Anniversary around the holidays: The Gift of Bouquet Recreation

I've got a December birthday, thankfully for me it's early enough in the month that I get birthday presents separate from my Christmas presents. My daughter isn't quite as lucky. Her December 19th birthday means extended family celebrations are a mish-mash of holiday and birthday gift giving. At 6, she doesn't mind so much yet. But as her mom, I still have to plan ahead to make some distinction between her birthday and Christmas. If you have an anniversary around a major holiday, you too might be feeling the squeeze of gift giving. How do you make your anniversary gift separate but meaningful?

Jared must have been thinking the same thing because when he contacted me before Christmas, for his January anniversary, he was really planning ahead! He sent me some wedding pictures, we talked through the flowers and I got to work.

As I looked through the photos and talked with Jared about the bouquet itself, more questions came up. Jared was awesome about giving quick feedback and even asked his wife's Grandma what she remembered. He found me a more close up photo which helped even more and I was able to determine that in between the cream roses were purple Delphinium and individual blue silk flowers.

The bouquet itself also had some nice details we wanted to be sure to include. The sprays of pearls were just like the original bouquet. There was also a criss-cross sheer ribbon detail on the handle of the bouquet, over the top of the white satin ribbon. Because of the stems I was working with, I wasn't able to leave as much ribbon showing on the bottom of the handle. Sometimes I have to work with the constraints of the products. But I always work to maintain the overall look of the original floral design. Jared noticed the ribbon detail wasn't quite exact but understood and ultimately approved of the final product.

Here's the original for comparison:


Jared's awesome photographer Lauren provided these images. Check out her website or give her a call: 740-859-3028. Thanks Lauren for the images!

The bouquet turned out beautiful, my wife thought they were so accurate that she asked if I had the original florist make them. Very impressive work for just a few details and pictures. Also the whole process was really quick and I felt involved throughout the whole process from design to finish. Would recommend highly.
— Jared | Pennsylvania

If you're curious what it would take to have a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers contact me today to get a jump start on your gift giving planning!

1 Year Anniversary Gift: Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Andreas just seems to be one of those guys who cherishes his wife. I mean he was already planning for an awesome 1st anniversary by having his wife's bridal bouquet recreated. She sure is lucky!

Whether you are looking for a 1 year anniversary gift or maybe it's your 50th anniversary, you can't go wrong by gifting her a piece of her wedding day memories!

Cream Roses, Lavender Roses, Mauve Hydrangea, Baby's Breath, Hydrangea Leaves, Burlap and Ribbon.

Here's a photo of the happy couple on their big day! Don't they look so happy??

When we damaged my wife’s original bouquet during our move to our new house, I knew what the perfect anniversary gift would be for her. That’s where Erin came in. She was very helpful and matched our flowers perfectly. Even the smallest details I didn’t even think about. I can’t wait till they arrive so I can surprise my wife with them!
— Andreas | California

And here's what Andreas' wife had to say about receiving her bouquet:

Andreas is my husband and he gifted me this beautiful bouquet! When I opened this gift I couldn’t help but be so thankful that he had this bouquet made for me! Thank you so much for helping him make me the happiest lady all over again!
— Megan | California
Photo credit: JLynn Photo

Photo credit: JLynn Photo

If you are interested in having a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers in Minneapolis, California (like Andreas) or beyond, contact me now to get started!

Remembering and Celebrating-Minneapolis Bouquet Recreations

Being a part of some big moments in the lives of strangers is a pretty unique experience.  There are many emails that have brought me to tears and this is one of them:

Hi Erin!! Sorry about the delay in getting back to u!!!!! As you know It was such a hard day to plan not knowing what we should do for celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary with my dad’s passing a few months ago. Do we celebrate? acknowledge? Forget about it? But our gift and a little surprise were priceless! We started out with a few family members and went to visit my dads grave site at the Lincoln memorial cemetary. The place in itself is so beautiful plus there were flags everywhere due to it being Veterans Day. As we stood around and prayed I handed my mom the gold box (see below pictures) she cried as she read it and opened it up and placed the boutonniere on my dad’s grave. It was the sweetest moment ever. I then opened up a bottle of champagne and toasted my parents and even shared some with my dad. As sad as it sounds it was beautiful and my gift was just the right touch! We proceeded to go back to my moms house for her friends wanted to stop by for their support. The door bell kept ringing and then it was time for the last guest to arrive with his gift, she answers the door and there is my son, her first born grandchild (my boy who attends U of M) standing there with her wedding flowers!!!! She couldn’t believe it and stood there crying and hugging him! He hadn’t been home since May!!!! She was in her glory! It could of been such a sad sad day but all my little touches were just the trick to praise the day instead of dreading it. I also had a cake made to resemble the flowers you put together for me! Lastly is a photo of my mom with what’s left of her wedding party. Thank you so much for bringing so much happiness into what could of been such a sad day! We were able to honor both my parents as if they were both here with us! Before he passed he had me promise that I would always look after her and I think he would be very pleased with how I’m doing and my continuation of keeping his memory alive in good times and bad....

Forever thankful,
— Kelly R. and Family

This might be one of my favorite events to have been a part of. I just love the way Kelly thought out the details and took into consideration what her mom, and her dad, would want on such a big day. If you want to hear about the process, check out this post about recreating her mother's wedding bouquet from 1966.

The original bouquet.

Honoring Your Parents - Minneapolis Wedding Flower Recreation

Not long ago, I received an email from Kelly, who was working to come up with a gift for her mother's upcoming golden anniversary. She wanted to honor her mother on such a special day but also acknowledge her father, who had passed away. She had the touching idea to have her mother's wedding bouquet recreated in silk flowers as well has her father's boutonniere to place at his grave. I was honored to be asked to create such meaningful and gifts. Kelly had to be sneaky and take cell phone pictures of her mother's wedding photographs without raising any questions. I received the pictures and got to work. We changed a few aspects of the original design to account for this becoming an arrangement for a vase. I also added sheer gold ribbon since it's the golden anniversary. Take a look!

Phalaenopsis Orchids, Lily of the Valley, and Ivy

Marriage is something to be honored and upheld, despite death. I love that Kelly desired to honor both of her parents and their marriage with such a special and heartfelt gift.

If you are still looking for that perfect anniversary gift having your wife/mother/sister's wedding bouquet recreated in silk flowers is a great option. Contact me to order yours!

Minneapolis Wedding Bouquet Recreation Testimonial

I got an email from Nick just a few shorts week ago. He had been on the search of a unique anniversary gift for his wife and came across my blog post of a bouquet recreation I had done a few years ago. Nick sent pictures from his wedding day in a variety of angles so I was sure to catch the various details. With photographs in hand, I set to work on the bridal bouquet recreation using high quality, fresh touch Roses, Baby's Breath and satin ribbon. Here's how it turned out!

The original bridal bouquet.

The original bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers.

Here's what Nick had to say about working with me to pull off this touching surprise:

I had an idea to recreate my spouse’s wedding bouquet for our anniversary. I located Love is Blooming online based on a simple search! I emailed the proposal and received prompt response. The process was quick and easy and the end result was beautiful! All it took was a photo! When I presented it to my wife on our anniversary, she was spellbound (and it got a lot of likes on facebook)! It was a great product and experience!

Contact us, a Minneapolis-based silk florist, to find out how to be a better gift giver.

Minneapolis Custom Bouquet Recreation Anniversary Gift #FTW!

Just like that it's early November and somehow summer slipped right through our fingers! Luckily, we Minnesotans are getting a beautiful, warm fall to distract us from what's coming.

Speaking of slipping through our fingers, time has a funny way of doing that. And your wedding anniversary is often no different. It can sneak up on and leave a person scrambling for a unique and meaningful gift. Brainstorm with me for a minute about something that is affordable, thoughtful, custom, and can save you from that last minute run to Target. Anything? Well, I'm so glad I'm here to introduce you to this awesome concept: Wedding Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers.

It may be a mouthful, but it also may be a relationship saver. This is a gift that lasts, reminds a special lady of that very important occasion, and has the coveted sentimental value. Triple whammy!

If you are interested in bringing someone to tears in a good way, read about how we can help make your next anniversary the best ever.


Anniversary Bouquet Recreation | Testimonial

Bob was kind enough to write a little bit about his experience working with me on the Anniversary bouquet I recreated as a surprise for his wife:

From Bob:

Let me start by saying `Erin made me look great as a husband!'
When my wife and I were married, we decided that, going forward, we would exchange “traditional" anniversary gifts. This choice has proven to be fairly easy some years and VERY difficult on others. This past anniversary was a difficult one as it was our twelfth, in which the traditional gift is silk. I decided that I wanted to have my wife's wedding bouquet re-created in silk, if I could find someone to do such a thing. After finding Erin's silk wedding flower website and having a short phone conversation with her, I was confident that I was putting this task in the right hands.
Like I usually do, I had procrastinated in planning my gift but Erin had no problem getting it done for me in a short time frame, even though I knew that she had other jobs that she had to get done.  Erin texted me that the bouquet was done. I was thrilled at the result when I went to pick it up! I could not believe the attention to detail and how it looked exactly like the original, live wedding bouquet.
What's even more amazing is that she did all this with only a few wedding photos to refer to! In addition, I was very pleased and surprised at how reasonable her rates are. I had set aside quite a bit more money than it actually cost me.
If anyone has an upcoming occasion where silk flowers could be used, I would very highly recommend Erin. They will not be disappointed! She is very reasonable, timely, and most of all her quality and attention to detail is top notch!
Bob W. | Minnesota

Thanks again to Bob for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their inspiring story.  Because as much as I love weddings, I'm more about the marriage and that's what this whole thing was about.  Many more happy years to you Bob & Sue!

Anniversary Bouquet | Recreated in Silk Flowers

One of the greatest benefits of silk wedding flowers is that you get to keep them for the rest of your life!  But if you chose a fresh flower bouquet to carry down the aisle, take comfort in the fact that you could someday have your bouquet recreated in silk to treasure forever.

As I mentioned yesterday, I received a phone call a few months ago from Bob, a local guy who was trying to pull off a wonderful anniversary surprise for his wife. Bob and I met so he could show me pictures of the bouquet his wife carried at their wedding. He wanted to give a traditional gift and when he looked up what it would be for a 12th anniversary he found that it was silk. He got the brilliant idea to have her bouquet recreated in silk flowers. Genius right?!

These are the pictures he sneakily scanned and gave to me to use to recreate the lovely arrangement:

And here's what I created:


This was such a fun project!  Bob could only chat with me by text so that his work-from-home wife wouldn't accidentally see his email. I was able to text him pictures for approval and set up the pick up for a few days before he gave her this thoughtful and romantic gift.  Bob was kind enough to text me after he had given her the bouquet and said she, "loved the flowers!" and, "she couldn't believe how much they actually looked like her bridal bouquet."  He also said, "You scored me some huge points for that one, which is really hard to do as a guy!!!"  Awesome, right?  Glad to help, Bob!

If you are looking for an anniversary gift, this is the perfect option. Contact me to find out what it might take to have a bouquet recreated.

Tomorrow I've got a testimonial from Bob about his experience working with me.  Thanks again to Bob and his wonderful bride for letting me share their touching and inspiring anniversary story.