Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Most bride's loved their bouquets. Most bride's never saw their beautiful bouquet again once the wedding was over. There are processes to preserve a bouquet, but let's be honest they won't have those same vibrant colors as they did on your big day.

One of the best parts of recreating a bridal bouquet in silk flowers is that you get the benefit of an artistic eye hunting down the flowers that made your bridal bouquet unique and lovely. And while not every detail may be an exact duplicate (I'm still working on my cloning machine), it will bring the spirit and style, colors and elegance that it did the day you walked down that aisle. Here's an example of what it looks like to have your bouquet recreated.

Photo courtesy of  Devlin Photography .

Photo courtesy of Devlin Photography.

I included all the elements from her original bouquet with a new style of wrap that she picked out herself. Now Sabrina has a beautiful reminder of her wedding day.

Since I had a destination wedding, I didn’t get to keep my bouquet, which I loved. On my four-year anniversary, my husband told me to find someone to recreate the bouquet as a keepsake. After doing a lot of research, I came across Erin’s website, and could tell she really cared about her work. I was right! She knew just what questions to ask, and after I sent a few pictures, all I had to do was sit back and wait - not very long, either! My bouquet was not the typical white roses, and it even had some flowers I didn’t know the names of. But Erin did and had no problem acquiring them for the bouquet. I LOVE the recreated bouquet. It not only looks real, it looks exactly like my original wedding bouquet. Thank you, Erin!
— Sabrina | California

Whether you are interested for your self or someone special, contact me today about a custom bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers.