A Ceremony in Paradise!

Iman contacted me in July to help her come up with some romantic designs for her destination wedding. She loved Pomanders and had some very specific colors she was working with. To help find the perfect flowers, Iman came up with the brilliant idea of heading to her local home improvement store to pick out the correct shade of paint swatches. She dropped those in the mail and within a few days, I had exactly what I needed.

The pale green hydrangea we chose was a perfect match and the Amethyst satin ribbon was the shiny version of color perfection. We worked together to figure out the perfect proportions of pomanders and the right ribbon length.

In addition to the pomanders, Iman wanted to bejewel the gazebo altar with jewels and orchids. We found the perfect way to combine the two to give it just a bit of sparkle and a whole lot of awesome. The result was a subtle embellishment to an already breathtaking locale. So feast your eyes on these beautiful photos from Iman's big day.

Isn't she beautiful? Thanks again Iman for giving me the creative reigns to add a little bit of flower lovin' to your amazing ceremony.

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