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Blush, Sage and Charcoal Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 2 & Review

And now the second part of this awesome wedding—the wedding photos! Angie was so kind to send me both some stunning photos of her big day as well as a review of my services. Check out these awesome photos, of their wedding and silk wedding flowers and bouquets, from their up and coming photographer Katie Thompson, check her out on Instagram @katiestormphotography.

Erin was absolutely wonderful to work with and I couldn’t have been happier with the flowers that she did for my wedding. I sent her some inspiration photos of flowers I liked and was able to create something even more beautiful that I had hoped for. The flowers made the colors pop in the wedding and the greenery was perfect. She sent me update photos as she worked on the flowers and had them done sooner than I expected. The flowers are beautiful and a price that can’t be beat for everything I got!
— Angie | Minnesota

Puppy pictures always win!


Thanks to Angie for trusting me to design and create her custom silk wedding flowers for her sage, blush and charcoal wedding. I had so much fun coming up with these designs. If you’d like to start the design process with me, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today!

Blush, Sage and Charcoal Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 1

Each time I make a new set of silk wedding flowers and bridal bouquets, especially the ones where the design is 100% from the depths of my right brain, they instantly become my favorite. I mean, I love all the flowers I create, but there are some that turn out so dreamy that I remember them long after I hand them over to my bride’s. On that note, I give you…

Exhibit A:

Angie’s flowers were a combination of softness, classic beauty, romantic colors, interesting textures and were just so dang pretty! There were Roses and Peonies and Dogwood and Lamb’s ear and Smilax and the best Charcoal satin ribbon you can find. *Sigh*

Angie’s bridal bouquet had more of the classic cascading shape, but but not keeping the flowers too tightly together and loosening up the shape with greenery it didn’t look as formal as a traditional cascade bouquet. It was a perfect fit for their outdoor wedding.

The bridesmaid, flower girl and toss bouquets used all the same flowers, but we switched it to a more round/handtied style.

The boutonnieres and corsages incorporated the same flowers and greenery with that classy charcoal ribbon.

Groom, Groomsman, Father Boutonnieres

Mother, Grandmother and Attendant Corsages

Check back later this week to see some photos from Angie’s big day and hear what it was like working with me!

If you’re interested in designs that make everyone around you “ooh” and “ahh,” fill out my Free Brides’s Checklist for a free quote!

Regency and Lilac Purple Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 1

Pam called me with some ideas about she wanted for her wedding flowers. Her wedding dress was regency purple and she wanted to accent with that color in her bouquets, but was worried about it not being a close enough match. I sent her over to my blog to look at some bouquets I had previously made and she fell in love with this cascading bouquet that actually had a lighter shade of purple. This lighter shade was a great match to what her bridesmaids would be wearing, so I decided to design the bouquets from an “opposites” approach. Basically, the bride is wearing regency purple, but carrying white and lilac while the bridesmaids are wearing lilac and carrying white and darker purple flowers. That way we didn’t have to have exact matches, the purples would stand out against the dresses and both colors would be included. Take a look at what we came up with!

Orchids, Calla Lilies, lilac Blossoms, Baby’s Breath

Bridesmaid Bouquet: Hydrangea, Waxflower. Toss Bouquet: Hydrangea, Waxflower, Baby’s Breath.

Here’s a look at the bouquets all together to see the contrast between the purples. They look lovely together!

Here’s a shot of a couple of their boutonnieres and corsages. She chose to have the regency purple in the groom’s boutonniere and switched it to the baby’s breath for the other boutonnieres. The only corsage was an attendant’s wristlet that featured each of the types of flowers.

If you are wearing a dress that is a non-traditional color and you want to incorporate that into your bouquets, contact me today to find out how we can work it all in without getting too saturated by it. Check back later this week to see some photos from Pam’s wedding!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This year has been record smashing for my little ol’ business here in Minnesota!

Here’s a quick rundown of my year:

-35 Bridal Bouquet Recreations in Silk Flowers

-19 Custom Silk Flower Weddings

-86 Custom Silk Flower Centerpiece Bouquets

For a grand total of:

250 Recreation, Wedding and Centerpiece Bouquets!!

I have all of you to thank for that! You’ve chosen a small business to put your trust in for some of life’s important moments and I’m so grateful for that opportunity. You’ve allowed me to work from home, raise my awesome kids, and be available to work and be with my family year round. Put a giant bow on that, because it truly is a gift to me and my family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Navy and Ivory Silk Wedding Flowers- Part 1

Local bride Emilie came to me with a pretty clear vision of her silk wedding flowers. Her color scheme was navy and ivory and she knew she wanted roses. We swapped emails with some of her inspiration pictures and I was able to come with designs that very closely matched those. Take a look at what we designed together!

Emilie’s bridal bouquet was a mixture of navy and ivory roses, with some pearls, crystals and greenery mixed in. I finished it off with a layer of navy satin ribbon with a burlap and lace overlay to complement some of the rustic elements she was incorporating in other parts of her wedding decor.

Cascading bouquet

Burlap and lace detail

The bridal party included a maid of honor and best man, but they chose to honor many more of their special guests with custom silk flower boutonnieres and corsages.

Maid of Honor and Toss Bouquets

Groom, Father, Usher Boutonnieres

Attendant and Mothers’ Corsages

Whether you need 15 bouquet and 3 boutonnieres or 3 bouquets and 41 boutonnieres and corsages like Emilie, silk wedding flowers are the most affordable decision you can make for your wedding. And even with that many arrangements, she was still able to fit custom altar arrangements, flower girl crown, cake toppers, and candle rings into her budget. My next blog post will be all about those “extras” that we all want, but we’re not sure they’ll fit into the budget.

If you are interested in seeing how much bang you can get for your buck, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today to get your free quote on custom silk wedding flowers.

Lesson learned | Placing value on a florist with great customer service

Rebekah and I had an initial consultation last spring, and as is sometimes the case, she decided to go with a different florist for her wedding flowers.  Her budget was tight and she was looking for ways to stretch her dollar even further.  I totally get that – in this economy everyone's budget is tight.  No hard feelings and no judgement from me!

So I was surprised to hear back from her just a few weeks before her wedding date.  Things had not panned out and the florist she had chosen didn't turn out to be a good fit.  Rebekah had specified that she wanted "a little greenery" and the bridal bouquet ended up being mostly greenery with literally only 5 flowers....5 FLOWERS!  After talking through some things we came up with a plan B and I got to work to make it happen before it was her wedding day.  Her colors were pink and blue with Stargazer Lilies, blue Roses, ivory Calla Lilies, and Stephanotis in her cascading bridal bouquet.

Toss Bouquet:

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Jr. Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Bridal Bouquet:

We added a nice contrasting detail to the handles of all the bouquets and did a criss-cross wrap using ivory ribbon over either blue or green satin ribbon.  The bridesmaids were alternating blue and green ribbon so the ivory criss-cross gave a cohesive look as all the girls stood together.

So here's your lesson for the day: not all silk flowers are equal.  Here at Love Is Blooming I strive to bring the most beautiful, most realistic, and highest quality flowers to each bride's arrangements, no matter what her budget.  One of the most advantageous reasons to choose silk is that I can show you exact examples of flowers that will be in your arrangements so you can touch and see exactly what you'll be ordering.  If you find yourself in a budgetary pinch, opt for simpler corsages and boutonnieres in favor of getting the main bouquets that are as close to your vision as possible.

If someone promises you the world for a price that seems to good to be true, it probably is.  And this goes for any vendor you are looking to hire for your wedding, look at their past work and see for yourself.  Save yourself the time and disappointment and go for as custom as you can afford.  Ok, off my soapbox I go and back to work.

Pink, White & Blue Summer Silk Wedding Flowers

Pink and blue seem to be a timeless combo when it comes to custom wedding flowers.  It's soft enough with the right amount of punch for a spring or a summer wedding. And silk wedding flowers are a great choice because the colors are available year round. Here we did a summer take on it with blue Hydrangea, dark pink Daisies, and a little hint of white Stephanotis tossed in for good measure.


Bridal Bouquet:

Bridesmaid bouquet:

Toss bouquet:

I love the brightness and the fluffy texture of the different flowers.  These would be great in a church or garden wedding during the spring or summer.  What do you think?

Emily & Steve- Summer Silk Wedding Flowers Part 2

Emily had some elements in her wedding that were fairly traditional and needed some floral touches. Of course, there was the fun and flirty toss bouquet--who's sole purpose in life is to go hurtling towards all her single friends. We decided to use the pale pink fresh touch Callas, Lily of the Valley and a little greenery to create a cute and aerodynamic bouquet. Ok, not really about that last part but it did look pretty great flying through the air.

The happy couple also had some treasured family members who weren't around to celebrate such an important day with them. They wanted to honor their lives and their impact on their families with a small family arrangement they had placed at the ceremony. We used the Peonies, Callas, and Lily of the Valley for this sentimental and sweet arrangement. Placed in a 7" silver Julep cup, it was the perfect piece for their ceremony.

Of course there were boutonnieres for the guys--Steve let us get away with one small pink peony bud;)

The groomsmen matched the Bridesmaids with their pink Calla and Lily of the Valley sprig.

Everyone looked so sharp and since I had the privilege of attending the wedding as guest and Day of Coordinator, I can personally attest to it. But (said in Reading Rainbow voice), you don't have to take my word for it!

Up next are some beautiful photographs for Emily and Steve's big day, courtesy of Brianna Colleen Photography. AND you get to hear from Emily herself about her experience with silk wedding flowers on a hot July day.

Designer Silk Wedding Flowers | Deb Part 2 | Bouquets

As I mentioned in my last post, Deb really wanted her bridesmaid bouquets to be just a fabulous as her own bouquet. Ok, well just a tad less fabulous because we can't have the maids upstaging the bride!

Just like the modifications we made on the cascade style for the bridal bouquet, we switched up the shape of the bridesmaids bouquets too. Instead of a traditional round hand tied wedding bouquet, Deb wanted that "just from the garden" look for the girls to carry. In this case, the Lilacs really helped achieve that look with their linear shape. Instead of tucking those beauties down in the bouquet, we featured their length by extending them out past the other flowers. Take a look!

And of course the ladies needed some bouquet bling too! We duplicated the rhinestones both in the wedding bouquet and along the handle of the bouquet for some shine.

Deb's Toss Bouquet was just a cute little thing that highlighted her purple flowers and was an appropriate size for a toss bouquet. Because her other bouquets were quite large we didn't want the toss bouquet to turn into a load bearing air craft when she tossed it to all her single friends. No one wants a black eye for pictures!

Deb's vision for sparkle and glamour isn't quite done! Check back tomorrow see the design process for her centerpieces.

Real Wedding: Bekah (Part 1)

My customer Bekah happened to be the sister of a good friend from my freshman year of college. I was honored to be asked to create Bekah's flowers!

Her early June wedding was a great opportunity to combine a traditional white bridal bouquet with a fun and bright accent color featured in the bridesmaid flowers. With the bridesmaids wearing blue dresses, Bekah really wanted their flowers to pop. Take a peek!

Bridal Bouquet: White roses, white Calla Lilies, white satin ribbon:

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Large magenta Calla Lilies with magenta satin ribbon.

Toss Bouquet: Mini white Calla Lilies, magenta satin ribbon.

Check back to see how we used these flowers for Bekah's boutonnieres and corsages.

Bold and Beautiful-Part3

There are usually a few extra arrangements that a bride wants to include in her design scape. Nikki had a few things she wanted, including an arrangement to honor her late Grandparents and the ever fun and popular toss bouquet. Take a look at how we incorporated her flowers into these two unique arrangements.

Grandparent's Arrangement:

Including all the flowers used in her arrangements, we created a beautiful accent piece for the ceremony site--something that can be called to the attention of her guests as an appropriate and thoughtful gesture of remembrance. I used a 7" silver julep cup for the vase to give it height, but also an elegant look.

Toss Bouquet:

This little clutch bouquet is cute and a nice keepsake for whichever lucky lady walks away with it. The toss bouquet is a fun tradition most brides choose to include in their wedding festivities. Nikki's toss bouquet incorporated the daisies that appeared throughout her wedding flowers, but no other flowers. It was a darling little bouquet that fit with the flow, but was completely different than all the other bouquets. Sweet and simple!

Whether you only want to add a toss bouquet or go the whole nine yards with centerpiecesaltar arrangementscake flowersgarlandspomanders, and whatever else you can imagine, Love is Blooming is a great option for budget-friendly beautiful flowers to make your wedding day picture perfect.

Check back for Part 4 -The bouquets!

Real Wedding: Jessica & Matt- Part 3

The adorable toss bouquet. The style she chose was different from all the other bouquets but still fell within her theme. We tied in the yellow/orange hydrangea in by incorporating it into the ceremony flowers as well.

These mint julep cups are the way to go! Available in gold or silver, you would never even know they were made of plastic. Not only are they lightweight for shipping but they are 1/3 the price of metal ones and look just as elegant as their tarnishing counterparts.

A look at their altar where the above arrangements made their appearance. We added in some decorative twigs and light foliage to give the arrangements some elevation. These two beauties were versatile enough to move to tables in the reception afterwards.