Destination Wedding: Silk Wedding Flowers for Mexico and Back

As you read yesterday, Jayme had her Mexico destination wedding back in May and had the experience of traveling with not only her dress, but also her beautiful silk wedding flowers. It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me!  This is often a destination brides #1 concern when planning to include silk flowers for their wedding.  So take a look at these babies fresh off the plane and tell me that they don't look fabulous!


So here's how I typically do it - I rent a time machine, I set the clock for... just kidding.

I've done it two different ways, both with great outcomes. The first is to recruit some trustworthy friends and/or relatives you'll be flying with to pack them either in their carry on luggage or I've even packed them in large gift bags. The second way is I have the bride bring her carry on suitcase and we pack them when she comes to pick them up. This is often the best option because, more than anything, the flowers are packed exactly how they'll fly and it gives my brides peace of mind.

Jayme's resort package included the bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere and you can see the lovely clutch calla bouquets that her maids carried down the aisle. She wasn't exactly sure what her bouquet was going to look like, but she wanted to make sure she had some bling on it. So she purchased a section of rhinestone wrap to add to the handle the morning of the wedding.

Barefoot is so romantic!

Back in Minnesota, Jayme and her new husband hosted a reception for those family and friends who weren't able to be a part of the Mexico ceremony.  As she thought more about it, she decided she really wanted to have a bouquet for her Minnesota reception that was similar to her Mexico bouquet.  She called me up again and we got back to designing.

Her simple handtied bouquet was made up of ivory Calla Lilies.  We wanted this bouquet to mimic her Mexico bouquet in another small way, so we added the rhinestone wrap and called it done.  Charming right?

Jayme was a friend of Carly's and had heard how she used silk wedding flowers for her destination wedding.

And here's what Carly had to say about the process of working with me. Thanks again to Jayme (who was such a gorgeous bride!) for trusting me with bringing your ideas to life for your wedding and reception.  Congrats on your new marriage!