Peonies in Wedding Boutonnieres & Corsages

Briana and I worked together to find simply designed boutonnieres and corsages that were cohesive with the rest of her silk wedding flowers. Ranunculus were the perfect choice! The fullness of the flower, the round shape, and the fluffy appearance made them look as if they might be mini Peonies.

Groom's Boutonniere:

Groomsmen Boutonniere:

Father's Boutonniere:

While we figured the men in the bridal party might not appreciate pink in their boutonnieres, we thought the moms would. I was able to use one of the Peony buds along with an open Ranunculus and a bud to give their corsages a punch of color and a touch of femininity.

Mother's Corsage:

And now the best part of this whole series...coming up next, the professional pictures of Briana's wedding flowers. Wait til you see these gorgeous wedding arrangements against a wintry backdrop--amazing!