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Bridal bouquet

Burgundy and Blush Silk Wedding Flowers

Burgundy and Blush might have been someone’s million dollar idea this year. Even though I don’t know who decided it would be a hot color combo for bridal bouquets this year, I do know that I’ve loved all the different designs that have come out of it for silk wedding flowers here in my corner of Minnesota.

Anna wanted mostly the wine/burgundy in her bouquets with just a hint of blush. Her bridal bouquet was the modified cascade style draping, texture, and saturated colors. Basically she had a dreamy, romantic bridal bouquet with Dahlia, Calla Lilies, Cherry Blossom, Ranunculus, Babys’ Breath, and Eucalyptus. All the bouquets were finished up with a lovely burlap with lace overlay. It added to the rustic charm that Anna was hoping for.

The bridesmaids carried similar style bouquets with some slight changes that would allow the bridal bouquet to stand out a little more. The toss bouquet had the same variety of flowers as the bridal bouquet, just smaller and more throwable…throwier…aerodynamic!

Bridesmaid and Toss Bouquet

Here are some of the boutonnieres using the every classic and trust-worthy Calla Lily in a dark burgundy. These guys never let you down on your wedding day, especially because they are silk and you never have to worry about them getting crushed in all those bro-hugs or wilting in our unpredictable Minnesota weather.

Maybe you didn’t come up with this winning color combination, but you definitely want to use it in your own wedding. Fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist to get a quote and get the design process started with me!

Burgundy, Navy and Ivory Silk Wedding Flowers

Burgundy and Navy have been on the hot trend train in bridal bouquets and wedding flowers for most of the last year and a half. I’ve done several silk wedding flowers incorporating these colors together, but never like together, together. It’s always been using navy as a slight accent or with the ribbon. So my challenge with these wedding flowers was to make sure that these bouquets in no way made anyone want to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance. There is a reason these colors look great together, but that’s not what we were going for.

Navy can be limiting in your wedding flowers, but not impossible! I found these dark blue roses and then a lighter dusty blue heather to include more blue tones. The burgundy Ranunculus added the perfect amount of moodiness for these fall wedding flowers without it being too much. The ivory roses, peonies and daisies provided great contrast for the darker colors to really pop against. I chose a darker greenery, Smilax, to keep the dark jewel tones and maintain the overall feel of these flowers.

The boutonnieres and corsages had ivory roses as their base because they are perfect for that. Then a little navy accent here, a dash of burgundy there and a sprinkle of rhinestones made for some really classy personal flowers.

If you need help coordinating colors, flowers or both, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a free quote.

Maize and Blue Through and Through in Silk Wedding Flowers

Though I’ve been in Minnesota for 16 years now, I’m still a Michigander at heart. So when Tammy contacted me to create wedding flowers that incorporated Maize and Blue for her beloved University of Michigan colors, I jumped at the chance.

Her cascading silk bridal bouquet included Sunflowers, Daisies, Roses, Gladiolas and Thistle. Take a look at what we came up with!

The designs for the corsages and boutonnieres used the same roses and gladiola buds from the bouquets and I also found some adorable mini sunflowers to brighten them right up.

If you’ve got a beloved team or university you want to represent all the way, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist and include all those important details to get your free quote. Go Wolverines!

Incorporating Black Into Your Silk Wedding Flowers

I have to admit that this was the first time I was asked to incorporate black flowers into a bride’s custom silk wedding flowers. I was excited for the challenge, but also a little nervous that they were going to look like Morticia Addams should be walking down the aisle with them!

My bride requested that her bridal bouquet and wedding flowers included black Calla Lilies and some branchy greenery. She did a great job communicating her vision and that made my job so much easier! She also really liked a bouquet that incorporated the black Callas and these awesome white Dendrobium Orchids. They were a perfect match for her cascading bridal bouquet in silk flowers. I added in some grasses and Smilax and it was exactly what she was looking for!

Also in this order were two small Bridesmaid Bouquets that used just a handful of Callas and Orchids and enough greenery to match the bridal bouquet. These sweet little clutch bouquets were tied off black satin ribbon for a very polished look.

Here’s the toss bouquet which we simplified even more for this intimate wedding gathering.

The boutonnieres were very sleek with just a single black Calla lily and greens and a Dendrobium orchid for the groom’s boutonniere.

I tied off the bridal bouquet with Antique White ribbon for a very bridal look.

So there you have it! If you are looking for a way to bring your black tie occasion up a notch, consider incorporating black and white elements for a timeless and elegant look. What do you think, would you incorporate black flowers for your custom silk wedding flowers? If you’d like a quote for similar arrangements, just fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today!

Silk Wedding Flowers in Wisteria and Ivory

Besides burgundy and blush, the other hot color that I’ve seen a lot this year is purple! Whether it’s a light lavender, a royal purple or something in between, it seems that purple is a timeless color accent for a wedding in any season.

If you’re not sure about finding an exact match in purples, you can go the route we did with Alli’s bridal bouquet and wedding flowers. Her bridesmaid dress color was Wisteria and she got a little panicked walking around a craft store comparing her swatch to the other purples. I found a variety of silk wedding flowers in a variety of purples and softened everything up with some greens and baby’s breath and it was a perfect match! Her bouquets consisted of Roses, Ranunculus, mini Tulips, Lavender, Baby’s Breath, Lamb’s Ear, and Seeded Eucalyptus.

The bridal bouquet—a modified cascade style.

A Jr. Bridesmaid bouquet.

For the boutonnieres and corsages we kept is simple with the lavender Roses as the main flower and then accented with some of the smaller filler flowers from the bouquets.

Alli had also ordered centerpieces for half of the tables that would be at her reception. I made custom, matching arrangements that would slip right into the vases that she had purchased at a local store. Isn’t that vase amazing?

Alli was so fun to work with and I loved the fact that she kept thinking of more arrangements she wanted to add. After she picked up her first round of flowers, she decided a few more things would finish up their wedding decor. For the other half of their reception tables, Alli had gold lanterns that she was putting on top of a mirror. She sent me the measurements and wanted some greens and bit of purple to add to the overall look.


I suggested the same idea was used for Janelle’s centerpieces (scroll to the bottom of this post). I experimented with how many sprigs of Seeded Eucalyptus would go around a 6 inch square vase and gave her a few options for the amount of purple. I trimmed and prepped all the flowers and bundled them up for her. This was a great cost-saving idea because Alli still got matching flowers and greens but without the cost of custom arrangements.

This toss bouquet was also a later addition. Same flowers found throughout the other bouquets. Cute, right?

Lastly, she had recently been to a wedding where they had simple aisle arrangements. I was able to come up with a similar design and added a simple ribbon loop with tails for an elegant way to hang them from the chairs.


A huge thanks to Alli for trusting me with her wedding flower designs! If you are looking for custom wedding flowers in silk in Minneapolis (or beyond!), fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist for a quote and to get started on the design process with me!

White, Green, Gold and Succulents in Custom Silk Wedding Flowers

I’m convinced that the greenery trend is sticking around for a while. I keep finding new and interesting ways to incorporate greenery and of course there’s always succulents! But there’s also Lamb’s ear and Berries and Seeded Eucalyptus! So many options, so let’s just go ahead and use them all. Sounds like it would be a lot, right? Take a look at these gorgeous silk wedding flowers and bridal bouquets to see what I’m talking about.

Boutonnieres with succulents.

This white, gold and green themed wedding was so fun to do. Every arrangement was a little different but classy all the way. We didn’t want to overdo it with the gold, so a sheer gold ribbon was the perfect touch to tie off the bouts and corsages. The bouquets all had a beautiful burlap and lace wrap on the stems to complete the rustic charm.

What do you think about all that greenery? Too much? Not enough? Fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist and start on your way to making your custom silk wedding flowers a reality!

Destination Silk Wedding Flowers

Destination weddings can be appealing for so many reasons! Often times, you get the use of a wedding planner who makes the arrangements on your behalf, it’s in a beautiful location and it can be a built in honeymoon. But there are other logistics to consider as well. You have to consider that your choices may be limited on menu, your officiant, decorations and even your flowers. That’s why custom silk wedding flowers and bridal bouquets can be an awesome alternative to picking a package out of a catalog via email.

That’s what Angel did! She wanted very small and very colorful bouquets with specific flowers that she loved. Angel loved tulips and definitely wanted them in the bouquets and boutonnieres. I found these awesome Fresh Touch Tulips that looked and felt just like the real thing. She liked the idea of some Baby’s breath for a little more white and I found these adorable mini Orchids in a light teal that played into her tropical wedding location. Angel liked the tradition of “something blue,” so I used a thin satin ribbon in a bright blue to add that little something special to her bouquet.

The bridesmaid bouquets were smaller versions of her bouquet and with white satin ribbon in a handtied style.

We used the same tulips for the boutonnieres with just a touch of baby’s breath and satin ribbon to finish them off.

If you’ve got questions about silk wedding flowers for your destination wedding, how to get your flowers to where you’re going or want help with a bright and cheery color scheme for your destination wedding flowers, contact me today for more information!

Recreating a Reality Show Bridal Bouquet in Silk Wedding Flowers

Tiffany emailed me photos of her tropical destination wedding bridal bouquet to find out if I could recreate it for her with silk wedding flowers. The more I emailed with her, the more interesting things got! You see, Tiffany’s wedding appeared on a reality show called: My Great Big Lifetime Wedding. How cool is that? Armed with the pictures she sent me, her memories from the big day and a list from the florist, I got to work tracking down all the various flowers and tropical greens I would need to recreate this very large, very beautiful bouquet. Take a look!

Scale can be hard to represent in a photo, but this bouquet landed somewhere between “large and in charge” and behemoth.

The bouquet included: pink Protea, orange Orchids, white and blue Tweedea, Ranunculus, Gloriosa lilies, green and white Cymbidium orchids, Monstera leaves, variegated lily grass and a touch of jumbo white heather.

I am so impressed with the recreation of my wedding bouquet that Love is Blooming created for me! It replicates the original bouquet so beautifully! Every time I look at my bouquet it brings me back to my special day! Thank you Erin for helping me to relive my wedding day through your beautiful work. The proteas are my favorite, they stuck out to me on my wedding day bouquet, and they’re my favorite part of my recreated bouquet.
— Tiffany | Florida

Photos provided by Tiffany.

A big thank you to Tiffany for trusting me to recreate this memorable and magnificent bouquet for her! And if you catch her episode on My Great Big Lifetime Wedding, be sure and let me know!! Maybe you weren’t on a reality show, but you’d still like to find out about a custom bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers. Contact me today to find out how!

Textured Bridal Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers

I love a good moody bouquet and I would definitely categorize this custom bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers as just that! It’s got texture and deep colors and it’s just plain romantic.

There is so much to see in this one bouquet! Ranunculus, Roses, Peonies, Brunia berries, Heather, Thistle, Rosemary, Seeded Eucalyptus, Scabiosa Pods and the perfect amount of greenery.


Take a look at the original bouquet next to the recreation. Photographs provided by Maddie Blecha.

And this one was too cute not to include;)


What about you? Did you have a unique bridal bouquet that you’d love to have recreated in silk flowers? Contact me today to find out how!

Blush, Sage and Charcoal Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 2 & Review

And now the second part of this awesome wedding—the wedding photos! Angie was so kind to send me both some stunning photos of her big day as well as a review of my services. Check out these awesome photos, of their wedding and silk wedding flowers and bouquets, from their up and coming photographer Katie Thompson, check her out on Instagram @katiestormphotography.

Erin was absolutely wonderful to work with and I couldn’t have been happier with the flowers that she did for my wedding. I sent her some inspiration photos of flowers I liked and was able to create something even more beautiful that I had hoped for. The flowers made the colors pop in the wedding and the greenery was perfect. She sent me update photos as she worked on the flowers and had them done sooner than I expected. The flowers are beautiful and a price that can’t be beat for everything I got!
— Angie | Minnesota

Puppy pictures always win!


Thanks to Angie for trusting me to design and create her custom silk wedding flowers for her sage, blush and charcoal wedding. I had so much fun coming up with these designs. If you’d like to start the design process with me, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today!

Blush, Sage and Charcoal Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 1

Each time I make a new set of silk wedding flowers and bridal bouquets, especially the ones where the design is 100% from the depths of my right brain, they instantly become my favorite. I mean, I love all the flowers I create, but there are some that turn out so dreamy that I remember them long after I hand them over to my bride’s. On that note, I give you…

Exhibit A:

Angie’s flowers were a combination of softness, classic beauty, romantic colors, interesting textures and were just so dang pretty! There were Roses and Peonies and Dogwood and Lamb’s ear and Smilax and the best Charcoal satin ribbon you can find. *Sigh*

Angie’s bridal bouquet had more of the classic cascading shape, but but not keeping the flowers too tightly together and loosening up the shape with greenery it didn’t look as formal as a traditional cascade bouquet. It was a perfect fit for their outdoor wedding.

The bridesmaid, flower girl and toss bouquets used all the same flowers, but we switched it to a more round/handtied style.

The boutonnieres and corsages incorporated the same flowers and greenery with that classy charcoal ribbon.

Groom, Groomsman, Father Boutonnieres

Mother, Grandmother and Attendant Corsages

Check back later this week to see some photos from Angie’s big day and hear what it was like working with me!

If you’re interested in designs that make everyone around you “ooh” and “ahh,” fill out my Free Brides’s Checklist for a free quote!

Tropical Bridal Bouquet and Matching Silk Flower Arrangements

Whether you are traveling for a destination wedding or live in Florida like this bride, tropical silk wedding flowers bring the color and brightness to any summer wedding.

For this silk bridal bouquet I used a variety of very tropical flowers (and a few more common) in a modified cascade style bouquet. Not sure what that even is? Maybe that’s because I made that term up 😄. If you like the look of a looser, draping bouquet but aren’t a fan of the tight teardrop shape of a traditional cascading bouquet, then the modified cascade is where it’s at! Greenery and more linear flowers help give the draping and branching effect along with space between flowers so you can admire each one.

This bouquet includes King Protea, pincushion Protea, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Heliconia along with grasses, Monstera and other tropical foliage. This baby was large and in charge and also breathtaking. That’s a lot to ask of one bouquet, but she pulled it off!

For the bridesmaid bouquet, I pared it back and utilized the Peonies, Protea, Calla Lilies and Heliconia along with grasses and mini Monstera. And since it was still quite snowy when I put these bouquets together, they got their first and only taste of winter for this outdoor photo shoot before they traveled to Florida for their debut.

We kept the boutonnieres simple with a yellow and pink Phalaenopsis Orchid, greens and a few grass loops for the groom. A bit of ribbon that matched the bouquets and we were all done!

For more examples of tropical flowers and destination weddings:

-A Ceremony in Paradise

-Destination Paradise

-Destination Wedding Flowers

-Cruise Ship Destination Wedding

Or you can search my blog for more examples of tropical silk flowers and destination wedding flowers.

If you have a tropical themed or maybe you are headed someplace tropical for your wedding, consider the benefits of silk flowers! This bride helped in the design process, knew exactly what flowers she’d be getting and saw photos of her flower mid-creation. If that appeals to you, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a quote!

Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers

This pretty blush pink bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers was a fun bouquet. It had a variety of pinks, some fun texture with the pale blush heather and then a pop of contrast with the darker pink leaves.

Roses, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Heather, Magnolia Leaves in a handtied style bridal bouquet.

If you have a bouquet you’d like recreated or are looking for ideas for blush and pink bouquets, contact me today for a free quote!

Fall Flowers in a Bridal Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers

When someone requests a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers, it’s not just about finding the right amount of wedding flowers and putting them into the right shape. There is color, texture, variety, and composition to consider. David’s wife’s bouquet was a good example of finding the perfect elements to get the perfect result. Take a look!


These amazing photos of the original bouquet were taken by: Amanda Baker

Erin’s work is amazing - you can tell how much care she takes, and what an eye for form and color she has. I am deeply impressed with how faithful her recreation is, her detail and passion, and how easy and pleasant she is to work with. My wife and I were both floored when we opened up the finished bouquet!
— David | Oklahoma

This bouquet had Dahlia, Calla Lilies, Roses in several hues of coral, orange and red, Hypericum berries, Gerbera Daisies, Seeded Eucalyptus and some twigs that wrapped around the outside of the bouquet. What a great fall bouquet!

If you had the perfect fall bridal bouquet and are interested in a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers to remind you of that wonderful day, contact me for a free quote!

Light Blue, Blush and Ivory Silk Wedding Flowers

It’s no secret that blush pink is one of the hottest colors this year for wedding flowers. It’s a great way to accentuate a darker tone in the same family or to bring in a softer, more romantic color scheme. Here’s one way that we incorporated the blush with beautiful blues and ivories into a silk bridal bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet, Jr. Bridesmaid and Bridesmaid Bouquets

We added a little bit of glamour to the bridal bouquet with a custom rhinestone wrap. It added a nice bit of shine without being over the top.

Boutonnieres and corsages matched up nicely with the bouquets with the moms getting special wrist corsages with pearl beaded bracelets.

If you’ve got a wedding color scheme of blush, blue and ivory, contact me to find out the creative ways we can incorporate those colors into custom silk wedding flowers for your big day!

Bridal Bouquet Recreation Review

Summer is here in Minnesota and here’s a bouquet that is vibrant, fun, and looks like someone walked through the garden to gather up that perfect wedding flowers for a summer wedding. Christian emailed me hoping I could do a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers for his upcoming anniversary. He sent me a few photos and we identified all the lovely blooms and I got to work. Take a look!

A variety of Roses, white Peonies, Ranunculus, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Seeded Eucalyptus Bridal Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers.

Photo by Anna McSwain.

Photo by Anna McSwain.

Working with Erin was a pleasure. She was very prompt and always very nice in replying while planning and tweaking the bouquet recreation. The whole process was very simple and could not have been easier. The final product was beautiful, she perfectly captured my wife’s wedding bouquet. I couldn’t recommend her more!
— Christian | South Carolina
Photo by Anna McSwain

Photo by Anna McSwain

If you are looking for a great anniversary gift, a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers might be the perfect gift for your bride. Contact me today for a free quote!

Lavender Rose and Lisianthus Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Wedding bouquets are a big part of the big day. Even years later, Erik and his wife still remember the colors and arrangement of the wedding flowers she carried down the isle. As an anniversary gift, Erik requested a recreation in silk to last as long as the memory will. Here’s another awesome bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers.

Erik’s wife’s bouquet featured lavender Roses, darker purple Lisianthus and white Stephanotis. I tied it off with a simple satin Antique White ribbon wrap. So sweet and a great reminder of a special day for them. If you are looking for an anniversary gift, look no further! Contact me today about a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers.

Wedding Bouquet Recreation with Succulents

Succulents are a trend that’s sticking around. You know what else is sticking around? This bouquet! Ryan contacted me for free quote for a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers. This one was a stunner! You can see from my photos that it featured vibrant colors along with awesome textures.

White Anemone with blue centers, blue Anemone, ivory Roses, ivory Hydrangea, dark purple Calla Lilies, plum Delphinium, Succulents, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

This was new to me, but apparently it’s a thing! Ryan requested a “hidden Mickey” on the handle of the bouquet. It’s basically 3 pins making the shape of Mickey’s head. Adorable!

If your bouquet had a special touch, contact me about a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers today.

Blush and Mauve Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Amy sent me a couple photos of her bridal bouquet. It was gorgeous and full of all sorts of beautiful flowers. She also sent me an invoice from her florist that listed some of the possible flowers that would appear in her bouquet. From that list I was able to track down just the right shades and shapes of blush and mauve Roses, Ranunculus, and Eucalyptus. Take a look!

When I received my recreated bouquet in the mail and opened it, it literally took me back to the wedding day when I first saw my bouquet. It is spectacular! Erin is extremely talented and I am so pleased to be able to enjoy this every day
— Amy | California

These two photos are a great example of why I usually ask for extra details. Amy sent me the second photo to give me a more accurate look at the colors of her flowers. That photo was great for that, but not for seeing the general shape of her bouquet, so I kind of hopped back and forth between both photos during the construction process.

Whether it’s your bouquet that got moldy when it was dried or a gift for your sweetheart to remind her of your wedding day, a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers is a great choice! Contact me today for a free quote.

Burgundy Dahlia & Blush Peony Cascade Silk Wedding Bouquet

A trend I’ve noticed and loved is the loose, modified, cascading style bouquets. They are romantic and airy and perfect for any style of wedding. Another hot thing this year has been merlot/burgundy/raspberry themed weddings. It’s a gorgeous and deep color that pairs so well with blush, ivory, and even greens. Today’s example includes a few of these elements:

Peonies, Dahlias, Fern, Seeded Eucalyptus, Heather, and Wisteria.

The groom’s boutonniere was a great match to the bouquet. A couple of blush mini Peony buds, some burgundy Heather and a sprig of Eucalyptus. Unique and interesting!

This matching cake topper and garland for around the base of the cake used some of the same flowers and all of the same beauty.

Have a burgundy and blush wedding planned? Fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a quote for your wedding.