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Destination Wedding

Destination Silk Wedding Flowers

Destination weddings can be appealing for so many reasons! Often times, you get the use of a wedding planner who makes the arrangements on your behalf, it’s in a beautiful location and it can be a built in honeymoon. But there are other logistics to consider as well. You have to consider that your choices may be limited on menu, your officiant, decorations and even your flowers. That’s why custom silk wedding flowers and bridal bouquets can be an awesome alternative to picking a package out of a catalog via email.

That’s what Angel did! She wanted very small and very colorful bouquets with specific flowers that she loved. Angel loved tulips and definitely wanted them in the bouquets and boutonnieres. I found these awesome Fresh Touch Tulips that looked and felt just like the real thing. She liked the idea of some Baby’s breath for a little more white and I found these adorable mini Orchids in a light teal that played into her tropical wedding location. Angel liked the tradition of “something blue,” so I used a thin satin ribbon in a bright blue to add that little something special to her bouquet.

The bridesmaid bouquets were smaller versions of her bouquet and with white satin ribbon in a handtied style.

We used the same tulips for the boutonnieres with just a touch of baby’s breath and satin ribbon to finish them off.

If you’ve got questions about silk wedding flowers for your destination wedding, how to get your flowers to where you’re going or want help with a bright and cheery color scheme for your destination wedding flowers, contact me today for more information!

Recreating a Reality Show Bridal Bouquet in Silk Wedding Flowers

Tiffany emailed me photos of her tropical destination wedding bridal bouquet to find out if I could recreate it for her with silk wedding flowers. The more I emailed with her, the more interesting things got! You see, Tiffany’s wedding appeared on a reality show called: My Great Big Lifetime Wedding. How cool is that? Armed with the pictures she sent me, her memories from the big day and a list from the florist, I got to work tracking down all the various flowers and tropical greens I would need to recreate this very large, very beautiful bouquet. Take a look!

Scale can be hard to represent in a photo, but this bouquet landed somewhere between “large and in charge” and behemoth.

The bouquet included: pink Protea, orange Orchids, white and blue Tweedea, Ranunculus, Gloriosa lilies, green and white Cymbidium orchids, Monstera leaves, variegated lily grass and a touch of jumbo white heather.

I am so impressed with the recreation of my wedding bouquet that Love is Blooming created for me! It replicates the original bouquet so beautifully! Every time I look at my bouquet it brings me back to my special day! Thank you Erin for helping me to relive my wedding day through your beautiful work. The proteas are my favorite, they stuck out to me on my wedding day bouquet, and they’re my favorite part of my recreated bouquet.
— Tiffany | Florida

Photos provided by Tiffany.

A big thank you to Tiffany for trusting me to recreate this memorable and magnificent bouquet for her! And if you catch her episode on My Great Big Lifetime Wedding, be sure and let me know!! Maybe you weren’t on a reality show, but you’d still like to find out about a custom bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers. Contact me today to find out how!

Custom Centerpiece Recreation in Silk Flowers

Kristine contacted me with a request I haven’t gotten before. She wanted a couple of centerpieces from her wedding reception recreated with silk wedding flowers. I loved the idea and was eager to help!

She sent me a couple of photos and gave me a few details from her memory and I got to work. Their wedding was small and intimate, with a roomful of friends and family. They had one banquet table with a large centerpiece in the middle and smaller ones toward the ends. The monochromatic arrangements consisted of Lilies, Spray Roses, Waxflower and Hydrangea. She had clear vases that they would go in, so I trimmed them short and covered the stems with a pretty lace. Take a look!

I was looking all over trying to find someone to recreate my wedding flowers from my table. I googled someplace to recreate floral arrangements
and came across loveisblooming. Erin answered my questions quickly. Pricing is very reasonable ! Erin was willing to work with me when I had some financial hardship. She also found one of my vases that I tried to find at Michaels and online. Absolutely amazing ! Every step of the way she has kept me informed, sent photos, and has been incredible to work with! I am so thankful for her! Now I can recreate my table in my dining room and relive my wedding dinner ! I will definitely use her again!
— Kristine | South Carolina

Here are a couple photos of the original arrangements. Photos provided by: Photos by Jackie Stinsman.

Have a request for an arrangement that was part of your wedding day, but not your bouquet? No problem! Contact me today to find out how your custom arrangement can be recreated in high quality silk flowers.


Looking for a unique way to commemorate your wedding? Check out this post for a DIY idea using high quality silk wedding flowers.

Tropical Bridal Bouquet and Matching Silk Flower Arrangements

Whether you are traveling for a destination wedding or live in Florida like this bride, tropical silk wedding flowers bring the color and brightness to any summer wedding.

For this silk bridal bouquet I used a variety of very tropical flowers (and a few more common) in a modified cascade style bouquet. Not sure what that even is? Maybe that’s because I made that term up 😄. If you like the look of a looser, draping bouquet but aren’t a fan of the tight teardrop shape of a traditional cascading bouquet, then the modified cascade is where it’s at! Greenery and more linear flowers help give the draping and branching effect along with space between flowers so you can admire each one.

This bouquet includes King Protea, pincushion Protea, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Heliconia along with grasses, Monstera and other tropical foliage. This baby was large and in charge and also breathtaking. That’s a lot to ask of one bouquet, but she pulled it off!

For the bridesmaid bouquet, I pared it back and utilized the Peonies, Protea, Calla Lilies and Heliconia along with grasses and mini Monstera. And since it was still quite snowy when I put these bouquets together, they got their first and only taste of winter for this outdoor photo shoot before they traveled to Florida for their debut.

We kept the boutonnieres simple with a yellow and pink Phalaenopsis Orchid, greens and a few grass loops for the groom. A bit of ribbon that matched the bouquets and we were all done!

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Or you can search my blog for more examples of tropical silk flowers and destination wedding flowers.

If you have a tropical themed or maybe you are headed someplace tropical for your wedding, consider the benefits of silk flowers! This bride helped in the design process, knew exactly what flowers she’d be getting and saw photos of her flower mid-creation. If that appeals to you, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a quote!

Destination Wedding with Coral Silk Flowers

Silk wedding flowers are an absolutely fantastic option for destination weddings. Take a look at this completed order for a bouquet featuring coral Roses and ivory Calla Lilies.

If you are looking for topnotch quality, look no further than Fresh Touch flowers. Not only do they look extremely realistic, but they feel like real flowers! I finished off the bouquet with classic Antique White satin ribbon with coral satin ribbon criss-crossed over the top. Charming!

If you have an upcoming destination wedding and you’d like to choose your flowers ahead of time, fill out the Free Bride’s Checklist today for a free quote!

Scottish Destination Wedding Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Ryan contacted me hoping to have his wife’s bouquet recreated for their early October anniversary. They were married in Scotland and the venue had used its own garden to create her beautiful bridal bouquet. She was unable to bring it back to the states with her because of those pesky air travel regulations and was understandably disappointed. So Ryan set out to surprise her with a silk recreation. Her original bouquet included ivory Roses, Scottish Thistle, Veronica, Baby’s breath, Freesia, Fern, and some small blue berries. It was a stunner!

How romantic is this?! This bouquet was such a beauty and I loved getting to remake a piece of their special day.

If your destination wedding meant you had to leave your bouquet behind, contact me today to find out what it would take to have it a silk bridal bouquet recreation made for you or your bride.

Tropical Silk Wedding Bouquet Recreation

Recently I’ve recreated several silk wedding bouquets from tropical weddings. Whether domestic or international, their bouquets couldn’t come back with them. Heather wanted to have her bouquet recreated, so she sent me a couple of photos and I was able to recreate her Lily, Cornflower and Orchid bouquet.

Here is the original bouquet. Photos by Weddings to Go! Key West.

I’m very happy with my bouquet recreation! Erin was amazing to work with and I’d highly recommend her if this is something you are interested in. She responded to my initial inquiry very quickly and verified all information (including costs) up front. I loved how she kept me updated along the way with pictures to make sure I was satisfied with the progress, and got all the little details perfect, including the satin wrap over the stems. I also received it almost a month before she initially estimated. I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends, 5 stars all around! If you want your bouquet recreated definitely use Erin, you won’t be disappointed!
— Heather | North Carolina

Heather had a close up shot of the handle of her bouquet that she sent me. It was awesome because I was able to get that detail just right for her. Sometimes those little things are important too!

Here’s one last look at this stunning bouquet!

Heather was so easy to work with, super responsive in providing feedback and so sweet! This is why I love what I do!

If you are interested in having your tropical bouquet recreated, contact me today to find out how!

Destination Wedding Silk Flower Bouquet- Cruise Ship Edition

Well it's still winter here, but I hear that in other parts of the world it's actually pretty warm. Hard to imagine right? Maybe not if you are a Floridian, but fellow Northerners feel my pain.

Well let me give you a little something to inspire you for spring, summer or your next cruise!  LaPriece contacted me over email, then her fiance' contacted me via phone, then we all got on the phone together and had a fun chat about silk flowers for their upcoming cruise ship destination wedding.

LaPriece knew she didn't want a traditional white or ivory bouquet, she was all about adding color, texture and a more modern take on greenery. She had some concerns about how to get the bouquet on the ship in one piece. I told her about some of my other destination wedding couples and methods we've used in the past for transporting flowers and keeping them in tact.

After exchanging a few emails full of inspiration pictures, I came up with an original design for their big day. Take a look at this bright and happy bouquet and matching groom's boutonniere.

SO many beautiful flowers and colors! Ranunculus, Roses, Hydrangea, Snowball bush, Peonies, Queen Anne's Lace, Fern, Freesia and ivory ribbon to tie it all together.

Happily, I have the silk bouquet of my dreams. Thanks to LOVE IS BLOOMING. They worked with me to create a beautiful bouquet. That might actually outstage my fabulous dress. That’s an awesome problem to have. Erin sent plenty of pictures. Had a lot of great ideas and insights. Gave me good advice about packing and shipping. And was always available for my questions. True artistry, many thanks to LOVE IS BLOOMING!
— LaPriece | Minnesota

Have questions about how a cruise ship wedding or destination wedding would work with silk wedding flowers, send me an email today and let's talk!

Thanks again to LaPriece for a chance to look forward to sunnier skies and warmer days ahead!

A mauve Rose, burgundy Ranunculus, and a touch of Queen Anne's lace and fern make for an awesome groom's boutonniere.