Tropical Sensation--Bouquets

I love doing destination weddings! They usually involve bright, tropical flowers, and super excited brides with great tans. Such was the case with local bride Carly. But the story actually goes way back to last January when I did the Maple Grove Bridal expo (remember this?).

At the time of our initial consultation, she wasn't sure what style she liked or what types of flowers she wanted, it was more of wanting to hear more about what I could do. After a few months, she e-mailed me wondering if silks were still an option. Her wedding was about a month away, so we had to meet and chat and that order.

What we came up with has to be one of my favorite bridal bouquets yet. The deep magentas and the bright fuchsias played off each other so well. Her monochromatic bouquet included lots of different types of flowers, letting each texture and shape speak for itself.

Bridal Bouquet: Banana Flowers, Hydrangea, Mini Calla Lilies, Sweet Pea, Orchids, Orchids, and more Orchids! Ivory satin ribbon for the finishing touch.

Carly wanted the bridesmaids bouquets to be the opposite contrast from the her bouquet. She also wanted their teal dresses to keep that fun, beachy feel by featuring white bouquets. We did bring in some of the magenta with a little bit of satin ribbon on the stem.

Bridesmaid Bouquets: White lilies and Callas.

Can't you just see these on the beach of Cabo? Check back later to see how we tropical-ified the bouts and corsages.
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