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Bling in a Silk Bridal Bouquet

There are lots of trends that come and go, but there are a few that I think will never be on the way out: wedding dresses and bling being a few of those. Take a look at this beautiful (and huge) silk bridal bouquet in a classic ivory and white color palette with some lovely bling.

Here’s the rundown of what all went into this stunner:

-Roses and Peonies in ivory and white.

-Rhinestone and beaded leaf piece accenting a central starburst broach.

-Special ordered handle wrap with ivory ribbon and hugely awesome rhinestone piece.

Have something spectacular in mind for your bridal bouquet? Contact me today to find out how we can design a bridal bouquet in custom silk wedding flowers with uniquely chosen bling pieces to complement your magnificent bouquet.

Last Minute Silk Bridal Bouquet

Laura contacted me to make a silk bridal bouquet lickety-split to be there in just two weeks time! She sent me a couple of inspiration photos, but she knew neither one was just right. She wanted to include a Stargazer Lily, some Calla Lilies, and at the last minute we threw in some Lily of the Valley to fill out the bouquet a little more. She also requested that there be some bling, so I used some pretty crystal bead sprays to add some glitz without it overpowering this smaller bouquet. Take a look at the pretty little thing!

Whether your wedding flower slipped under the radar (or maybe they were never on your radar), contact me today to make sure you have a beautiful custom bridal bouquet in time for your wedding day!

Wedding Bouquet Bling in Silk Flowers- Part 2

So last week I showed you a beautiful cascading silk wedding bouquet with 3 types of bling. This week we are going to Supersize It! This is the point where Oprah comes out and says, "YOU get a broach, and YOU get a broach, and YOUUUUUUU get a broach!!!!"  Take a look and you'll see what I'm talking about;)

This beautiful silk flower bridal bouquet is simply stunning. With hot pink and blush Peonies, ivory roses, and magenta Tulips it has all the summer wedding vibes the bride was looking for. She also requested some broaches tucked in there. Five medium broaches and 6 small broaches added a ton of shine in the bouquet. And if that wasn't enough, we added on that beautiful bejeweled sleeve to cover up the stems. This eye-catching piece is by Body Werk Jewels.

Here's a peek at one of the bridesmaid bouquets with the bridal. You can see I added in some small rhinestones into the bridesmaids bouquets. It gives them a little somethin' somethin' without taking anything away from the bridal bouquet.

Bridesmaid Bouquet: Ivory Roses, hot pink and blush Peonies, ivory Phalaenopsis Orchids, Greenery.

Maybe you've got an even more creative way to include some shiny things into your flowers but don't know how to pull it off. I'm your gal! Drop me a line and let's see how we can make it happen!

Wedding Bouquet Bling in Silk Flowers- Part 1

I've done some really fun bling in silk wedding bouquets lately. In fact I'll have another post next week, so be sure to check back! Sometimes I use bling for a subtle bit of glamour, while other times I seriously up the shimmer game. Wherever you fall on the shine continuum, there is bling for you! Click this link to see a list of other ways bling as appeared in our silk wedding flower bouquets.

Take a look at a local bride's beautiful cascading silk flower bridal bouquet with ivory Phalaenopsis Orchids and fuchsia Roses--it's a triple whammy of bling!

Whammy #1: Rhinestones sprinkled throughout the bouquet.

Whammy #2: A statement broach placed in the bouquet.

Whammy #3: Bejeweled sleeve for the handle of the bouquet by Body Werk Jewels. It's breathtaking!

This baby had some serious shine. If you're looking for creative ways to incorporate bling into your silk wedding flower bouquets, contact me today to get the design process started.  Check back tomorrow to see more beautifully blingy silk wedding flower bouquets!

Rustic Barn Wedding Flowers with a Glam Twist

Tracy wanted her fall wedding to full of rustic barn accents and glamour, but not the usual glitz and bling. When she emailed me this spring about her wedding flowers, she painted a very vivid picture of their theme. I'll let her tell it in her own words. 

" Just to give you a feel for the wedding, it will be in a renovated barn. But the theme is old time gangster meeting his sweetheart at a hideout because things were too hot back in the city."

Do you not just love that?! With that story in mind, we worked to find flowers that went with that theme, incorporated her colors, and followed the style of some inspiration photos she sent me. Here's what we came up with:

The Bridal Bouquet


Tracy will be carrying a teardrop bouquet with burgundy Lilies, purple Roses, purple and lavender Hydrangea, orange Button Mums, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

The Bridesmaid Bouquets

Her three bridesmaids will carry a bouquet with matching flowers but in a loose round style bouquet with a single featured Lily. She had a couple of other arrangements she ordered that I crafted with the same flowers and that tie it all together.


The Wedding Cake

Not exactly a Pinterest-worthy setup, but shows off the beautiful cascade of flowers that will be added to their wedding cake.

Not exactly a Pinterest-worthy setup, but shows off the beautiful cascade of flowers that will be added to their wedding cake.

And the flower girls...


Tracy's two flower girls are going to be wearing these adorable floral head pieces, modeled by my daughter. Apparently her Vikings jersey was a good match for modeling these pieces--girl loves watching football with her daddy;)

So what's your theme? Thriller inspired costumes, Disney fairy-tale ballroom, or maybe just a "hey, we love each other wedding"! Whatever your theme, there are silk wedding flowers to match. Send in your Free Bride's Checklist today to see what it will take to bring your vision to life.

Realistic Roses for a Beautiful Custom Silk Bouquet

Many brides have hesitations when it comes to the idea of using anything but fresh flowers.

If it's not in your budget to spend a fortune on arrangements for your wedding, then realistic roses and custom silk wedding flowers might be the answer for you.

Bride Kristin had ordered flowers for her May destination wedding through me.  She mentioned to her cousin, Stephanie, that she had custom silk wedding flowers and it piqued Stephanie's interest.  I met with both brides and got to show Kristin the flowers I had already picked up for her arrangements.  

Stephanie and I talked through her ideas and played around with some stems I had on hand. She showed me pictures of bouquets and flowers she liked and we worked on some design ideas together.  Stephanie's must have's included realistic fresh touch flowers for her entire bouquet and LOTS of bling. Her classic color scheme of red and white suited the flowers she chose and the final products are stunning.

Bridal Bouquet of Fresh Touch Red Roses and Calla Lilies with rhinestone sprays, bouquet jewel and rhinestone wrap on the stems.

Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid Bouquet of white Calla Lilies with rhinestone wrap on the stems.

Toss Bouquet of white Calla Lilies and preserved Baby's Breath with rhinestone wrap on the stems.

These flowers are show stoppers, and the best part is that Stephanie got the flowers of her dreams with all the bling she could ask for and for a fraction of what fresh flowers would have cost her. 

Now when that spotlight hits Stephanie as she walks down the aisle (did I mention she was going to be lit by only a spotlight?) Stephanie and her bling-y bouquet will both be shining.

If you are interested in finding out how realistic silk wedding flowers compare to your fresh flower quote, fill out the free bridal checklist today.  Thanks again to Stephanie (and Kristin for the referral) for allowing me to create your beautiful flowers.

Bling Accessories for Wedding Flowers

Add a beaded garland for a cascading accent.

Add a beaded garland for a cascading accent.


Each season new trends show up on the wedding scene, but there is one trend that's hung around for a while now.  Bridal bouquet bling has the universal appeal of added elegance and can bring your wedding flowers to the next level. 

However, as have all the trends, even bling has taken on new looks:

There are the commonly thought of sparkly rhinestones, pearls, and gems you can add in any number of ways to the handle or flowers of your bouquets and corsages.  But new materials are making an appearance on wedding flowers in interesting new ways.  Pheasant and peacock feathers can add a bit of whimsy and dramatic colors to any bouquet, corsage or boutonniere.  The more recently popular rustic or shabby chic style has opened up even more options.

Burlap has climbed the charts of style as a way brides can customize their wedding flowers for a more organic appeal.  Wrapping the handle of your bouquets with burlap or lace covered burlap is a beautiful option since it is a material that looks great in most settings, especially barn, garden, outdoor, or casual weddings.

Concerned about burlap being too bulky on boutonnieres?  Opt for twine or a raffia wrap for a matching look that's suitable for the more masculine arrangements in your wedding. 

Including a framed picture of a loved one somewhere on your bouquet is a meaningful way to honor someone important in your life.  Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these small frames can fit in between blooms or can be tied on the handle with a matching ribbon.

Broaches are another item that bring some class and shine and can even add sentimental value.  Whether as a focal point of the bouquet or as a dazzling accent, you get high impact with minimal effort:

When designing your custom silk wedding flowers, embellishments can add that unexpected element to your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages that complete any look.  Have an idea you didn't see here or have a Pinterest board full of ideas? Send us the link through the Free Bride's Checklist and we'll get in touch with you to start on your designs.

Get creative with what materials you include in your silk wedding flower bouquet: pheasant feathers, satin ribbon, and twine with metal keys.

Coral & Silver Destination Wedding Flowers

I think it's only fitting that my next post is about those beauties you see up above here.  A fresh and pretty coral and silver destination wedding with Calla Lilies and Peach Blossoms - love it!

I met with Whitney and her step mom to come up with designs for her destination wedding flowers.

She wasn't really sure what she wanted but she knew her girls were wearing vibrant coral dresses and wanted to somehow bring that into the arrangements.  When we met, I showed her sample stems of the ever popular fresh touch Calla Lily and she was sold.  She loved that they looked fantastic and even felt real.  She still wanted to bring in the coral color so I found Peach Blossoms and spread them throughout the bouquets for a delicate and feminine look.  Add on some silver satin ribbon, a small band of rhinestone wrap and they turned out to be elegant but fun bouquets for a beach wedding.


Whitney chose the same style for all the boutonnieres, a single calla, a few peach blossoms, and satin silver ribbon.  However, she wanted her dad's bout to stand out from the rest, so we added a small section of rhinestone wrap and it was instantly dressed up.  Manly but awesome, right?

Likewise, we did the corsages the same, but that little touch of rhinestones on her mother's corsage made a huge difference.

So if you are looking for a way to set apart certain arrangements, don't feel limited to changing flowers. 

Bling is a great way to say "hey, look at me, look at me!"  Keep that in mind when designing your wedding flowers.

Check back tomorrow to see some photographs from Whitney's big day!

Destination Wedding: Silk Wedding Flowers for Mexico and Back

As you read yesterday, Jayme had her Mexico destination wedding back in May and had the experience of traveling with not only her dress, but also her beautiful silk wedding flowers. It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me!  This is often a destination brides #1 concern when planning to include silk flowers for their wedding.  So take a look at these babies fresh off the plane and tell me that they don't look fabulous!


So here's how I typically do it - I rent a time machine, I set the clock for... just kidding.

I've done it two different ways, both with great outcomes. The first is to recruit some trustworthy friends and/or relatives you'll be flying with to pack them either in their carry on luggage or I've even packed them in large gift bags. The second way is I have the bride bring her carry on suitcase and we pack them when she comes to pick them up. This is often the best option because, more than anything, the flowers are packed exactly how they'll fly and it gives my brides peace of mind.

Jayme's resort package included the bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere and you can see the lovely clutch calla bouquets that her maids carried down the aisle. She wasn't exactly sure what her bouquet was going to look like, but she wanted to make sure she had some bling on it. So she purchased a section of rhinestone wrap to add to the handle the morning of the wedding.

Barefoot is so romantic!

Back in Minnesota, Jayme and her new husband hosted a reception for those family and friends who weren't able to be a part of the Mexico ceremony.  As she thought more about it, she decided she really wanted to have a bouquet for her Minnesota reception that was similar to her Mexico bouquet.  She called me up again and we got back to designing.

Her simple handtied bouquet was made up of ivory Calla Lilies.  We wanted this bouquet to mimic her Mexico bouquet in another small way, so we added the rhinestone wrap and called it done.  Charming right?

Jayme was a friend of Carly's and had heard how she used silk wedding flowers for her destination wedding.

And here's what Carly had to say about the process of working with me. Thanks again to Jayme (who was such a gorgeous bride!) for trusting me with bringing your ideas to life for your wedding and reception.  Congrats on your new marriage!

Bling Is The Thing: Part 2 | Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

Heather had done quite a bit of research in deciding what she wanted her wedding flowers to look like.  But unlike most brides, she also put a lot of thought into the boutonnieres and corsages.  She sent me pictures of some amazing details she wanted to incorporate and then she put me up to the task of tailoring them to her flowers, colors and needs.

The groom's boutonniere: Lavender Sweet Pea, white Freesia, feathers, greens, green decorative wire:

Her brother's boutonniere:

The dad's boutonnieres:

The mom's and grandma's wristlet corsages on pearl beaded bracelets: Hydrangea, Freesia, ribbon, rhinestones:

Attendant's corsage: Freesia, Hydrangea, rhinestones:

Heather did a great job of choosing designs that were thoughtful, beautiful, and carried the theme throughout the arrangements.  Her love of bling was used tastefully and uniquely--two very important things in wedding flowers.  Thanks Heather for trusting me to bring your vision to life and I wish you all the best!

Bling Is The Thing: Part 1 | Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

I knew when Heather and I met that I was going to really enjoy working with her.  We had the same ideas about a lot of things and I loved that she wanted her bouquet to be unique and multidimensional.  We were trying to really nail down the shape of the bouquet when Heather said it best, "I want it to be like a fountain, kind of pouring out over my hands."  What a visual!

Her lavender and white color scheme was fun to work with as we incorporated some flowers that held special meaning for her and that she loved the shape of.  Peonies and Freesia in white, and Wisteria, Hydrangea, and Sweet Pea in varying shades of Lavender.

The Wisteria were perfect for achieving the fountain look spraying out of the bouquet and we added in some feathers for softness and as a continuation of the shape.  But where Heather's bouquet really stood out from the pack was in the embellishments.  See if you get where I'm going with this.


Come a little closer....

You're getting there...

Yes, stick your face right HERE!

Heather's vision for the details was amazing.  We wrapped the handle in lavender satin ribbon with a lace overlay, criss-crossed sheer lavender ribbon over and pearl pins at the intersection and then finished it off with bands of rhinestones at the top and bottom.  Stunning!

So if you think this bouquet is something, check back tomorrow to see the awesome ideas Heather came up with for her boutonnieres and corsages!

Bridal Arm Silk Wedding Bouquet with Yellow Calla Lillies: Choosing a Unique Design

There is a certain thrill of having a deadline and I especially work well under pressure.  But how about when that deadline is a mere 2 weeks away and you are starting from scratch.  As they say in Cool Runnings,"No problem, mahn!"

Serina called me on a Thursday evening and wanted to get together to talk about flowers.  I did my usual, "How many bridesmaids?  What are your colors? Yadda, yadda, yadda."  I was already starting to get a few ideas when I threw out the all important, "And what's your wedding date?"  Good thing she couldn't see my jaw hit my desktop when she told me it was July 14th.  As in, 16 days away.

Our appointment was really a great way to nail down exact details of what she wanted.  Her 7 bridesmaids will carry yellow and white callas with sheer yellow ribbon.  And the groomsmen boutonnieres will be a yellow calla with yellow ribbon.  Very classy and chic.

Silk Callas Wedding Bouquet
Silk Callas Wedding Bouquet
Silk Wedding Bouquet
Silk Wedding Bouquet

When we got to the design of her bouquet, Serina emphasized that she was looking for something unique.  At this point she had been leaning towards a cascade bouquet so I started to introduce the idea of a modified cascade bouquet.  I like to reinvent the wheel, remember

What we came up with is a hybrid bouquet that has the fluid draping elements of the cascade bouquet combined with the long stemmed look of the arm bouquet.  And of course we really upped the ante by doing a rhinestone wrap along the entire length of the handle.

Bridal Arm Bouquet
Bridal Arm Bouquet

Bridal Arm Bouquet. Phalenopsis Orchids, Yellow Callas, Ivory Callas

The groom's boutonniere was a good match with its own rhinestone band.

When I finished these beautifies I felt a little bit like hitting that little clock thingy at a chess match and yelling, "Checkmate!"  There's something fun about a challenge and this certainly was one.  Thanks Serina for keeping me on my toes!

Emily & Steve - Summer Silk Wedding Flowers Part 1

Local bride Emily and I have known each other for several years, so when she asked me to meet with her about silk wedding flowers, I was so excited! She had already done some work gathering pictures from magazines and online and had some great ideas for her flowers. We talked through her style, colors, and favorites flowers. I showed her the beautiful fresh touch Callas, Roses, Peonies, and Ranunculus that lots of my brides are raving about. She chose a soft pink and white color palette which was perfect for her July wedding.

The bouquets were done in a round, hand-tied bouquets style and had some fresh-from-the-garden elements that really added a lot. Emily wanted some wedding bouquet bling, but in a unique way that enhanced the romantic setting of her ceremony and reception. Take a look at what we came up with:

Callas, Roses, Peonies, Lily of the Valley, and Ranunculus

We added a clear beaded cascading element that hung down the front of her bouquet. It was tasteful and elegant but also a glamorous choice to add a little shine to her bouquet.

Ranunculus, Callas, and Lily of the Valley

The 'Maids were wearing black so we complimented their dresses with black satin ribbon on the stems. We also added some rhinestones into the bouquets to add a little sparkle.

Emily and Steve's wedding had some more inspiring arrangements that you can check out later this week.

Designer Silk Wedding Flowers | Deb Part 2 | Bouquets

As I mentioned in my last post, Deb really wanted her bridesmaid bouquets to be just a fabulous as her own bouquet. Ok, well just a tad less fabulous because we can't have the maids upstaging the bride!

Just like the modifications we made on the cascade style for the bridal bouquet, we switched up the shape of the bridesmaids bouquets too. Instead of a traditional round hand tied wedding bouquet, Deb wanted that "just from the garden" look for the girls to carry. In this case, the Lilacs really helped achieve that look with their linear shape. Instead of tucking those beauties down in the bouquet, we featured their length by extending them out past the other flowers. Take a look!

And of course the ladies needed some bouquet bling too! We duplicated the rhinestones both in the wedding bouquet and along the handle of the bouquet for some shine.

Deb's Toss Bouquet was just a cute little thing that highlighted her purple flowers and was an appropriate size for a toss bouquet. Because her other bouquets were quite large we didn't want the toss bouquet to turn into a load bearing air craft when she tossed it to all her single friends. No one wants a black eye for pictures!

Deb's vision for sparkle and glamour isn't quite done! Check back tomorrow see the design process for her centerpieces.

Designer Silk Wedding Flowers | Deb Part 1 | Modified Cascade

If you've ever tried to reinvent the wheel, then you'll probably know where I'm coming from on this wedding bouquet. Deb came to me with a glamorous vision for her May wedding. One of the ideas she had was for a new take on the tried and true cascade bouquet. She passed along a picture of what I've come to call a "modified cascade" bouquet and got excited about working on this design with her.

Deb wanted cohesiveness between her silk wedding bouquet and her bridesmaid bouquets, but she wanted the glam factor to be kicked up a notch for what she was going to carry down the aisle. After several meetings, we had chosen the exact flowers going into the bouquet and then worked on this beauty until it was just perfect. Take a look at Deb's modified cascade in purple, white, and silver:

A closeup of lower details:

Fresh touch Roses, Callas & Gardenia in white. Hydrangea, Violets, Orchids, and Lilac in varying shades of purple.

The curly silver wire gave this bouquet an element that you wouldn't otherwise expect in a bridal bouquet while the rhinestones in the bouquet and on the handle gave it the sparkle and shine Deb really wanted.

If you are looking for a unique take on more traditional wedding flower designs, silk wedding flowers are the way to go. Not only did Deb get to choose every flower that would go into her arrangements, but seeing them ahead of time reassured her that the colors and flowers would be exactly what she had envisioned for her very unique bouquet.

Check back tomorrow for another feature on this amazing wedding!

Winter Wedding Designer Bouquets

Minnesota bride Julie had given me enough details before our consultation to have a head start on choosing her designer silk wedding bouquet options. And when it came down to it, she loved them all! So much so that we incorporated all the options into her arrangements. She wanted some varying shades of purple, some crisp white, a hint of greenery, and of course a little bling.

(I think that was the theme for this winter, Bling!)
Bridal Bouquet: Roses, Hydrangea, Calla Lilies, Pom Pom Mums, Stephanotis, Bling, Purple Satin Ribbon

Bridesmaid Bouquet: Roses, Hydrangea, Calla Lilies, Pom Pom Mums, Stephanotis, Bling, Silver Satin Ribbon

Toss Bouquet: Hydrangea, Pom Pom Mums, Callas

Getting married in the winter doesn't mean your theme needs to be red and green or blue and white, there are tons of color combinations to highlight the season. Add purple and white to that list because jewel tones are a huge hit for winter and fall weddings.

Thanks again to Julie for choosing me to put a new spin on her winter wedding!

Blushing Bride

I've always been drawn to the bright, the funky, and the unique. So when this design popped into my head, I was a little surprised at myself! It's definitely a very chic bridal look with the blush and pink and bling of course! All of these beautiful flowers are part of the new spring lines and are absolutely perfect for a romantic aisle walk. Take a look!

Made up of blush pink Rose buds, Hydrangea with green/white/pink tips, and mauve Scabiosa pods it's like a fluffy vision of perfection. I finished it off with some ivory satin ribbon and a beautiful vintage looking pearl and rhinestone broach. This bouquet would work for anytime of year with it's lush textures and soft tones. Can't you just see the candlelight, hear the soft music, and feel the lacy aisle runner beneath your feet?

*sigh* Makes me want to get married all over again.

Arm Bouquets For Today


Arm bouquets might bring to mind over-accessorized beauty queens waving and sobbing to a jealously adoring crowd, but don't let a visual like that keep you from considering this impressive design. There are many modern and classy ways to update this look for your gorgeous gals.

Amabelle, a California bride, e-mailed me this picture to show the style she wanted her girls to carry. She liked the main idea of the design but wanted to make it her own.

She had a maid-of-honor, a junior maid-of-honor, and 3 bridesmaids, so we needed to come up with a few ways to style and differentiate their bouquets. We decided to vary the bouquet size and include different amounts of flowers and embellishments for each of the 3 categories. Color was also important to these bouquets. Because all of the flowers are white, I found ribbon to match her save-the-date card she e-mailed to me. For an added touch, I found some matching beads to add a bit of sparkle. A little ribbon on the stem with pearl head pins and we ended up with some beautiful bouquets.

Maid of Honor Bouquet:

Thanks Amabelle, for choosing Love is Blooming for your wedding flowers, and thanks for the challenge of reinventing the arm bouquet!