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Using Broaches in a Bridal Bouquet

Before I talk about this beautiful broach bouquet, I need to reminisce about summer. See, it's a chilly -4 degrees this morning in Minneapolis and since the sun is shining, it made me think back to this past summer.  Remember summer, those glorious days of not having body parts freeze upon exposure?  Anyways, this summer was especially busy for me as we were in the process of moving out of our house and getting ready to move into our new one.  But weddings keep happening despite anyone's major life events.  That's the beauty of this job, I can work without effecting my family and you still get your flowers ahead of time.  Ok, back to this summer....

The finished bouquet.

Jill contacted me on behalf of her friend Jaime who was the bride-to-be.  Jill had a picture of a Calla Lilly cascading style bouquet with multiple broaches in it that the bride liked.  I asked a little more about bride Jaime and basically learned that she was suuuuuper laid back and didn't really care a whole lot about the flowers, hence Jill ordering on her behalf.  I also learned that some friends and family were providing broaches to be included in her bouquet--what a sweet idea.  So Jill dropped off the broaches and I got to work recreating the look that worked Jaime's budget. When I got the bouquet- I noticed a few were colored broaches.  I asked about it and Jaime apparently didn't care at all--cool as a cucumber!  So I incorporated those without Jaime batting an eye. I used Fresh Touch Silk Calla Lilies, my most popular seller.

Jaime only had one real request and that was that we used burlap to wrap the stems on her bouquet.  Pretty simple request to fulfill!

Burlap adds a nice touch to the handle of any bouquet.

Naturally, I suggested that a matching Groom's Boutonniere would be a good touch which was something Jaime hadn't even thought about.  She loved the idea of having something for her man, so I put together a simple, yet classy matching boutonniere.  Jaime didn't love the burlap alone on the groom's bout so I added a layer of shimmery, sheer white ribbon to give it a little shine.  With all that glam in Jaime's bouquet, we couldn't leave the groom's boutonniere looking too plain!

Did I mention that all of this took place in about a month's time?  Jill and I communicated almost entirely over e-mail, including pictures of the bouquet in progress, and we were able to collaborate on a beautiful wedding bouquet for her friend in a short time frame.  That's the beauty of silk flowers!  You (or your friend as was the case) get a voice in seeing your vision for your custom wedding flowers come to life whether you have a year or a month.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in hearing more about, take a minute to fill out the Free Bride's Checklist for a quick quote and to start the conversation.  Stay warm!

2012 Welcome | Ready to Design some more beautiful designer silk wedding flowers

Welcome to 2012! What's that you say? It's already a month into the new year? I do have somewhat of an excuse, and she's pretty cute...

We welcomed our daughter on December 19th, enjoyed the holidays and family visits and now I'm back to work! I love what I do and I am happy to be back in the swing of quoting, designing and creating beautiful silk wedding flowers with local and long distance brides.

So if you are starting to nail down the details of your wedding, send in the bridal checklist for a free custom quote and set up a consultation to talk with me about your dream wedding flowers.

Also--a quick shout out to my newest brides: Jessica, Mara, Kim & April. Looking forward to making your wedding flower arrangements!

Check back soon for features of some more of our 2011 weddings--you won't want to miss those gorgeous flowers!