Coral & Silver Destination Wedding Flowers

I think it's only fitting that my next post is about those beauties you see up above here.  A fresh and pretty coral and silver destination wedding with Calla Lilies and Peach Blossoms - love it!

I met with Whitney and her step mom to come up with designs for her destination wedding flowers.

She wasn't really sure what she wanted but she knew her girls were wearing vibrant coral dresses and wanted to somehow bring that into the arrangements.  When we met, I showed her sample stems of the ever popular fresh touch Calla Lily and she was sold.  She loved that they looked fantastic and even felt real.  She still wanted to bring in the coral color so I found Peach Blossoms and spread them throughout the bouquets for a delicate and feminine look.  Add on some silver satin ribbon, a small band of rhinestone wrap and they turned out to be elegant but fun bouquets for a beach wedding.


Whitney chose the same style for all the boutonnieres, a single calla, a few peach blossoms, and satin silver ribbon.  However, she wanted her dad's bout to stand out from the rest, so we added a small section of rhinestone wrap and it was instantly dressed up.  Manly but awesome, right?

Likewise, we did the corsages the same, but that little touch of rhinestones on her mother's corsage made a huge difference.

So if you are looking for a way to set apart certain arrangements, don't feel limited to changing flowers. 

Bling is a great way to say "hey, look at me, look at me!"  Keep that in mind when designing your wedding flowers.

Check back tomorrow to see some photographs from Whitney's big day!