Bling Is The Thing: Part 1 | Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

I knew when Heather and I met that I was going to really enjoy working with her.  We had the same ideas about a lot of things and I loved that she wanted her bouquet to be unique and multidimensional.  We were trying to really nail down the shape of the bouquet when Heather said it best, "I want it to be like a fountain, kind of pouring out over my hands."  What a visual!

Her lavender and white color scheme was fun to work with as we incorporated some flowers that held special meaning for her and that she loved the shape of.  Peonies and Freesia in white, and Wisteria, Hydrangea, and Sweet Pea in varying shades of Lavender.

The Wisteria were perfect for achieving the fountain look spraying out of the bouquet and we added in some feathers for softness and as a continuation of the shape.  But where Heather's bouquet really stood out from the pack was in the embellishments.  See if you get where I'm going with this.


Come a little closer....

You're getting there...

Yes, stick your face right HERE!

Heather's vision for the details was amazing.  We wrapped the handle in lavender satin ribbon with a lace overlay, criss-crossed sheer lavender ribbon over and pearl pins at the intersection and then finished it off with bands of rhinestones at the top and bottom.  Stunning!

So if you think this bouquet is something, check back tomorrow to see the awesome ideas Heather came up with for her boutonnieres and corsages!