Ruth & Michael--May 2011

Last year, my dear friend Ruth introduced me to her charming fiance' Michael and asked me to create some custom flowers for their May 2011 wedding. I was delighted and honored to be a part of their happy day and so we got to work searching for the perfect styles and designs.

Michael and Ruth's main colors were Jade and Sangria and she also wanted to incorporate a deep purple and also magenta. I really felt that orchids were the way to go with their saturated colors and beautiful shape. But the deep purple threw us for a loop. Ruth happened across some deep purple hydrangea at a local Michigan craft store that she thought would be perfect. So she picked up enough for the bridesmaids bouquets and to use in the bouts and corsages.

Ruth wanted a more traditional style, a cascading bouquet, without it looking old fashioned or over the top. We decided to forgo the hydrangea in her bouquet to give a sleek, modern look focusing on white, magenta, and lavender Orchids. Her bouquet turned out so beautifully!

Ruth also asked me to be her day-of coordinator, which was a blast! I loved being able to serve her and help their day go off without a hitch. As such, I was flattered to be invited to be photographed with the happy couple. (Feel free to ignore my newly pregnant pallor and hasn't-seen-much-sun complexion).

A huge thanks to Lindsay of Off the Wahl Photography for sending me these beautiful shots to use. You can check out her website or search for her on facebook if you are looking for a great photographer in Southwest Michigan.

Check back later for more up close pictures of Ruth and Michael's arrangements.
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