Bold and Beautiful- Part2

One thing I am excited to be seeing more of is brides personalizing boutonnières and corsages for the people in their weddings. The people you are honoring with these flowers with are special and unique, so why not choose designs that flow with your other arrangements but also coincides with the personality of the wearer?

Here's a peak at what Nikki chose for some of her friends and family:

Reader Corsage: Green rose with leaves and dark purple ribbon.

Groom's Bout: Ivory rose bud with tangerine mini orchid, lime button mum, and ivory ribbon.

Grandmother's Corsage: Open ivory rose, tangerine mini orchids and purple ribbon.

Mother's Corsage: Open ivory rose, tangerine mini orchids, lime button mum, and purple ribbon.

Personal Attendant: Purple daisy, lime button mums, and ivory ribbon.

Whether you bling out the personal flowers or go simple and chic, it's easy to find designs that work for you and your budget.

Up next: Extras!