Jewel Tones in Silk Wedding Flowers

For the past few years, jewel tones have been super popular for wedding, color schemes, dress, silk wedding flowers, and decor.  They are vibrant and saturated and so beautiful any time of the year which makes them perfect for incorporating into your wedding theme.  But, what's even more fun is adding actual jewels to your jewel toned arrangements!

Local bride Mara's arrangements will be perfect whether her September 1st wedding day is still warm and summery or cool and fall-like.  Her original design was magenta Peonies, orange Ranunculus and olive Hydrangea and used two different shades of gold ribbon to tie off the bouquets.  Mara was feeling a little unsure of whether she was getting the impact she wanted with the ribbon so she was able to stop over and see the flowers in person.  (One of the perks of silk wedding flowers if I do say so myself!)

When she stopped over she also brought over some snazzy little Swarovski jewels in teal that she wanted added into her flowers.  Her flowers were beautiful before, but man did they really shine after I added them in!

Take a look! 


Ribbon wrap detail


Mara wanted all the flowers represented in her bouts without making them too over the top.  I used the Ranunculus for the main flower, took a tiny bit of the Hydrangea and a portion of a Peony petal and put them into one classy bout.  Voila!

Thanks again to Mara for requesting such a fun and vibrant design for me to bring to life!