Minneapolis Wedding Bouquet Recreation Testimonial

I got an email from Nick just a few shorts week ago. He had been on the search of a unique anniversary gift for his wife and came across my blog post of a bouquet recreation I had done a few years ago. Nick sent pictures from his wedding day in a variety of angles so I was sure to catch the various details. With photographs in hand, I set to work on the bridal bouquet recreation using high quality, fresh touch Roses, Baby's Breath and satin ribbon. Here's how it turned out!

The original bridal bouquet.

The original bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers.

Here's what Nick had to say about working with me to pull off this touching surprise:

I had an idea to recreate my spouse’s wedding bouquet for our anniversary. I located Love is Blooming online based on a simple search! I emailed the proposal and received prompt response. The process was quick and easy and the end result was beautiful! All it took was a photo! When I presented it to my wife on our anniversary, she was spellbound (and it got a lot of likes on facebook)! It was a great product and experience!

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