Dried Bouquet Fail: Silk Wedding Bouquets that Last

Melanie contacted me with something I'm learning is a pretty common problem. Her bridal bouquet didn't dry very well and ended up living in a box since they got married 10 years ago.  Don't let a dried wedding bouquet fail keep you from remembering how beautiful your bridal bouquet really was! With a couple emailed pictures, some details from memory and a few weeks time, you too can have a lasting bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers from your special day. Take a look at how Melanie's bouquet recreation turned out!

Melanie's bouquet consisted of cream Roses, white Stephanotis and some Rose greens. I finished it off with a simple white satin ribbon with a hint of the stems showing for an almost exact match to her elegant hand tied bouquet.

Photo from Duggan Studios

When planning our wedding ten years ago, I had loved the idea of silk flowers for my bouquet so that I could keep and display them forever. However, the local business I contacted was unable to squeeze our small event in, so I went with real flowers instead. After the wedding, I let the bouquet dry but it didn’t end up looking as nice as I’d hoped. I never displayed it, instead relegating it to a closet.

In January of this year, with our ten year anniversary approaching, I again thought about silk flowers, this time as a way to recreate my bridal bouquet. When I searched online, Love Is Blooming was one of the top results. I looked through Erin’s work and was sold immediately. If she could create such stunning, vivid, and detailed bouquets for other clients, I knew my simple bouquet would turn out perfectly. And it did! Finally, after a decade, I have a bouquet I can display and be proud of.

Erin’s work is beautiful, her prices are reasonable, and she completed my bouquet more quickly than I anticipated. I absolutely would recommend her to others.
— Melanie | Alabama

If you find yourself in the same situation as Melanie and that dried bouquet just looks a little sad, send me an email to find out how to bring your bouquet back to it's former glory with a silk flower bouquet recreation!