Navy, Blush and Gold Minneapolis Wedding Bouquets

This year has been one of inspiring color combinations, unique textures and classic designs. I want to show you one today that was a romantic navy, blush pink and gold wedding.

Leanna sent me a slew of pictures earlier in the year to show me her inspiration for her wedding flowers. The navy components were striking, the blush pinks were soft and the gold was a beautiful accent to bring it all together. She wanted the bridal bouquet to be set apart from the bridesmaids, but still have a cohesive look with all the arrangements.

Ivory Roses, Blueberries and Blue Thistle

The bridesmaids carried another collection of flowers that incorporated texture and charm.

Blush Pink Roses and Hydrangea, White Astilbe and White Freesia

The boutonnieres and corsages were a variety of styles and colors, all coordinating with each other but staying within the realm of Leanna's scheme. The Blue Thistle made everything pop!

Centerpieces were also a great option for Leanna's wedding - coordinating with the rest of her flowers and more affordable than fresh arrangement. She was able to customize two different styles of centerpieces for the vases she had already purchased.

If you thought floral centerpieces were out of range for your upcoming wedding, you're not alone. Most fresh flower centerpieces are! Don't sacrifice your budget for your vision! Contact me,  a Minneapolis silk florist, to find out how we can bring that dream to life.

Designer Silk Wedding Flowers | Deb Part 3 | Centerpiece Construction Process

Deb's centerpieces were a work of art that we worked on together! My half of the assignment was to design a silk wedding flower arrangement meant to feel fresh picked and loosely arranged. Deb's half was a DIY project that consisted of a hurricane vase and a crystal fringe wrapped around it.

Here's a mockup I did with Deb's flowers to give her an idea of what I was thinking. She loved it, so we moved on to the next step.

Deb had been painting wire grids she would be using to attach the crystals to. My arrangement was designed to rest on the grid and hang over the edge to hide it - it was quite a balancing act! Each centerpiece had Orchids, Lilacs, and Violets.

We didn't want that big gaping hole in the middle showing off Deb's fabulous paint job, so I made another wedding flower arrangement to sit in the center that was made up of purple and white Hydrangea.

One of the driving forces behind the way I chose to do these arrangements is that Deb had recruited friends and family to assemble all the decor in her hall in the short amount time it would be open to them. Their construction needed to be intuitive and sturdy. Because Deb chose silk flower centerpieces for her wedding, she was able to work directly with me on this design. She had the money-saving option of friends and family for set up so I kept that in mind.

Overall, the arrangements we designed during our consultations were cohesive, beautiful, affordable, and exactly what Deb had been dreaming of.

Thanks again to Deb for choosing me to bring your vision to life!

Real Wedding: James & Clarissa

Local couple and our friends James and Clarissa contacted me about doing the flowers for their July 22nd ceremony and of course I said yes! Clarissa came ready with color swatches, a hand drawn sketch of her ideas for the ceremony site and pictures showing what she liked for the bouquets. Having all that in hand made my job so easy and the expectations so clear. In just a matter of a few weeks we had flowers chosen, designs picked out, and we were ready to roll.

Her color palette of turquoise, spring green, yellow, and white was such a vibrant and fun combination for a summer wedding. The flowers she wanted incorporated were daisies, roses, mums, hydrangea, and some greenery. Her two bridesmaids carried smaller versions of her bouquet and the guys wore white roses with smaller accent flowers that were also found in the bouquets. Check out what we came up with together:

James and Clarissa had me create aisle arrangements hung from matching turquoise ribbon, and altar arrangement using the same flowers and colors, and centerpieces for their intimate reception at

The Northland Inn


It was an honor to attend such a beautiful occasion with my hubs and also so fun to see the flowers outside "in the wild." And now I have these stunning photos from

Michelle Maida Photography

to remember the day by. If you are looking for a talented photographer, be sure and e-mail her at:



or give her a call at 763-389-0561.

Thanks to James and Clarissa for included me in your special day in such a big way! Blessings in your new adventures together!

Real silk wedding flower story: Kelsey (Part 3)

When Kelsey and I met, she told me about the centerpieces she had envisioned for her reception venue. She wanted full, colorful arrangements on tall vases with twigs inside. We met several times and after catching me a couple times on Google chat, we talked through the possibility of a mockup for her centerpieces. She was having a hard time imagining what they would look like. So I went shopping and found all sorts of possibilities of flowers that would work.

After coming to a consensus of what to include and what shape she wanted, I got to work making the first of her 17 centerpieces. I e-mailed her with a picture of our experiment and, aside from one flower sticking up a little too high, she loved it. That's just one of the great things about silk flowers, Kelsey's feedback was invaluable and she was really happy knowing what she would be getting.

So after lots of trimming, arranging, hot glue burns, and wishing I had a pet beaver to chop all the sticks, we had finished products. Kelsey also hired me to deliver and set up the centerpieces so I got to see the finished arrangements in their happy home, the Town and Country Club in St. Paul, Minnesota.

So before you get too bored of reading, here's the beautiful end result:

Thanks again to Kelsey for a wonderful and exciting experience!