Have your Cake...and Flowers too!

Is that not the biggest, most lickable, mixing beater you've ever seen? Delish! I recently had the pleasure of working with Mary of Cakes For Your Occasions in designing some lovely cake flowers. The bride provided Mary with some pictures but was looking for a combination of a few designs. So I started my search for the perfect dark red roses to complement Leah's wedding cake. Mary was going to be putting black ribbon around each of the 4 square layers, so my flowers needed to match the classy cake they would adorn.

The final product was not only beautiful, but I hear it tasted great! If you are interested in a delicious custom cake for your wedding, contact Mary to schedule a meeting and even a tasting. Having tasted most of Mary's flavorful creations, I can personally tell you that you won't regret having one of these beauties gracing your cake table.

Like the flowers too? Contact me to find out pricing, styles, and availability for the perfect topper for your wedding cake.