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Silk Wedding Flower Review

Last week I showed you Araina's beautiful flowers. And this week, I'm showing you a few action shots provided by the bride herself!


Gorgeous right? I worked primarily with Araina's grandmother, Diane, to plan and design the flowers. So whether you are planning your wedding or planning it for someone else, silk wedding flowers are a great option! You get the benefit of seeing how they come together, which is especially helpful if you are the "middleman" and need to check with someone else. Araina was able to keep working on planning other parts of her wedding while still in the loop about her flowers. I didn't have to keep asking her all the questions, but she also wasn't surprised on her wedding day about what her flowers were going to look like.


The bridesmaids wore beautiful blush pink dresses that complimented the bouquets perfectly!

Most comfortable wedding shoes ever?

Most comfortable wedding shoes ever?

The flowers were awesome and many people commented on them. The most common praise was, “Silk? I thought they were real!”
— Diane | Minnesota

If you're planning a wedding for someone else and think silk wedding flowers are the answer, fill out the Free Bride's Checklist today!

Wedding Resource: Elizabeth Anne Designs Library

I am excited to announce Love Is Blooming's addition to the wedding library for Elizabeth Anne Designs. It is a great resource for finding recommended photographers, venues, planners and other wedding vendors. If you haven't checked out their blog, Ami and Rebekah are both delightful and helpful as they share about all aspects of wedding planning. Check out the vendor review page to read about other brides' experiences and suggestions, or to write about designing your flowers with me! Kind of like the little change tray by the cash register, "Take a penny, leave a penny," were all in this together!