Bridal Review: Destination Wedding & Silk Flowers

Local bride Jayme says:

Erin did an amazing job designing my wedding flower bouquets! I had a Mexico destination wedding and reception and a reception in our home town as well. The silk flowers traveled great and still look amazing after our double wedding festivities! Erin was always quick to respond to all my emails and was very quick in designing my bouquets, even when I made decisions last minute:) She was so friendly and had great ideas that tied in with our wedding theme and colors. I would recommend Erin to anybody and everybody!!! Thank you so much Erin for all your help with our wedding!!

Thanks to Jayme for trusting me with one piece of your long distance celebration.

Tomorrow I'll be featuring Jayme's wedding day photographs to see how all our designing and planning translated into her destination wedding and hometown reception arrangements.

Thrilled Bride Shares Her Feedback on her Designer Silk Wedding Flowers

Remember Rachel's beautiful cascade bouquet for her January wedding?  If not, check out this blog post featuring the flowers, and this blog post with some pictures she sent over.

Rachel was kind enough to send me her thoughts about working with me and her experience with designing custom silk wedding flowers.  I wanted to pass it along because sometimes it takes hearing it from someone else to feel confident when deciding on wedding vendors for your big day.

"Working with Erin was amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone! I'll admit I wasn't completely sold on silk flowers, but since we were having a December wedding we thought it would be for the best. And I'm so glad we went this route! Erin had creative ideas and she was very flexible with working within our budget. The best part was being able to see the pictures as a work in progress - you would definitely not be able to do this with real flowers. Erin took my ideas and ran with them to make gorgeous bouquets that I couldn't have even dreamed of. Some of our guests even commented on how real the flowers looked!
If you're looking to use silk flowers, Erin is definitely your gal. She's quick to respond to inquiries, she's fair with her pricing, she's flexible, helpful, and very friendly."

Thanks again to Rachel and her new hubby for choosing Love Is Blooming.  Want to hear from more of my happy brides? Hop on over to my recommendations page and see what the other gals are saying.

Wedding Flowers Review: Bekah and Nate

I love hearing from my brides! And as we start out the year, I thought it might be helpful for the designer silk wedding flower skeptics to hear about one couple's experience working with me.

And now a word from a fabulous bride and groom...

"Working with Love Is Blooming was the easiest part of my wedding. I simply found pictures of flowers and colors of what I was looking for for our wedding day, and Erin made them perfectly. The communication was always open and she was accommodating to what I was looking for in my flowers for our big day. When the flowers arrived I was more than pleased and the colors worked absolutely perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses and overall theme of our wedding.
"If you're in search of perfect, beautiful and AFFORDABLE wedding flowers for you wedding, accompanied with zero stress or worry over the flowers, then ask Erin to do flowers for your wedding soon! I'm so thankful to have worked with her and can't think of anyone else I would trust in doing our wedding flower arrangements. Thanks again Erin for your hard work to make our day that much more stunning :)"
Bekah and Nate Long, Indiana

Thanks to Bekah and Nate, as well as all my 2011 brides who made for a fantastic wedding season! Check back soon for more wedding flower features!

Bridal Testimony: Meta

Hi Erin,
I just wanted to thank you again for putting together such a beautiful arrangement of flowers for my wedding! They were absolutely amazing and all the colors stood out so vibrantly! EVERYONE who has seen them thought they were real!
Thank you again!

Thanks again, Meta, for working with me and for these wonderful pictures and kind words! Many blessings!

[Bride Meet & Greet Week] Intro

One of my favorite parts of being a designer is when I get to personally deliver my brides' flowers and get to experience the moment when they see the finished product for the first time. I can say with confidence, that it is always such a delightful experience to unveil those custom-designed beauties and just watch my client's face light up. Recently, I had two opportunities to hand-deliver wedding flowers and come face to face with the brides I had been working with for months. Over the next week, I'm going to share a little bit about how those meet-ups went and show you some snapshots of their arrangements.

I have to say that it's always a little conflicting for me to send the flowers off whether by mail or in person. Not because I want to keep them for myself...no no, trust me, I have enough flowers to keep me cheery. But it's because I spend a lot of time communicating with some of the happiest people on earth. They are getting married and are excited about this new adventure in their life and I get to share in it with them! Working with each bride becomes one extended conversation that often leaks over into the personal and in that way I feel like I make a new friend each time. So I'm sad because it's like the conversation has come to an end. But then the best part is, a few weeks or months later, I get that unexpected e-mail with to-die-for pictures of beautiful brides with the biggest smiles on their faces and an exciting story to share. And because of that, it's with joy and happiness that I drive those flowers to the post office or to meet you at a coffee shop and send off my creations with happy wishes and marital blessings to those awesome ladies I've come to know and appreciate.

For those of you I never get the pleasure of meeting, check out my testimonial page to see some of the responses to working with me long-distance. So near, far, wherever you are (thank you Celine) your perfect flowers are just an e-mail, phone call, or Jpeg away.

Customer Review: "People couldn’t believe the flowers were silk..."

Hi Erin-
The wedding on June 14 went off with out a hitch... it was the perfect day, but went by too fast! The bridesmaid bouquets looked awesomely stunning up against their dresses, and I absolutely loved my bouquet! I attached a picture of me and my girls. People couldn’t believe the flowers were silk, when they touched the daisies and roses they said they felt real! I have told two brides-to-be about you, I highly recommend them to worked with you because the process was easy and stress free.
Thanks again and hope you are having a good summer!
Jennifer and Shawn W.
St. Francis, MN

Customer Review: "I was the person that said I would never have silk flowers..."

"To be honest, I was the person that said I would never have silk flowers for my wedding day. However, Bryan and I decided on a destination wedding and I wanted 3 completely separate colors for bridesmaids and I wanted each to carry a bouquet of flowers that matched their given dress color.

When Erin had first met with me, she was honest by saying those colors were typically hard to find but she would do everything she could to match my dresses. Sure enough when I met her in February, she had matched colors perfect! We tweaked them a bit and added some tropical flowers for flavor to Erin’s recommendation. Even after meeting with a few other floral places, the quality of the flowers Erin used completely beat out every competitor. If I had to do it all over again, I would start with Erin! I, my bridal party, friends, family, and outsiders at the wedding were all amazed that my flowers were silk!

I probably wasn’t the easiest customer to work with as I had trouble making up my mind and changing my mind along the process. Erin worked with me to create, tweak, and to change things whenever I asked. Thanks Erin for making the most complicated part of my wedding the easiest."

Bridget H.

New Brighton, MN