Silk Wedding Flowers In Her Words

The flowers Erin did for our wedding were perfect. She has such a natural eye for piecing together bouquets and I was completely comfortable with letting her take the lead on which flowers would go in each bouquet and how all of the flowers would come together cohesively. At first, I was worried that I was getting carried away by adding such a variety of different flowers to our bouquets but everything came together just like I imagined due to Erin's talent for arranging. Erin's number one goal was that the flowers would turn out exactly how we wanted, and she took great care to send pictures while she was making each set of flowers to make sure that would happen. We received so many compliments on our flowers; they were definitely the most realistic silk flowers I've ever seen. They photographed so well and stand out as one of the most beautiful parts of our black, white and pink wedding. Not having to worry about unopened or wilting flowers (especially at an outdoor wedding on one of the hottest days of the summer) gave us all peace of mind! I would recommend Erin in a heartbeat.

-Emily R., Minnesota

Thanks again to Emily and Steve for including me in so many aspects of your beautiful wedding! And another huge thank you to Brianna Colleen for sharing these lovely images.