Emily and Steve - Summer Silk Wedding Flowers Part 3

Emily and Steve's big wedding day was held at the beautiful and historic Cedarhurst Mansion in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Now a July wedding in Minnesota could mean any number of things, but for this happy couple it meant it was going to be HOT!

Sure enough, July 9th was one of the hottest days of summer. It felt like we were somewhere in the south with the big veranda and large open windows of the Mansion's ball room. What's that you say? No, "open windows" was not a typo. If you've put two and two together yet you've come to realize that Cedarhurst is not air conditioned.

This could spell disaster for a traditional florist.

So here's where I came into play.

Emily's flowers took a beating between being carried behind the barn, set down for pictures, squashed between hugs, and the boiling hot air. And I'm proud to say that they looked exactly the same when the clock struck midnight as they did for pictures in the early afternoon.

 Take a looky look at photographer Brianna Colleen's beautiful work.

Emily's honorary arrangement doubled as ceremony and reception decor. We also used the silk wedding bouquets as reception decor for the head table-just add vases!

Emily's beautiful silk wedding bouquet.

Like what you see? Check out Brianna's blog post about Emily and Steve's wedding--she did an amazing job capturing the beauty and spirit of the day.

Remember I said Emily had a few things to say about working with me? You can check back tomorrow to hear it in her own words.