Real silk wedding flower story: Kelsey (Part 3)

When Kelsey and I met, she told me about the centerpieces she had envisioned for her reception venue. She wanted full, colorful arrangements on tall vases with twigs inside. We met several times and after catching me a couple times on Google chat, we talked through the possibility of a mockup for her centerpieces. She was having a hard time imagining what they would look like. So I went shopping and found all sorts of possibilities of flowers that would work.

After coming to a consensus of what to include and what shape she wanted, I got to work making the first of her 17 centerpieces. I e-mailed her with a picture of our experiment and, aside from one flower sticking up a little too high, she loved it. That's just one of the great things about silk flowers, Kelsey's feedback was invaluable and she was really happy knowing what she would be getting.

So after lots of trimming, arranging, hot glue burns, and wishing I had a pet beaver to chop all the sticks, we had finished products. Kelsey also hired me to deliver and set up the centerpieces so I got to see the finished arrangements in their happy home, the Town and Country Club in St. Paul, Minnesota.

So before you get too bored of reading, here's the beautiful end result:

Thanks again to Kelsey for a wonderful and exciting experience!