Anniversary around the holidays: The Gift of Bouquet Recreation

I've got a December birthday, thankfully for me it's early enough in the month that I get birthday presents separate from my Christmas presents. My daughter isn't quite as lucky. Her December 19th birthday means extended family celebrations are a mish-mash of holiday and birthday gift giving. At 6, she doesn't mind so much yet. But as her mom, I still have to plan ahead to make some distinction between her birthday and Christmas. If you have an anniversary around a major holiday, you too might be feeling the squeeze of gift giving. How do you make your anniversary gift separate but meaningful?

Jared must have been thinking the same thing because when he contacted me before Christmas, for his January anniversary, he was really planning ahead! He sent me some wedding pictures, we talked through the flowers and I got to work.

As I looked through the photos and talked with Jared about the bouquet itself, more questions came up. Jared was awesome about giving quick feedback and even asked his wife's Grandma what she remembered. He found me a more close up photo which helped even more and I was able to determine that in between the cream roses were purple Delphinium and individual blue silk flowers.

The bouquet itself also had some nice details we wanted to be sure to include. The sprays of pearls were just like the original bouquet. There was also a criss-cross sheer ribbon detail on the handle of the bouquet, over the top of the white satin ribbon. Because of the stems I was working with, I wasn't able to leave as much ribbon showing on the bottom of the handle. Sometimes I have to work with the constraints of the products. But I always work to maintain the overall look of the original floral design. Jared noticed the ribbon detail wasn't quite exact but understood and ultimately approved of the final product.

Here's the original for comparison:


Jared's awesome photographer Lauren provided these images. Check out her website or give her a call: 740-859-3028. Thanks Lauren for the images!

The bouquet turned out beautiful, my wife thought they were so accurate that she asked if I had the original florist make them. Very impressive work for just a few details and pictures. Also the whole process was really quick and I felt involved throughout the whole process from design to finish. Would recommend highly.
— Jared | Pennsylvania

If you're curious what it would take to have a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers contact me today to get a jump start on your gift giving planning!

How to Avoid Wedding Flower Surprises

I was just reading the blog of Masterpiece Wedding Planners and they provided this pretty comical video of one of their wedding adventures.

Two things stood out to me as I watched:

1. The brides' bouquet looked similar to one I created recently; seen here:

Pink and Cream Peonies and Phaelonopsis orchids

2. The bridesmaids bouquets were not right the first time!

(Though props to Melissa for dealing with the florist's mistake and keeping her client happy when everything seemed to be falling apart.)

All this to say, I am proud that none of my brides have ever been surprised by their bouquets. Colors, flowers, styles have all been approved beforehand and they get to give input during the actual construction of their flowers. It is a fun process for everyone involved, and it gives brides the chance to help create each beautiful arrangement.

Even though things may not go perfectly smooth with your big day, you really can have peace of mind when it comes to your designer wedding flowers.