Color Trend--Purple! | Silk Wedding Flowers

I really wrote this post because I wanted to share this picture with you of these gorgeous silk wedding flowers.  I've been working on flowers for Heather who I met with back in March to start designing a bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages for her intimate July garden wedding.  Her palette of white and lavender is romantic and soft but so perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Heather loves Wisteria and chose that to be a major part of the bouquet.  She chose a unique shape for her bouquet - not quite round, not quite cascade, but some features of both styles.  She described to me how she wanted what looked like a "fountain" of flowers pouring out over her hands.  Even though this bouquet isn't quite finished yet, it's really starting to take shape.  We have plans for feathers and bling too--so check back in a few weeks to see the finished product.

I emailed this picture to Heather for feedback this morning.  Did you know I do that with all my brides?  It's important to me that you are an active part of the design process, plus you get to see exactly how the flowers are coming together.  Which means no surprises on your wedding day--the right flowers, colors, and styles are guaranteed for your big day. I don't know about you, but that's one of my favorite features of designer silk wedding flowers.  If you need a few more convincing reasons, I've got a whole list of them on my homepage;)

Are you looking for ideas for purple wedding bouquets?  Here are some flowers I'm currently working with in varying shades of purple or lavender:


Sweet Pea




Purple is a hot color right now, as are lots of the jewel tones.  So keep your eyes peeled for ideas on how to incorporate this rich color into your wedding flowers.