Wedding Colors: How to Choose and Use

Color plays a huge role in the theme and design of your wedding. You may get ideas from seasonal colors or from designs on websites or in magazines. Whatever your inspiration, be sure to make the most of your color scheme.

Last night I watched this video from The Knot and was really excited to pass this on. Don't be afraid to vary tones within a color, like when the video suggests exploring the various shades of purple. Using a color wheel is another good way to head in a creative direction.

Here's a list of some of my favorite color schemes to date:
-Spring green and hot pink
-Burgundy and olive green
-Cream, pale pink, and pale green
-Deep purple, green, and orange
-Spring green and navy blue (courtesy of that great table set up in the video)

A creative way to bring colors into your bouquets is the use of embellishments. Ribbon is a great way to add in an accent color or two. Rhinestones add not only sparkle but can also add color. Feathers add a very unique touch and an air of sophistication.

Whether you want your colors to be bold and vibrant or soft and romantic, each little touch will build on your theme. So, immerse yourself in color and enjoy the feeling you get when you see all your details perfectly presented.