wrist corsage

Peacock Feathers in Corsages

Making the ladies feel special is job #1 when creating corsages.  We also needed them to match their male counterparts, but look feminine and pretty.

Grandmothers' Corsage: ivory Hydrangea cluster, Peacock feather, Royal Blue satin ribbon and bow

Mothers' Corsages: We wanted to kick things up a notch for the mamas. Meghan chose wrist corsages with a pretty and delicate clear beaded bracelet so they would have a keepsake from the wedding. I surrounded a single green Orchid with a bunch of ivory Hydrangea and tucked a Peacock feather and some rhinestones into the arrangement.  I love how they turned out.  Matchy matchy, but still beautiful!

This wrist corsage was for one of the hostesses and matched with the always elegant white roses and black satin ribbon.  You can't get much more classic than that!

Whether you are considering adding Peacock feathers or any unusually shaped embellishment into your wedding flowers, don't think "it won't look right."  Just give me a call or fill out my bridal checklist and I'll tell you exactly how it can be done!

Thanks again to Meghan for working with me on such beautiful flowers!

Wedding Flowers in Fall Colors | Part II

As I promised in the first part of this series, I wanted to draw special attention to some of Jill's other fall colored arrangements. I just had to start off by showing you her beautiful altar arrangements

These stone lanterns spoke to me as I searched for the perfect container for her outdoor wedding.  And the best part is that I made the arrangements removable so that Jill can use the lanterns with a scented candle, fresh flower arrangement, or maybe even filled with fruit.  The possibilities are (somewhat) endless!  Can you tell I'm excited about these containers???


Ok, moving on.  So yesterday I mentioned that I included another keepsake in the mother of the bride's corsage.  Jill wanted to include a handkerchief into her mom's wrist corsage.  When you are working with Callas in a corsage, there isn't much "foof" so I had to get creative in how I could add, disguise, and appropriately embellish this wrist corsage.  I got down on my origami skills and... okay, I don't really have any origami skills, but I did have to fold, refold, and fold again until I found a way to make it pretty without being cumbersome.  Additionally, the hanky had some embroidery detail that I didn't want to completely lose.  I made sure to leave that visible and at the same time cover the stems - double duty!

We had it all on a pretty rhinestone bracelet and it looked stunning.  Thanks again to Jill for coming to me with such treasures!

Destination Wedding Flowers | Stargazer & Tropical Wedding Flowers Part 2

Sometimes coming up with coordinating boutonnieres and corsages can be a little tricky when your theme flower is just too dang big.  Such was the case for some of Kali's flowers.  But that didn't mean no one could wear a boutonniere or corsage.  We simply took a look at the bouquets and choose smaller flowers that were equally as tropical and equally as beautiful.

Groom's Boutonniere: white Orchid, small pink Orchids:


 Groomsmen Boutonnieres: green Orchid, single pink Orchid:

Fathers' Boutonnieres: single green Orchid:

Kali's teal accent color was based off a Starfish pin she had bought for each of the mothers and grandmothers.  She wanted to incorporate them in their wrist corsages as a keepsake from the wedding.  Sweet, right?

Grandmothers' Corsages: green Orchids, pink Orchids.

Mothers' Corsages: green Orchid, pink Orchid, purple Orchid

They were just lovely and thoughtful to boot.  Thanks again Kali for trusting me to create the perfect beach wedding flowers from my studio here in Minnesota.