Remembering and Celebrating-Minneapolis Bouquet Recreations

Being a part of some big moments in the lives of strangers is a pretty unique experience.  There are many emails that have brought me to tears and this is one of them:

Hi Erin!! Sorry about the delay in getting back to u!!!!! As you know It was such a hard day to plan not knowing what we should do for celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary with my dad’s passing a few months ago. Do we celebrate? acknowledge? Forget about it? But our gift and a little surprise were priceless! We started out with a few family members and went to visit my dads grave site at the Lincoln memorial cemetary. The place in itself is so beautiful plus there were flags everywhere due to it being Veterans Day. As we stood around and prayed I handed my mom the gold box (see below pictures) she cried as she read it and opened it up and placed the boutonniere on my dad’s grave. It was the sweetest moment ever. I then opened up a bottle of champagne and toasted my parents and even shared some with my dad. As sad as it sounds it was beautiful and my gift was just the right touch! We proceeded to go back to my moms house for her friends wanted to stop by for their support. The door bell kept ringing and then it was time for the last guest to arrive with his gift, she answers the door and there is my son, her first born grandchild (my boy who attends U of M) standing there with her wedding flowers!!!! She couldn’t believe it and stood there crying and hugging him! He hadn’t been home since May!!!! She was in her glory! It could of been such a sad sad day but all my little touches were just the trick to praise the day instead of dreading it. I also had a cake made to resemble the flowers you put together for me! Lastly is a photo of my mom with what’s left of her wedding party. Thank you so much for bringing so much happiness into what could of been such a sad day! We were able to honor both my parents as if they were both here with us! Before he passed he had me promise that I would always look after her and I think he would be very pleased with how I’m doing and my continuation of keeping his memory alive in good times and bad....

Forever thankful,
— Kelly R. and Family

This might be one of my favorite events to have been a part of. I just love the way Kelly thought out the details and took into consideration what her mom, and her dad, would want on such a big day. If you want to hear about the process, check out this post about recreating her mother's wedding bouquet from 1966.

The original bouquet.