Whaaaaat? It's fall?!

Photo courtesy of Ben Pancoast Photography
Here in the blustery tundra of Minnesota, we've gone from the semblance of summer straight to snowy winter and then we backtracked to fall. It was a shock to the system to wake up to a powdery snowfall last week, especially when I so adore fall weather. I was excited to break out the sweaters, browse for the newest coffee creamer flavors, and admire the changing landscape.

 Here in the neighborhood, not only have the leaves changing colors, but so has our household. We recently welcomed our second son, Lincoln, which is why I have a very good excuse for not blogging in a while. We've been getting to know our little guy and adjust to all the changes that come with a new addition. I'm continuing to work, e-mail and create, though understandably at a more deliberate pace.

So, while I feel like I'm just getting into the groove of the crispy fall weather, I know winter is around the corner. And with that comes 3 fabulous January weddings that I've been working towards for the last few months. I've enjoyed all three projects, having been able to meet with each bride (and even one fiancee'), and am looking forward to sharing pictures as the flowers come together. Coincidentally, all three weddings have themes of varying shades of purple and all three brides have chosen a variation of a cascade bouquet. Be checking back for updates on those weddings in the next few weeks.

And if you haven't yet checked out Ben Pancoast Photography, do it! He took beautiful photos of our little guy as well as some of our wedding pictures way back when. If you are looking for an award-winning photographer be sure and check him out! Thanks Ben for the photo session with Lincoln!