Destination Wedding Bridal Bouquet Recreation

I've gotten a number of requests for destination wedding bridal bouquet recreations in silk flowers. Perhaps it's because those flowers tend to be even more short-lived as many couples are hopping on a plane just a few days after their ceremony. With no way to save and fly home with a delicate bouquet, it feels like a lost opportunity to have that piece of those amazing experiences preserved. That's where a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers can save the day!

Kevin contacted me and I could see from the pictures he sent that the beautiful sand and surf combined with amazing Lilies and Orchids beautifully detailed a destination wedding. Here's the recreation:  

And you can see the original in these stunning photos courtesy of Candace Jeanne Photography.


If you loved your bouquet but couldn't bring it home, a destination wedding bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers is a great way to bring a little bit of paradise into your home. Contact me today for a free quote.