Honoring Your Parents - Minneapolis Wedding Flower Recreation

Not long ago, I received an email from Kelly, who was working to come up with a gift for her mother's upcoming golden anniversary. She wanted to honor her mother on such a special day but also acknowledge her father, who had passed away. She had the touching idea to have her mother's wedding bouquet recreated in silk flowers as well has her father's boutonniere to place at his grave. I was honored to be asked to create such meaningful and gifts. Kelly had to be sneaky and take cell phone pictures of her mother's wedding photographs without raising any questions. I received the pictures and got to work. We changed a few aspects of the original design to account for this becoming an arrangement for a vase. I also added sheer gold ribbon since it's the golden anniversary. Take a look!

Phalaenopsis Orchids, Lily of the Valley, and Ivy

Marriage is something to be honored and upheld, despite death. I love that Kelly desired to honor both of her parents and their marriage with such a special and heartfelt gift.

If you are still looking for that perfect anniversary gift having your wife/mother/sister's wedding bouquet recreated in silk flowers is a great option. Contact me to order yours!