[Bride Meet & Greet Week] Becky

Just last week I sat outside the aforementioned Caribou (noticing a pattern?) enjoying a mild Minnesota weather. I was waiting for local bride Becky, and as it turned out, she and I had just passed each other in the process of getting our beverages of choice. Once we realized we were looking for each other, we shared a moment of giggles and official greetings.

Becky and I had been working together since May. In fact, you may remember me sharing about my excitement in creating her flowers a few months back. Well, with 3 weeks until her big aisle walk, Becky was excited to see the finished products. Even though she supervised the design process from start to finish through e-mail and pictures, we all know there's nothing quite like holding the bouquets in your hands for the first time. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she couldn't stop saying "Thank you, they're perfect!" When compliments via e-mail get communicated in real life, that's when you know you interpreted those emoticons and exclamation marks correctly.

Becky's monochromatic orange palette was actually a fun way to re-invent the bridal bouquet. It's a little more challenging to bring out each flower type, texture, and shape and that much more fun to see everything come together. Her clear ideas and directions helped me create exactly what she was envisioning. The tulips, roses, and callas were different choices than the initial idea of roses, poppies, and callas, but she actually liked the final choice better than the original inspirations. The classic stylings were coupled with a more contemporary addition of bear grass which really put the "cherry on top."

Becky and I had a warm and friendly meeting filled with wedding talk, shared excitement, and the personal chit-chat that comes from months of talking and working with each other. Though I had never met Becky before today, I felt like we had a connection through this big event she was looking towards and I'm honored to help her make her dream wedding a reality. Thanks Becky and many blessings in your new marriage!

Check back tomorrow for the big reveal of Becky's finished flowers.