[Bride Meet & Greet Week] Becky's Beautiful Blooms

The Bridal Bouquet: We brought in all the flowers for this elegant piece: Couture Roses in a peachy-orange color, adobe Callas, orange/gold Callas, and burnt orange Tulips in a hand-tied style were cinched off with a ivory satin ribbon. It was a fresh-touch filled bouquet to die for!

The Bridesmaids will carry a version of Becky's bouquet, minus the roses. Each bouquet of callas and tulips is a round-ish style bouquet tied off with black satin ribbon -- classy and sleek for their early fall affair.

For this cutesy toss bouquet we took a bunch of the tulips added some ivory ribbon and voila! And I do believe "Cute!" was the adjective of choice when Becky saw this bouquet.

The bouts were all a single adobe Calla with some bear grass added in both small loops and spikes. Sorta gives it that manly-but-still-classy feel. I doubt she'll hear any complaints from the guys about having to wear a flower with these pinned to their lapels. With a little black satin ribbon to finish off the look, these bouts were a great compliment to the whole set of flowers.

Thanks again Becky for being a gem to work with. Your style and choices were impeccable. Congrats to the happy couple!