Bold and Beautiful - Part1

As you may have noticed, purple has been a recurring theme in many of the weddings I've done this year. There have been all sorts of beautiful shades showing up in the flowers--lilac, lavender, aubergine, and eggplant. My brides and I have found all sorts of ways to match their color choices, and if you haven't guessed by now, I'm about to show you another wedding featuring purple!
Nikki, another local bride, came to me with a fun and bold color palette. Her girls are going to wear "tangerine" and she also wanted some purple and lime green thrown into the mix. We went back to the ever popular button mums for the lime factor, found some beautiful fresh touch orchids for the tangerine twist, we hunted down some delicious rich daisies for our purple accent, and then included green and white roses to fill everything out.

These flowers were fun, splashy, and full of zest, just like the happy couple.

Coming up next: Personal flowers.