Flower Backdrops For Minneapolis Wedding Ceremonies

This past fall I got an email from Katy, who I created these flowers for. She put me in touch with her sister, Ali, who was now planning her own wedding. Ali already had her flowers figured out but had her heart set on a couple of flower backdrops for an altar arrangement during her wedding ceremony and a secondary site during the reception. As we discussed and planned over email, Ali was able to send me a few inspiration photos to give me some ideas of what she liked.  Her colors were pastel shades of pink and purple with white and greenery. Ali also sent me photos of the set up at the church they would be getting married in and exact measurements to make sure we filled the space. Take a look at our unique and rustic flower backdrops for her ceremony!


Standing at 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, this beauty is going to make quite the statement. I used a  variety of flowers and greens to make the backdrop both interesting and delicate. It also made it challenging to find a place open enough to photograph this sizable altar arrangement. And in case you were wondering, yes, those are chopsticks wedging the branch into my barn door track. A girl's gotta do...


Here's the smaller 4' x 4' flower backdrop incorporating similar flowers, greens and stick topper to make a cohesive look without being the big guy's mini-me.


If you've been looking for a special and unique element for an altar arrangement, photo booth backdrop or party decor, a flower backdrop might be just the thing! Contact me today to get a quote!