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Recreating a Reality Show Bridal Bouquet in Silk Wedding Flowers

Tiffany emailed me photos of her tropical destination wedding bridal bouquet to find out if I could recreate it for her with silk wedding flowers. The more I emailed with her, the more interesting things got! You see, Tiffany’s wedding appeared on a reality show called: My Great Big Lifetime Wedding. How cool is that? Armed with the pictures she sent me, her memories from the big day and a list from the florist, I got to work tracking down all the various flowers and tropical greens I would need to recreate this very large, very beautiful bouquet. Take a look!

Scale can be hard to represent in a photo, but this bouquet landed somewhere between “large and in charge” and behemoth.

The bouquet included: pink Protea, orange Orchids, white and blue Tweedea, Ranunculus, Gloriosa lilies, green and white Cymbidium orchids, Monstera leaves, variegated lily grass and a touch of jumbo white heather.

I am so impressed with the recreation of my wedding bouquet that Love is Blooming created for me! It replicates the original bouquet so beautifully! Every time I look at my bouquet it brings me back to my special day! Thank you Erin for helping me to relive my wedding day through your beautiful work. The proteas are my favorite, they stuck out to me on my wedding day bouquet, and they’re my favorite part of my recreated bouquet.
— Tiffany | Florida

Photos provided by Tiffany.

A big thank you to Tiffany for trusting me to recreate this memorable and magnificent bouquet for her! And if you catch her episode on My Great Big Lifetime Wedding, be sure and let me know!! Maybe you weren’t on a reality show, but you’d still like to find out about a custom bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers. Contact me today to find out how!