as beautiful.

Groom's Boutonniere: white Orchid, small pink Orchids:


 Groomsmen Boutonnieres: green Orchid, single pink Orchid:

Fathers' Boutonnieres: single green Orchid:

Kali's teal accent color was based off a Starfish pin she had bought for each of the mothers and grandmothers.  She wanted to incorporate them in their wrist corsages as a keepsake from the wedding.  Sweet, right?

Grandmothers' Corsages: green Orchids, pink Orchids.

Mothers' Corsages: green Orchid, pink Orchid, purple Orchid

They were just lovely and thoughtful to boot.  Thanks again Kali for trusting me to create the perfect beach wedding flowers from my studio here in Minnesota.

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 1

As more brides are braving the idea of a destination wedding, they are also beginning to think more outside the box on some of those "all inclusive" packages of destination wedding flowers.  One of the most common concerns of my destination clients is that they weren't given much choice, if any, when it came to their wedding flowers.  If you are anything like me, then perhaps you too would want to know exactly what you are paying for.

That's where I come in!  I met with Kali to talk about her destination wedding and her vision for her flowers.  She definitely wanted a mix of bright colors and flowers that had a tropical vibe.  Her number one request was that the bouquets included a Stargazer Lily, her favorite flower.  So with a feel for her style and a whole list of possibilities I set out to design the perfect flowers for Kali.

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Stargazer Lily, Rose buds, Orchids (green and purple), Mums:


Cascading Bridal Bouquet:  Stargazer Lilies, Orchids (green, white and purple), Rose buds, Mums:

Does that baby make you want a frosty beverage and a beach chair in the sand or what?!  Check back to see how we did the boutonnieres and corsages, including a cute starfish detail.

Bling Is The Thing: Part 1 | Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

I knew when Heather and I met that I was going to really enjoy working with her.  We had the same ideas about a lot of things and I loved that she wanted her bouquet to be unique and multidimensional.  We were trying to really nail down the shape of the bouquet when Heather said it best, "I want it to be like a fountain, kind of pouring out over my hands."  What a visual!

Her lavender and white color scheme was fun to work with as we incorporated some flowers that held special meaning for her and that she loved the shape of.  Peonies and Freesia in white, and Wisteria, Hydrangea, and Sweet Pea in varying shades of Lavender.

The Wisteria were perfect for achieving the fountain look spraying out of the bouquet and we added in some feathers for softness and as a continuation of the shape.  But where Heather's bouquet really stood out from the pack was in the embellishments.  See if you get where I'm going with this.


Come a little closer....

You're getting there...

Yes, stick your face right HERE!

Heather's vision for the details was amazing.  We wrapped the handle in lavender satin ribbon with a lace overlay, criss-crossed sheer lavender ribbon over and pearl pins at the intersection and then finished it off with bands of rhinestones at the top and bottom.  Stunning!

So if you think this bouquet is something, check back tomorrow to see the awesome ideas Heather came up with for her boutonnieres and corsages!