Hot Trend: Duchess Rose Composite Flower

Composite flowers are being revived as a hot new trend! A Duchess Rose is a composite flower made up of the petals of 2 or more roses. I recently created this beautiful Duchess Rose for Yvette in Illinois. She is celebrating her anniversary and giving herself the wedding she never really had. Not wanting to carry a big bouquet, but wanting to set herself apart, she searched online and found the composite flower to be a perfect solution. I used 5 designer "Fresh Touch" pink garden roses to get just the right fullness. Yvette could have chosen an exposed or ribbon-wrapped stems for a handle, but she opted for a classy bouquet holder. The "Twist" style had clean lines and an antiqued gold finish, which will complement but not distract from her fancier gold dress.

For brides who want something unique, simple, and stylish, a composite flower might be just the ticket.
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