Anniversary Bouquet | Recreated in Silk Flowers

One of the greatest benefits of silk wedding flowers is that you get to keep them for the rest of your life!  But if you chose a fresh flower bouquet to carry down the aisle, take comfort in the fact that you could someday have your bouquet recreated in silk to treasure forever.

As I mentioned yesterday, I received a phone call a few months ago from Bob, a local guy who was trying to pull off a wonderful anniversary surprise for his wife. Bob and I met so he could show me pictures of the bouquet his wife carried at their wedding. He wanted to give a traditional gift and when he looked up what it would be for a 12th anniversary he found that it was silk. He got the brilliant idea to have her bouquet recreated in silk flowers. Genius right?!

These are the pictures he sneakily scanned and gave to me to use to recreate the lovely arrangement:

And here's what I created:


This was such a fun project!  Bob could only chat with me by text so that his work-from-home wife wouldn't accidentally see his email. I was able to text him pictures for approval and set up the pick up for a few days before he gave her this thoughtful and romantic gift.  Bob was kind enough to text me after he had given her the bouquet and said she, "loved the flowers!" and, "she couldn't believe how much they actually looked like her bridal bouquet."  He also said, "You scored me some huge points for that one, which is really hard to do as a guy!!!"  Awesome, right?  Glad to help, Bob!

If you are looking for an anniversary gift, this is the perfect option. Contact me to find out what it might take to have a bouquet recreated.

Tomorrow I've got a testimonial from Bob about his experience working with me.  Thanks again to Bob and his wonderful bride for letting me share their touching and inspiring anniversary story.