Anniversary Bouquet Recreation | Testimonial

Bob was kind enough to write a little bit about his experience working with me on the Anniversary bouquet I recreated as a surprise for his wife:

From Bob:

Let me start by saying `Erin made me look great as a husband!'
When my wife and I were married, we decided that, going forward, we would exchange “traditional" anniversary gifts. This choice has proven to be fairly easy some years and VERY difficult on others. This past anniversary was a difficult one as it was our twelfth, in which the traditional gift is silk. I decided that I wanted to have my wife's wedding bouquet re-created in silk, if I could find someone to do such a thing. After finding Erin's silk wedding flower website and having a short phone conversation with her, I was confident that I was putting this task in the right hands.
Like I usually do, I had procrastinated in planning my gift but Erin had no problem getting it done for me in a short time frame, even though I knew that she had other jobs that she had to get done.  Erin texted me that the bouquet was done. I was thrilled at the result when I went to pick it up! I could not believe the attention to detail and how it looked exactly like the original, live wedding bouquet.
What's even more amazing is that she did all this with only a few wedding photos to refer to! In addition, I was very pleased and surprised at how reasonable her rates are. I had set aside quite a bit more money than it actually cost me.
If anyone has an upcoming occasion where silk flowers could be used, I would very highly recommend Erin. They will not be disappointed! She is very reasonable, timely, and most of all her quality and attention to detail is top notch!
Bob W. | Minnesota

Thanks again to Bob for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their inspiring story.  Because as much as I love weddings, I'm more about the marriage and that's what this whole thing was about.  Many more happy years to you Bob & Sue!