Tropical Sensation--Personal Flowers

We wanted Carly's personal flowers to reflect the atmosphere, the colors, and the feel of her beach wedding. I was able to incorporate various flowers in the different boutonnieres and corsages to come up with some unique and fitting designs.

Groom's Bout: Mini Calla lily, Orchid, Leucondendron leaves

Father's Bouts: Calla lily, Leucondendron leaves

Groomsmen Bouts: Calla lily, Sweet Pea, Leucondendron bud

Mothers' Corsages: Crystal Wristlet, Calla lily, Sweet Pea, Hydrangea

Grandmother's Corsage: Pearl Wristlet, Calla lily, Hydrangea, Sweet Pea

A big thanks to Carly for allowing me such freedom in designing these gorgeous flowers!
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