Designer Silk Wedding Flowers | Deb Part 1 | Modified Cascade

If you've ever tried to reinvent the wheel, then you'll probably know where I'm coming from on this wedding bouquet. Deb came to me with a glamorous vision for her May wedding. One of the ideas she had was for a new take on the tried and true cascade bouquet. She passed along a picture of what I've come to call a "modified cascade" bouquet and got excited about working on this design with her.

Deb wanted cohesiveness between her silk wedding bouquet and her bridesmaid bouquets, but she wanted the glam factor to be kicked up a notch for what she was going to carry down the aisle. After several meetings, we had chosen the exact flowers going into the bouquet and then worked on this beauty until it was just perfect. Take a look at Deb's modified cascade in purple, white, and silver:

A closeup of lower details:

Fresh touch Roses, Callas & Gardenia in white. Hydrangea, Violets, Orchids, and Lilac in varying shades of purple.

The curly silver wire gave this bouquet an element that you wouldn't otherwise expect in a bridal bouquet while the rhinestones in the bouquet and on the handle gave it the sparkle and shine Deb really wanted.

If you are looking for a unique take on more traditional wedding flower designs, silk wedding flowers are the way to go. Not only did Deb get to choose every flower that would go into her arrangements, but seeing them ahead of time reassured her that the colors and flowers would be exactly what she had envisioned for her very unique bouquet.

Check back tomorrow for another feature on this amazing wedding!