Minneapolis Bridal Bouquet Color of the Year: Greenery

I have to admit that when I heard Pantone chose Greenery as their bridal bouquet color of 2017, I was a little disappointed. Not only is it a difficult color to find actual flowers in, it also feels a little like a copout for those of us in the wedding industry since all we would have to do is suggest a bride adds, well...some greenery. 

This not quite lime or kelly or spring green is a little mysterious to me. Yet, it follows closely behind it's siblings Rose Quartz and Serenity (blue) that Pantone dubbed its 2016 colors of the year. 

So, what to do, what to do?


This feels contrived, but greenery of course! For those of you on the anti-greenery wagon, I assure you that we are not, in fact, receding into the 90's era of weddings where we saw such craziness as this:

Surely even Mariah regrets this one.

Surely even Mariah regrets this one.

I've been receiving many inquiries from brides, beginning last year, that have requested more greenery. We aren't talking the tired variegated ivy of Mariah's day. Rather, the luxurious textures of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Lamb's Ear, Succulents, Seeded Eucalyptus, and even Pine branches.

This year is all about taking that greenery and upping the ante for a fresh-from-the- garden look. It's rethinking the rustic style with less twigs and berries and more flowing lines. And the great thing about Greenery is that it goes with any season.

If you're looking for a way to incorporate Greenery, or greenery (boy, that's confusing) into your wedding design scheme, fill out the Free Bride's Checklist with all the details you can think of. And while you're waiting to hear back about how many Aunts and Uncles need flowers, check out the blog to see examples of greenery in action.